Best Elgg Web Hosting for Social Networking Websites

Best Elgg Web Hosting for Social Networking Websites

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Elgg Hosting

A Brief Introduction of Elgg:

What’s Elgg? Elgg is a leading social networking system that is dedicated to providing a robust framework to build all kinds of social environments. Elgg is suited for individuals, groups and institutions to build their own feature rich social networks.

Elgg is an open source PHP web application that was first released on 2004. At that time, Elgg was such a platform to bring social networking ideals to education. This social networking software includes a number of powerful features such as Powerful Data Model, enhanced plugins, User Management, Access Control and Web Services API, etc.

Who is the best web hosting provider for Elgg?

To choose a reliable web host for Elgg social networking system is not that easy, since this application always requires much more server resources to guarantee its web performance. Then you may ask which company is real good for Elgg? After reviewed hundreds of famous web hosting companies in the industry, WebHostingHub is proudly to be the best web hosting choice for Elgg social networking platform relies on its superior web hosting performance, industrial leading technologies, lightning website loading speed, responsive customer services and irresistible cheap hosting prices, as well as fantastic reputation among online communities and forum websites.

A2Hosting is the other most reliable web hosting solution for Elgg software. Founded by Bryan Muthig in 1999, and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, A2Hosting has become a leading provider of Linux web hosting service that is dedicated to providing the highest level performance web servers to customers at cheapest prices. According to the latest calculation and statistics, there are approximately 800,000 domain names and websites with over 150,000 separated customers are managed by A2Hosting web solutions. The regular web hosting price of A2Hosting’s most popular shared web hosting package is $6.95/mo, if you’ve used our promotional link to purchase a new hosting account with those guys, the price will be reduced to as low as $3.99 a month. This special promotion is only suited for our website visitors.

The Minimum Installation Requirements of Elgg:

Because Elgg is written in PHP script language, this social networking platform is better to run on Linux web servers. And that’s why we always advise users to choose Linux web hosting services instead of Windows here. In order to install Elgg on your hosting account, your web server should be met with following minimum requirements.

  • Linux Apache with Mod_rewrite support
  • MySQL 5+ Database Server
  • PHP 5.2+ needs to be pre-installed as an Apache module (not in CGI mode or safe mode) with the following libraries
  • GD (for graphics processing) + JSON (For API functionality) + XML (not installed/compiled by default on all systems)
  • Multibyte String support (for international users)

What are the stunning hosting features offered by WebHostingHub?

As a sister company of InMotion hosting, WebHostingHub has walked on a completely different developing way in the past years. WebHostingHub always focuses on providing the most reliable web hosting services to individuals, small-to medium-sized businesses. If you’ve visited their homepage, you may have found WebHostingHub is a company that offers shared web hosting services only. If you’re looking for a VPS or dedicated hosting solution, then WebHostingHub is obviously not suited for your demands. Here I’d like to list some of their most popular shared web hosting features for you to check further.

Elgg Hosting Features

check WebHostingHub Inc. is highly recommended by our website editors for Elgg web hosting service.
check All of their Windows hosting services are 100% compatible with Elgg
check A free domain name is included for any Elgg hosting
check Free Cloudflare CDN / DDoS Attack Response
check $100 Google AdWords Bonus / $100 Yahoo! & Bing Search Marketing Credits
check Remote Access to MSSQL DBs / Full Trust App Support
check 24×7 qualified Elgg hosting support and 60 days money back guarantee

Elgg vs BoonEx Dolphin – Which social networking platform is better for web developers?

1st, we have to admit both Elgg and BoonEx Dolphin are excellent social networking platforms in the market. However, we’re impossible to install the two applications on our websites together, so we have to find a better platform between them.

What is BoonEx Dolphin? BoonEx Dolphin is also an open source social networking platform that has been widely used by web developers globally. Everybody is able to create a social networking, a dating or a niche community website easily with using BoonEx Dolphin. This web application has bundled with PHP community scripts and flash plugins to provide full control.

In order to provide a more accurate comparison about the 2 famous social networking applications, I’ve tried to installed the 2 web applications on my websites to make a test personally. I’ve to say both of the 2 platforms are awesome. However, the features of BoonEx Dolphin seems to be much more powerful than Elgg, e.g., the BoonEx Dolphin allows users to create separated group and it has a very powerful rating system, etc.

Compared to BoonEx Dolphin, the admin control panel of Elgg looks like much simple. Perhaps a simple script is more flexible and customizable, and that’s why Elgg has so many favors.

Summary – WebHostingHub is the winner of best Elgg web hosting service.

After reading this review article of best Elgg web hosting service, I guess you should have got an idea about which company is your best choice now. WebHostingHub can be awarded as the first web hosting choice for Elgg social networking platform, because the company always understands what customer needs and continuously provides the most reliable web hosting solutions to each clients. If you don’t want to select WebHostingHub as your social networks hosting service provider, then you may check with A2Hosting or Arvixe web solutions, all of them have been tested by our editors personally.

In the end, if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the best Elgg web hosting services, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime as you want, we’ll reply you back as soon as we can.


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