Affordable Magento Hosting, Cheap Magento Hosting

Affordable Magento Hosting, Cheap Magento Hosting

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Cheap Magento Hosting

Affordable Magento Hosting, Cheap Magento Hosting


Many hosting companies said they can support Magento commerce hosting on their web servers, but please aware the magento requires more server resources and more RAM to run faster. If you want to run your website on a fast web hosting, with my personal experience, I’d like to recommend you can choose Arvixe web hosting.

What’s magento commerce?

Magento is the eCommerce software platform for growth that promises to revolutionize the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility means your business is no longer constrained by your eCommerce platform. Currently there are 3 different versions – Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition and Community Edition! To most of the small business owner, the community should be already enough, since it’s open source and you can custom the template with your own.

What’s Magento commerce hosting?

Magento hosting is the web hosting companies who can host magento on their web servers. Though magento can be run on Windows, Mac Os and Linux server, but I do recommend you can choose the Linux web hosting providers. The magento hosting providers should be able to support all of the requirements as belows:

Supported Operating Systems: Linux x86, x86-64; PHP 5.2, PDO_MySQL, Apache 2.0.x, MySQL 4.1.20 or newer..

You can find magento installation requires the newest PHP versions and the newest mysql server, so before choosing a magento hosting, you must contact with their support team to confirm whether they can full support with these requirements.

Why magento needs more server resouces?

There are many reasons to cause the magento loading slowly than other ecommerce shopping cart applications. Here I’d like to list some reasons for you to check.

  • Parts of Magento use an EAV database system implemented on top of MySQL. This means querying for a single “thing” often means querying multiple rows
  • There’s a lot of things behind the scenes (application configuration, system config, layout config, etc.) that involve building up giant XML trees in memory and then “querying” those same trees for information. This takes both memory (storing the trees) and CPU (parsing the trees). Some of these (especially the layout tree) are huge. Also, unless caching is on, these tree are built up from files on disk and on each request.
  • Magento uses its configuration system to allow you to override classes. This is a powerful feature, but it means anytime a model, helper, or controller is instantiated, extra PHP instructions need to run to determine if an original class file or an override class files is needed. This adds up.

How to improve the magento loading performance?

You may find there are many posts on the internet to introduce how to improve the magento performance, here I’d like to list several useful points for you to check.

  • 1. You can Optimize your template for speed.
  • 2. Enable Gzip compression of your files.
  • 3. Apache Module mod_expires.
  • 4. Speed up your Cache files.

You can visit here to check more information about how to improve the magento performance:

Is there any fast magento hosting with affordable prices?

It does have many ways to improve the magento performance, but the most important thing is you have to search for a best web hoting company who can provide the best enviroment for the magento commerce. Who can be the best and affordable magento hosting provider?

Ok. I’ve another website is using Magento commerce shopping cart application and currently is hosted on a shared hosting server. Till present, the website performance can make me satisfaied. My magento commerce website is “” and the website is still under development. Further more, the magento template is vailable for anyone to use, it should cost some dollars if you’re intereted in using the magento template, please feel free to contact with me for further assistance.

My magento website is currently hosted by Arvixe web solutions and using their linux web hosting. Arvixe magento hosting starts from $4.00 per month and you can host multiple websites on the plan. And Arvixe web solutions provides many different types of web hosting service to different levels of customers need, it means you can upgrade the web hosting service easily in the future.

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