5 Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins

5 Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins

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WordPress is not only a good blog site application, but also good for CMS or shopping cart websites. You may have found there are many online store sites are using WordPress at present. How to use WordPress for eCommerce solutions? In the presence of some plugins, you’re also able to make your WordPress looks like a professional shopping cart site. If you’re looking for an eCommerce hosting or WordPress hosting provider, you can click the 2 links to check more information.

1. eShop – Most popular WordPress plugin for eCommerce.


eShop should be the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. The plugin is accessible and packed with various features.

1. The plugin utilizes WP publishing function, and compatible with custom posts to create products
2. New customers can sign up new account to login your site
3. Multiple ways for displaying products
4. Products can have many different options
5. Products can be uploaded or downloaded
6. Detailed statistics report for daily, weekly, monthly sales
7. Includes many merchant gateways: Paypal, Cash or Cheque
8. Email templates are configurable
9. Automatic notification emails on each successful purchase
10. and much more

2. WP e-Commerce – Most featured WordPress shopping cart plugin.

WP e-Commerce

WP-eCommerce is a total free, and powerful WordPress shopping cart plugin which allows consumers to purchase products online. By using WP-eCommerce plugin, things are all becoming simple, you just need to spend several minutes to set up your own shopping site. Till present, the plugin has more than 2.5 million downloads, and here we’d like to list some noticeable features of this plugin as below.

1. You can install this plugin easily in the admin panel
2. The plugin is compatible with any compliant WordPress theme
3. Utilizes shortcodes and template tags which won’t affect your site loading performance
4. The plugin is 100% compatible for HTML & CSS
5. You can modify templates easily
6. There are lots of video tutorials can help you to use this plugin
7. Payment Gateways are Integrated
8. The plugin is 100% friendly for search engine
9. You’re having the ability to target specific countries
10. and more

3. ECWid is a full-featured shopping cart.

ecwid shopping cart

ECWid is a featured e-commerce plugin for WordPress that can easily be installed on any blog sites. The plugin is flexible, secure, and you won’t feel any hassles to use it for your WordPress site. You can check some noticeable features of ECWid as below.

1. The plugin has Ajax which can be used for drag-and-drop everywhere on your shopping cart site
2. The plugin can be easily integrated any existing WP sites
3. You can upgrade the plugin easily to use new features
4. The plugin uses new-gen technologies which can make your site much faster than other shopping carts online
5. You can mirror many sites together, then you can manage those sites in one place at the same time.
6. and more

4. Woocommerce – excellent and extendable eCommerce plugin.


Woocommerce is a powerful, featured and extendable e-commerce plugin which can make your site more beautifully. This plugin comes from the developers of the Woothemes. You should have heard of this famous WordPress theme designing company. The plugin is highly customizable, and works with any WordPress theme, including the 2 default WordPress themes.

5. Ready! – Includes free eCommerce themes.

ready! ecommerce

Ready! e-commerce plugin can help you setup online store easily, and it includes powerful features & function. Especially, the developer team also designed several beautiful WP themes for this plugin, you can use those themes in total free.


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