Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials

Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials

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Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials

Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials


Today I’d like to compare the 4 famous web hosting companies Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials, if you’re not sure who’s the best web hosting for your website, here’s the correct website you’ve visited. And you can use the coupon code we provide to save your dollars immediately if you’d like to open new web hosting account with these companies. If you’re interested in, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

Who’s Arvixe Inc?

Arvixe is proudly to the fastest growing web hosting company in the industry. Arvixe can provide Linux & Windows web hosting service and they offer different types of web hosting plans to different levels of customers requirement. If you’re searching for a reliable and affordable web hosting provider, Arvixe LLC could be your best option.

Who’s WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub is a cheap linux hosting company in the budget category. WebHostingHub are completely US based with technical support, sales, and customer service done from their office in Virginia. In addition, WebHostingHub has two data centers, one in Ashburn, VA and one on the West Coast in Los Angeles, CA.

Who’s CrystalTech?

CrystalTech began web hosting in 1997 and has since grown to become one of the largest web hosts to specialize in Windows hosting solutions, now providing reliable service to more than 100,000 domains for customers located worldwide.

Who’s 3Essentials?

3Essentials provide web hosting for personal use and business customers. Whether you’re an individual looking to host pictures of your family and access email for your own domain name or a business looking for a reliable web hosting provider to outsource your day to day hosting operations, we have a solution to meet and exceed your needs.

Arvixe Vs WebHostingHub Vs CrystalTech Vs 3Essentials – Who can be the best web hosting?

Choosing a best web hosting from these companies is not an easy task. With my experience, I recommend you can choose Arvixe web solutions as your first web hosting choice. Why choose Arvixe LLC? I’ve received many customer feed backs about Arvixe web solutions and surprisingly, almost all of their customers give the highest score about their web hosting service. Even when you use “Arvixe complaints”, “Arvixe problem” or “Arvixe sucks” to search on the Google, you’re hard to find any complaints about their web service. Another, Arvixe is one of the fastest web hosting in the industry. You can visit the website “” to check how fast their web hosting service is. Arvixe is also one of the best customer support web hosting company. Whenever you contact with their support team, you could find the difference with the other hosting companies. Arvixe support team is faster and more professional, whatever you ask, I believe those guys can provide the adequate answers as you need.

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Arvixe shared hosting features: Plan
Monthly fee (× 12 mo) $5.00
Monthly fee (× 24 mo) $4.00
Monthly fee (× 36 mo) $4.00
Disk space Unlimited
Transfer Unlimited
Included domain name FREE
Domains per account Unlimited
MSSQL databases Unlimited
MySQL databases Unlimited
ASP.NET(v4.0,3.5,3.0,2.0) Yes
URL Rewrite Yes
Full Trust App Support Yes
Custom Error Pages Yes
Frontpage® Extensions Yes
Catch-All Email Addresses Yes
LINQ / AJAX / Silverlight Yes
30+ ASP Components Yes
PHP 5.x Yes
Cold Fusion Yes
FFmpeg & Mencoder Yes
Ecommerce Scripts Yes
Control Panel cPanel / DotNetPanel
Uptime 99.9%
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days



  1. I currently use arvixe. Several of my sites have gotten infected with some kind of worm. Arvixe repeatedly denied that there was any kind of problem, even when I sent them the output of my AV scanner after I downloaded the site files and scanned them. “We did a scan. It came back clean. ” bullshit. If you go to the site you get told it has been listed as an “attack site.” My AV scanner makes me disconnect from another site. Whatever search engine ranking the page might have had is now completely tanked. But for weeks, they would deny that this was happening. When issues came up earlier, they would just say ‘reinstall from backup’ rather than trying to figure out what was wrong proactively. Reinstalling didn’t work. Maybe that’s too much to hope for. Eventually a higher up apologized for things, but didn’t actually fix anything.

    I even formatted the site as they asked, updated the software on it with the newest versions (though with old mysql code) and re-uploaded files. Issues still occurred. All the HTML files on the site were re-infected with a javascript virus and the search function failed to find those html files which were infected. Eventually Arvixe said “hey, we’ll write you a php script that will find those html files.” nifty and all, but when the files just get reinfected that’s not a solution. The amount of back-and-forth just to get them to recognize that there’s a problem and what that problem involves has taken up something close to a solid week. In retrospect that would have been better spent finding a new host. They’ve apologized at this point, but getting them to fix anything is a different matter. This isn’t the first issue with them either. One site got taken offline when they switched over boxes one time and I had to dash out of my 9-5 job to do emergency fixes on the site. Arvixe couldn’t be reached for help at the time. They were busy.

    In any case, I hope that when someone searches for “arvixe sucks” that they find one more actual story.

    Oh, and I wrote this entire post while waiting on chat tech support. No “give us 10 minutes” or “we’ll write when we have a solution. the dude just vanished for 10 minutes and didn’t answer the comments I wrote. But hey, if that were the worst of the issues, I truly wouldn’t complain.

    Okay, after 15 minutes of no response I get “I will need a few minutes while I work on this for you.” Well, at least they’re doing something for once…

  2. Oh yes. Another site of mine was completely destroyed. Arvixe’ s backups didn’t extend far enough back to restore. The pain this company has caused me is difficult to convey in text.

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