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What's web hosting?

A web hosting service refers to a web server that can be used to store site files or data, allowing online users to connect to access globally.

There are many different types of web hosting services for webmasters to choose nowadays, e.g., shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, managed hosting and Dedicated servers. Cloud Computing hosting is a new type of web hosting service on the Internet. Indeed, most of the personal users and small business owners don’t need much web space or bandwidth, so the shared hosting services should be already plenty enough for most of the customers.

Do you need a web host with unlimited features?

Many online users would like to look for a web host that offers unlimited features, since they believe the disk space and bandwidth are always as more as better. Is unlimited real? To be honest, the “unlimited” feature is always too good to be true. If the unlimited feature is impossible to achieve, why there are so many companies claim to provide? As you see, there are approximately 300,000 web hosting companies world-wide. In order to attract customers’ eyeball and compete with other competitors, many web hosts have to follow with the marketing living rules. If there is one company offers unlimited features, others will have to provide the same features to compete – This is just the rule of marketing survival.

As a matter of fact, most of the personal websites don’t need much web space or bandwidth, and that’s why there are so many web hosts dare to offer unlimited features on their shared web hosting services. If your website doesn’t have much visitors per one day or there are only a few files on your website, why you need unlimited features?

How to choose a reliable web host?

Before subscribing a new web host, we always advise webmasters to check the user reviews of that company first, because it does have a number of terrible and scamming web hosts on the Internet. However, you’re lucky to arrive the right website and we believe you’ll probably be able to find a satisfied web hosting solution relies on our honest reviews and recommendations.

Indeed, we do have a severe level to decide a web host is worth promoting or not. Our criteria of choosing a reliable web host includes web performance, technologies, operating platforms, server reliability, features, customer services and plan prices, as well as their reputation among online communities and forum groups, etc.

We'll help you find out the most reliable web hosting with budget cost.

Hi, thanks for visiting our review website! If you’ve taken a bit more time to read our posts and review articles, I believe you’ll find there are many differences compared to other review websites, because all of our editors had been worked for web hosts and we understand better about what customers real need.

Many of the web hosts claim that they can provide anything needed before subscribing their services, but once you become their clients, you’ll find everything is different with your expectation. When you encounter a problem, you’re hard to find a technician to get an assistance. That is real frustrated, right?

In order to save your time on looking for a reliable web host or dropping into a trap set by those scamming web hosts, we’ve spent much of time on the Internet to investigate and evaluate the best web hosts in the industry – You can fully trust with our honest reviews and web hosting recommendations here.

We’re always here to hear from your feedbacks and comments. If you have any difficulty in finding a reliable web host for your websites or web applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime. We’re eager to give you a hand for your success. No matter what you need for a web hosting solution of WordPress, DNN, nopCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla or ASP.NET MVC framework, you’re always able to find an adequate recommendation with our different web hosting directory.