Best DNN Hosting 2015

Best DNN Hosting 2015

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DNN Hosting

An Independent Review of Best DNN Hosting:

After reviewed dozens of Windows hosting companies, Arvixe is awarded as best DNN hosting provider by its incomparable prices, powerful servers, Gigabit Ethernet technology, easy-to-use dotnetPanel, and exceptional 24/7 North-America based customer support.

DNN is a popular content management system used by over 600,000 websites world-wide. DNN is a leading CMS application also can be used for blogging or shopping cart sites. So far, there are approximately over 200,000 web hosting companies on the earth but most of them offer Linux web hosting service only. As we all know, DNN is written by .Net script language which can be hosted on Windows-based web servers only.

1.What’s DNN (DotNetNuke)?

DNN (DotNetNuke) is an open source application which can be used for designing many different kinds of websites. DNN is flexible, customizable which is having more powerful features than WordPress, but it requires more server resources to run a DNN site. Almost all of Windows hosts can support DNN on their web servers, but not all of them can load DNN site smoothly.

DNN is easily to get started with even you don’t have any basis of .Net script knowledge. The installation of DNN on Arvixe windows hosting server is super easily, you just need to login your Arvixe control panel and use their script auto-installer function to proceed. The whole installation just takes less than 1 minute.

Arvixe is also a golden partner of DNN project which is named as one of the best contributors to facilitate the DNN development. However, DiscountASP.NET and SmarterASP.NET are also recommended by our editors as best DNN hosting companies by their cost-effective DNN hosting packages designed for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses.

Arvixe DNN Hosting Review:

Arvixe utilizes their parallel technology on their Windows hosting servers to accelerate the loading speed of DNN sites which are 300% faster than other hosting companies. Arvixe also invests millions of USD dollars to continuously upgrade their web servers to latest Windows 2012 platform. Now almost all of Arvixe web servers are DELL branded with 4x AMD Operation processors, 500GB hard disk, 128GB DDR3 RAM and 10TB intranet networks.

Our editors did have made a test about the performance of DNN among the popular Windows hosting companies and finally we found Arvixe web hosting had won highest performance in real fight. The DNN site hosted by Arvixe is about 20% faster than DiscountASP.NET, 60% faster than SmarterASP.NET and 200% faster than GoDaddy.

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arvixe dnn speed

You can check the image above to see Arvixe is (299ms) is up to 300% faster than GoDaddy (650ms), DiscountASP.NET (378ms) and SmarterASP.NET (450ms).

What are the stunning features of DNN Software?

  • User-Friendly Interface – DNN is very easily to get started with by its friendly and powerful admin control panel.
  • Powerful admin control – DNN can manage multiple portals or sites in 1 place.
  • Feature-Rich to build a new website – DNN has powerful features which can help you easily setup a new website.
  • Dedicated DNN Support Team – If you’ve encountered a problem or trouble issues for your DNN website, you can easily get assistance via their community forum, someone would give you a detailed guidance to resolve your issues.
  • Easily Installed in the control panel – DNN application can be run on any types of windows platform and most of the windows hosting companies offer you one click auto installation in their hosting control panel.
  • Multiple languages supported – Wherever you are, you don’t need to feel worry about its language, since DNN already includes most of popular languages in the world.
  • Open source application forever – DNN was an open source application which was first released on September 2006 and their development team will continue to insist on open source principle forever..

Best DNN Hosting – 2015

Arvixe DNN Arvixe Inc.
1. Arvixe Inc. – Premium DNN Hosting with Best Values

Arvixe is definitely one of the best and most reliable DNN Hosting service provider nowadays. Arvixe’s cheapest DNN Hosting plan starts from as low as $5.00 a month. This top DNN web hosting package includes unlimited MsSQL 2008 databases, unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly data transfer. Plus, if you purchase Arvixe cheap DNN hosting service today, you’ll receive a free website building software. Outsource your DNN web hosting to Arvixe today and start saving money with this budget DNN hosting solution. Arvixe Inc. is your first DNN hosting choice absolutely. All of Arvixe’s DNN hosting services include 24×7 US-based technical support, 99.9% uptime and a 60-Day money back guarantee. (Alexa: 2438)

DiscountASP.NET DNNDiscountASP.NET
2. DiscountASP.NET – $5.00/month Award Winning DNN Hosting Provider

DiscountASP.NET, the Global Leader in ASP.NET Technology is ideal for DNN hosting service. All Versions of ASP.NET are supported, including MVC. Choose from Windows 2008 or Windows 2003 Servers with SQL 2008 R2 Available, SQL 2005 & MySQL with FREE SQL Management Tools & More! They offer DNN Hosting at both locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Sign up today and get $5.00/month DNN Hosting with NO SETUP FEES from DiscountASP.NET.

http://www.DiscountASP.NET (Alexa: 48,976)

Winhost DNNWinhost
3. Winhost – Best DNN Hosting for small business

Looking for an affordable and trusted DNN web hosting provider? Make your choice for top DNN hosting. Our low cost DNN web hosting package comes with 2000MB of space and 200GB of traffic from $4.95 per month pricing. Why buy expensive DNN dedicated hosting services when our shared solution will deliver the most affordable DNN hosting online. Visitors from this website receive a FREE domain name when they buy our cheap DNN hosting. (Alexa: 46,489)

HostGator DNNHostGator
4. HostGator – 25% Off DNN Hosting Coupon “Today25Off”

HostGator offers shared and dedicated DNN Hosting solutions. HostGator cheapest DNN Hosting starts from $4.76/mo and you can have unlimited website space, unlimited monthly traffic and multiple Add-on domains are allowed..Need dedicated DNN hosting? Try a DNN dedicated server from HostGator for reliable and low-cost DNN dedicated hosting services. This trusted DNN web host will deliver one of the best DNN hosting experiences for any dedicated hosting customer. (Alexa: 183) dnnSmarterASP.NET
5. SmarterASP.NET – Cheapest DNN Hosting Overall

SmarterASP.NET is the best DNN hosting provider with complete DNN support. Come to find out why thousands of developers have selected SmarterASP.NET as the best DNN web hosting choice. SmarterASP.NET cheapest DNN hosting plan starts from $2.95 per month and it includes everything you need for a DNN site, the features include unlimited disk space & unlimited monthly traffic and hosted multiple websites. Instant new hosting account activation and 45 days money back guarantee. (Alexa: 43,289)

midphase dnnmidPhase
6. midPhase – Affordable DNN Hosting with Budget Cost

midPhase is an average recommended web host for DNN open source application. midPhase started business in 2002 year and since then, the company walked into a high way of fast growing. Till present, midPhase is already serving over 1.2 million domains and websites worldwide. midPhase cheapest shared hosting for DNN starts from $4.95 per month. (Alexa: 10,268)

DNN Minimum Installation Requirements:

DNN Software can be installed on Windows 2003, Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 server, and you also need a Microsoft SQL server 2008 database to install the application.

How to install DNN on a web hosting server?

If you sign up the hosting service with Arvixe web solutions, you can install it easily in their dotnetPanel with one click script auto-installer. If you don’t want to install the default DNN version in their control panel, you’re also able to download the installation files from DNN official website and upload the zip file to install it yourself.

If you’ve further concern about best DNN web hosting, welcome to leave your comments to share your opinion with other web developers.

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