10 Free Website Speed Checker

10 Free Website Speed Checker

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The website loading speed is becoming more and more important to web masters, no mater you’re a small site owner or running a large-sized business site. If you’re running an eCommerce site, the speed is more important. According to some major medias’ investigation, if your website’s loading speed is over 3 seconds, you could lose 20% potential customers and if your website’s loading speed is over 6 seconds, you could lose 60% potential clients, and if your website’s loading speed is over 10 seconds, then your site can be sentenced to “Dead”.

How to check or test your website loading speed? I’ve spent many hours to collect the 10 of best websites or tools which can be used for testing site loading speed, you can just give it a try by yourself.

1. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is definitely the most popular and powerful speed test website. On this site, it can analyze and give suggestions about why your site loads slowly, it can give you a detail list of problems on your site such as CSS, Javascript, images and many other issues. We also often use GTMetrix to test our site loading speed and find out the issues on our site.


2. Google Page Speed Insight

The site loading speed is also one of the most important factor in the search engine optimization. Now Google has paid more and more attention on the speed of each site, you may have found those faster loading website always receive a higher rank on the search result.

google page speed

3. Pingdom


Pingdom is another most powerful site speed testing tools, which is as famous as GTMetrix. Pingdom also offers paid service to advanced clients. Pingdom can help you find out why a web page is fast or slow, and whether the image or file is too big and many other useful information which can help you optimize your website.

4. WebPageTest


WebPageTest is a free web speed test site which allows you to check your site speed from multiple locations around the earth. You can choose to make a simple test or an advanced test by multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more.

5. Which Loads Faster

Which loads faster

From the website’s address, we can easily find this is a website which can be used to compare the site speed of coupon sites. This is a very good site which you can compare your site loading speed with your competitors, just feel free to give it a test by yourself and find out whether your site is faster than your enemies.

6. SEO Mastering Speed Checker

This is also a very useful tool that allows you to enter up to 10 different URLs to make a test at the same time. I believe most of web masters should have heard of this site, a very useful tool is worth for you to give it a try.

7. Page Speed – FireFox Plugin

Page Speed FireFox

As for the newest statistics, about 20.7% online users are choosing FireFox as their first web browser, so the plugin “Page Speed” is also a very popular plugin which can be installed on FireFox to test how’s the speed of your site. If you haven’t installed the plugin on your FireFox, just click this link and you’ll be redirected to the download page.

8. SmallSEOTools Page Speed Checker

Small SEO Tools
This is a multiple functional website which can be used to check Google Page Rank, back links, reverse IP, article rewrites, plagiarism and website page speed. And the website also allows you to check keyword density which is a very good function for online business owners, you can use this tool to check the density of each interest keywords.

9. OctaGate SiteTimer

OctaGate SiteTimer
This is a straightforward timer which can be used for testing site loading speed and analyze the elements of each page. The test result is clear and easy for users to find out what the problems are existed on their sites.

10. Yslow

Yslow is a professional website speed testing and analysis tool which is owned by Yahoo. When analyzing a separated website, Yslow can give it a score to each page also with a grade to the whole site.



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