Arvixe Awards: Why Arvixe can become an award-winning web hosting provider?


Arvixe Awards

Who is Arvixe?

Arvixe is a world-famous web host based in San Luis Obispo, CA with more than 12 years under its belt. In 2011 and 2012, Arvixe was awarded as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc Magazine in the United States.

The CEO of Arvixe web service is Arvixe Sabetian, who has landed Inc. 30 under 30 for two consecutive years in 2002 and 2003. Arvand already started Arvixe when he went to high school, but had never planned to give up when he started college.

The Awards of Arvixe Inc.

To be honest, Arvixe is such a company that has won numerous awards from many famous review websites and popular magazines. The company is awarded as the winner of fastest growing Windows-driven web hosting service providers in 2010 and 2011. If you’re looking for a reliable ASP.NET web hosting service provider with budget cost, then Arvixe is obviously one of your best choices.

Of course, Arvixe is also a reliable Linux-based web hosting service provider. As we all know, many famous PHP script applications are running much better on Linux operating systems such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento and more. If you’re looking for an affordable Linux web hosting solution, then Arvixe web service is also a very good choice.

How is Arvixe web service?

As a satisfied user of Arvixe web service, we’ve been using their web hosting services for more than 3 years, so we do have the confidence to recommend this company to every of web masters.

At present, Arvixe provides many sorts of web hosting services to meet the needs of different customers. Their web hosting services include new domain name registrations, shared hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting, VPS, and managed dedicated servers. To most of the small website owners and individuals, the shared hosting services should be already enough for their website requirements. At present, Arvixe offers 2 levels of shared hosting packages for customers to purchase: Personal Class and Personal Class Pro.

Arvixe Personal Class Linux shared hosting package starts from as low as $4.00 per month featuring unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and hosted 6 different websites. And their Personal Class Windows-driven shared hosting package starts from as low as $5.00 per month and many features are similar with their Linux Personal Class web hosting package.

As a leading provider of web hosting service in the industry, Arvixe insists on investing millions of US-Dollars per year to update their hardware and facilities to the latest equipments and technologies. Arvixe can grow so fast in the past years relies on its superior web performance, top server reliability, powerful hosting features, lightning page speed, responsive customer services and incomparable hosting prices. No matter what you need for building a fast and secure website, Arvixe is always there to meet with your needs.

Summary: Arvixe is an award-winning web host that is worthy of highly recommendation.

Since founded in 2003, Arvixe has become a leading provider of web hosting service with debt-free in the industry. According to the latest statistics, there are more than 1.2 million domain names and websites are managed by Arvixe web solutions and approximately 500 new members increased per one day.

Unmatched server reliability, awesome web performance and fantastic customer services are the key factors of their success. With competitive prices, more and more customers begin to believe that the services offered by Arvixe are much better than those who charge at least 5 times greater.

In the end, if you’ve any opinions or good suggestions of Arvixe web service, welcome to leave a comment here or contact us anytime as you like.

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