10 Most Popular MSSQL Management Tools for .Net Developers

10 Most Popular MSSQL Management Tools for .Net Developers

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What’s Microsoft SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is an advanced database management system which is developed by Microsoft. As one of the most important products provided by Microsoft, the Microsoft SQL Server has become a leading database management structure world-wide.

Microsoft SQL Server is commonly used by Classic ASP and ASP.NET, not for PHP script. Microsoft has provided several versions of SQL server such as MsSQL 2000, 2005, 2008 and the latest version of SQL server is 2012. Almost all of the .Net web hosts can support Microsoft SQL server on their Windows operation platform.

Many famous ASP.NET hosting companies such as Arvixe, SmarterASP.NET, DiscountASP.NET and Winhost can support all of the versions of Microsoft SQL Server. And most of them have integrated tools to manage MsSQL databases in their hosting control panels. However, not all of the Windows hosting companies offer a web interface for MsSQL database administration. And then you’ve to use a third-party “SQL Management Tools” to connect to the MsSQL server to manage your databases.

Our editors have spent much time on collecting the 10 of most popular SQL management tools, you can check more information as below.

1. SQL Server Management Studio by Microsoft

As a star product developed by Microsoft, SQL Server Management Studio is widely used by .Net developers around the planet. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio is a free, integrated with SQL Server for users to easy access, configure, administrate and develop all components of a database.

SQL Server Management Studio

2. EMS SQL Management Studio

EMS SQL Management Studio is a commercial and complete solution for Microsoft SQL database administration and development. The EMS SQL Studio utilizes all must-have components in one powerful and easy-to-use environment to administrate and manage database efficiently.

EMS SQL Management Studio

3. LinqPad

LinqPad is a free and light SQL management tool that won’t slow down your computer when you install it locally. And there’s even a standalone executable version that can be run in Google Chrome. This SQL management tool is very small, under 5MB and is self-updating regularly.


4. Atlantis SQL Everywhere

Atlantis SQL Everywhere is a fully featured, a free SQL Server integrated development environment that supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server from 2000 to 2012. With Atlantis SQL Everywhere, you can get much more functions than SQL Management Studio.

Atlantis SQL Everywhere

5. Database Master

Database Master is a modern, intuitive, creative, powerful and easy-to-use SQL management tool which can be used for administrate and develop all kinds of SQL databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, NuoDB, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite, SQL Azure, IBM DB2, IBM Informix and Netezza, as well as Microsoft SQL Server.

Database Master

6. Heidi SQL

Heidi SQL is an open source, a free, powerful and easy-to-use SQL management client designed for MySQL and MsSQL. You can visit its homepage to download this SQL database management tool to use for life.

Heidi SQL

7. DatAdmin

DatAdmin is a useful, powerful and reliable SQL management tool which is designed for webmasters and web developers to manage many database engines.


8. DeZign for Databases

DeZign for Databases is a commercial, robust, intuitive and easy-to-use database design and modeling tool that can help you create, manage and maintain databases efficiently. DeZign for Databases provides a sophisticated visual data modeling environment to web developers that can help them process database development much easier.

Dezign for Database

9. Mylittleadmin

MyLittleAdmin is a revolutionary product which is designed for web developers to administrate and manage SQL Server databases in a reliable, efficient and secure way. This SQL management tool has been widely used in the hosting industry and IT companies.


10. Aquadatastudio

Aquadatastudio is an advanced SQL management tool designed for engineers, software professionals to collaborate, analyze and innovate databases efficiently.

Aqua Data Studio


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