Arvixe Vs HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow

Arvixe Vs HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow

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Arvixe Vs HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow

Arvixe Vs HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow – Who’s best web host for you?

Choosing a best web host among Arvixe Vs HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow is not that easy, you can find there are so many different reviews on the internet and you’re easily to be cheated by those fake reviews and recommendation.

Arvixe Introduction:

Arvixe is definitely one of the best web host compared to other hosting companies in the industry. Arvixe has been a leading web hosting company on the internet for many years.

HostMonster Introduction:

HostMonster offers only 1 single but powerful web hosting package can meet most of small business sites requirements. HostMonster is the same company with Bluehost and they were both acquired by EIG company in 2011 year. HostMonster launched business since 1996 and they’ve been providing quality web hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal sites over 16 years. Till present, there are more than 1 million site owners are choosing HostMonster as their first web hosting service provider.

iPage Introduction:

iPage can help you make everything simple to manage your website and email. iPage has been hosting personal, business, social and non-profit websites for more than 13 years. iPage is a green web hosting company and there are more than 1.5 million domains hosted on their server platform.

FatCow Introduction:

You’ve lots of options to create your websites if you choose FatCow as your web hosting service provider. FatCow offers quick start guide and tutorials for beginners and a site builder with more than 100 free templates, and lots of easy-to-use scripts and applications for your site. And FatCow is a partnership with industry leaders, including Google, Verisign and Shopsite which can help you succeed for your business.

Popular application loading speed comparison:

Web Host WordPress Drupal Joomla Magento Overall
Arvixe Inc. 0.65s 0.78s 1.27s 1.48s (5.0/5)
HostMonster 1.78s 1.98s 2.25s 4.68s (4.0/5)
iPage 2.45s 2.48s 3.98s 3.58s (3.0/5)
FatCow 2.98s 3.58s 4.57s 7.38s (1.0/5)


From the table above, you can see the best web hosting choice is definitely Arvixe. If you’ve demtermined to open a new hosting account with Arvixe web hosting today, you can use the Arvixe coupon we provide to save up to 30% discount for the first payment, the price will be back to normal when you renew next time.

Indeed, HostMonster, iPage and FatCow are belonged to the same owner, all of them are owned by EIG company. If you’ve done a bit more search on the internet, you can find EIG is not an ideal company worth for your trust. We believe you’ve got an idea to choose the right one after review this comparison.


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