Are you satisfied with Webhost4life web hosting service?

Are you satisfied with Webhost4life web hosting service?

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Do you have problems with New Webhost4Life?

Hi there, if you’re a current user of client of Webhost4life company, I think you should be boring with their web hosting service. Why Webhost4life has become so unreliable and their support service is decreased so much in recent period? The reason is simple – Webhost4life was sold and their new owner is EIG hosting.

If you’ve never heard about EIG, now you can do a bit more research about this company. EIG is Endurance International Group and this is an international private fucd group. You can say EIG is a very rich company, they’ve acquired many famous web hosts include Bluehost, HostMonster, Justhost, iPage, FatCow, Globat, HostClear, EasyCGI.. etc. There are more than 30 famous web hosting companies are acquired by EIG till present and their acquisition is not stopped yet.

If you’ve encountered any problem during using the web hosting servie with Webhost4life, welcome to share your personal experience with the other developers.

Webhost4life Windows Hosting Features:

Webhost4life is focused on the Windows platform web hosting service and now they also offer Linux web hosting. I recognized their old Manager – Erwin Yu, who’s a migrated from China Hong kong and now he operates another web hosting company (”. If you’ve visited this website, you can find this is a Chinese web hosting company. Why Erwin didn’t continue to open web hosting company in the United States? Since he promised EIG hosting, he won’t touch the American market for 3 years and now he’s only able to focus on the other market.

Webhost4life windows hosting include 3 different web hosting plans – Basic, Advanced and Premium hosting plans. And the most popular hosting plan is their Advanced hosting plan, and the features includes 100GB Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, ASP, ASP.NET, FrontPage, MS SQL, PHP, Perl, MySQL. 24/7 Live chat, Phone & Email Support! 45 days money back guarantee.

Webhost4Life Contact:

  • 1055 Corporate Center Dr Suite 330
  • Monterey Park CA 91754
  • Sales Hot line: 888-306-3780
  • Tech Help line: 888-306-3780

Do you recommend Webhost4life?

Definitely not at present, I always promtoed Webhost4life before Erwin sold out his company to EIG, everything was changed since their ownership was changed. All of my websites were hosted by Webhost4life, unluckily I did have a very bad experience with the new Webhost4life, one of my ASP.NET website was broken after migrated to their new platform, and when I tried to contact with their support team, useless and just asked me to wait. I was real disappoint and then I migrated all of my websites to HostGator – Till present, all of my websites are working fine. If you’re looking for a new web hosting, then I do recommend you can check with HostGator, now they also offer Windows web hosting service and if you’d like to open a new web hosting account with them today, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save up to 25% discount.

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  1. Hello Javier,

    Let me give solution for you. I have hosted my site with for over 2 years. And they are very great until now. You can go with them. And now, they have support new SharePoint 2010 only with $9.99/month. They are amazing and very recommended. Good luck Javier…

  2. Hosting Windows Advanced Plan

    Tons of problems. Problem are started after platform migration by webhost4life. Support services fix bugs in very long time. Sometimes website is down for hours and hours. I need to change ISP because i have no more reasons to be hosted on webhost4life.


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