Best Linux Hosting 2015

Best Linux Hosting 2015

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Best Linux Hosting 2015

An independent review of best Linux hosting – 2015:

Linux operating system is still the mainstream platform in the industry. Linux OS covers all of Unix-based operating systems and it’s well-known by its rock solid security structure and extreme server stability. As we all know, there are 2 major server platforms on the Internet: Windows versus Linux OS.

Linux is an open source server platform and everybody is able to download to install freely. However, Windows requires a license to proceed the installation, so the Linux web servers are always much cheaper than Windows hosting services. In order to select out a best Linux host, our editors did have done lots of works to check and analyze the advantages of each hosting companies, as well as spent numerous hours on the Internet to research and collect the real user reviews to gain a more authoritative result. All of the factors such as server performance, uptime, price values, plan features and customer support were considered in our reviews.

Who is the most reliable Linux web hosting company?

After reviewed hundreds of different web hosts, finally we found Arvixe web solution is honored to be the winner of best Linux hosting company in 2013. Why choose Arvixe web solutions as best Linux hosting provider? The result comes with the feedbacks and rates from thousands of our site readers, Arvixe did have done a very good job in the past years, especially in recent 2 years. In August 2012, Inc. Magazine awarded Arvixe web solutions as 157th fastest growing private company in the United States and Arvixe also ranked as No.2 fastest growing company in the region of web hosting industry. Arvixe’s growing speed is real amazing, during 2008 to 2011 year, the company has made a total growth of 2154%.

Why the company can survive and get a fast increase in such a highly competitive market? Let’s bring you a brief introduction of the company’s history first. Arvixe Inc. was founded in 2003 and the company is headquartered at San Luis Obispo, CA, USA. Their founder is Arvand Sabetian who’s also the CEO of Arvixe at present. We did have a chance to talk with Arvand and he was real humor and friendly. His company had been unknown until 2009, in that year, his main competitor “Webhost4life” was sold and many clients shifted their web hosting services from Webhost4life to Arvixe, and since then the company walked on a road of fast growth and rapid development.

Linux Shared Hosting:

The shared hosting service should be already enough to use to most of the bloggers and small businesses. You may have found the features in shared hosting packages are always much more attractive than VPS or dedicated servers, since you can receive many “unlimited” features in shared hosting services which you cannot find in VPS or dedicated hosting services. Why there are so many web hosts can offer “Unlimited” features in their shared hosting service? Obviously, most of site owners don’t need much disk space or bandwidth, so the hosting companies dare to offer so many unlimited features. But please aware the “Unlimited” features in shared hosting service is always too good to be true.

Here we’d like to list several best web hosts who can offer reliable web hosting services on their shared web servers for you to check. And Arvixe is proudly to be the first choice of Linux shared hosting service, since their web hosting service is cost-effective and those guys are doing better in server performance, reliability, site loading speed and technical support, especially they’ve won a good reputation and highly satisfaction from their customers.

Rank Shared Hosting Web Hosting Features
1. Arvixe Inc.
  • Best Linux hosting company in 2015 overall.
  • Linux operating system with newest Apache installed, it also includes PHP 5.x, Perl, Python, etc.
  • A free domain name forever & unlimited MySQL databases include
  • Unlimited disk space with unlimited monthly traffic
  • You can receive $100 Marketing Credits which can be used to advertise on Google, Yahoo and FaceBook.
  • Read reviewVisit Arvixe to check more Linux hosting features
2. Bluehost
  • Bluehost is a professional Linux web hosting provider for small business.
  • cPanel with Fantastico script auto-installer
  • $150 Marketing Credits which can be used to advertise on Google, Yahoo and Bing sites.
  • Best Linux hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited websites add-on, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.
  • 99.9% uptime and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Read reviewVisit Bluehost to check more features
3. A2Hosting
  • A2Hosting offers a wide range of services include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.
  • You can get more features at A2Hosting Linux web hosting services.
  • A2Hosting is a web developer friendly hosting company which supports Linux scripting, databases and cron jobs.
  • A2Hosting has an award-winning customer support team that can help you fix all of your trouble issues, from simple to terrific, their support team always can find a way to resolve in a short time.
  • 99.9% server uptime and 30 days money back
  • A2Hosting ReviewVisit A2Hosting to check more features

Linux VPS Hosting:

The Linux VPS hosting service is an ideal choice for medium-sized business owners. If you’re pursuing a higher server performance with a faster site loading speed and not planning to spend too much dollars, then VPS hosting package is real a good option to you. There are numerous web hosts which can provide VPS hosting service in the industry and here we recommend you may choose VPS.NET as your first option. Why choose VPS.NET as best Linux VPS hosting company?

As you see, VPS.NET is a company who has been focusing on providing quality VPS hosting service over 10 years. All of websites will be placed on their millions of US dollars’ cloud servers. And they’re the first company adopts and implements auto healing technology that can help users to prevent their business from losing sales, productivity and clients. On a VPS.NET’s cloud web server, if there’s an outage resource happened, the server can detect automatically and then it can move your site to an unharmed or uninterrupted place, which can keep your site always online. All of these procedures are accomplished by the cloud web server itself, you don’t need to do anything to move your sites. Arvixe also offers Linux VPS hosting service, but they’re not the best one for VPS hosting solutions.

Arvixe’s cheapest VPS hosting package starts from $40.00 per month and VPS.NET’s cheapest hosting package starts from $10.00 per month. Though you can receive better features in Arvixe VPS account, but VPS.NET is more cost-effective and they’re also more professional in providing VPS hosting service.

Linux Reseller Hosting:

If you’re looking for a reseller hosting service of Linux platform, here we highly recommend you may check with HostGator. Why we choose HostGator as best Linux reseller hosting company? If you’re not familiar with HostGator, then we’ll give you a brief introduction about this famous hosting company first.

HostGator was founded in 2002 and the company’s CEO is Brent Oxley who setup HostGator in his college dorm room. And now HostGator has already become one of the world largest web hosting company with over 9 million websites are placed on their web servers, and approximately over 6,000 resellers are promoting their web hosting service.

Linux Dedicated Server:

Only a few premium clients need dedicated server solutions. If you’re running a large-sized business site which cannot be placed on a shared or VPS hosting server, then you need to look for a dedicated hosting service. In the previous article, we already recommend Arvixe as the first choice for Linux shared hosting, VPS.NET for Linux VPS hosting solution and HostGator for best Linux reseller hosting, then which web host is best for Linux dedicated server solution?

If you’ve checked with our top 10 dedicated server hosting list, you may have found InMotion is honored to be the first choice for dedicated server on our review site. Why we choose InMotion as first choice for Linux dedicated server? InMotion is a budget cost premium web hosting company who offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, managed hosting and dedicated server solutions to different levels of customers. InMotion cheapest dedicated server package starts with as low as $119.99 per month which is always much cheaper than many other dedicated hosts. You can check some of noticeable features and advantages about their Linux dedicated servers as below.

  • InMotion dedicated server is reliable, flexible and customizable – All of the dedicated hosting plans can be customized with extra disk space, bandwidth, RAM and CPU usage.
  • InMotion has been focusing on providing Linux and UNIX-Based web services for over 11 years and they’ve an expert team with an average of 4 years of professional hosting experience.
  • InMotion has already invested millions of dollars to upgrade all of their servers to be branded as newest Dell Poweredge Portfolio servers which can increase the server performance and reliability substantially.

Linux Hosting Advantages:

Compared to Windows operating system, the Linux platform does have many advantages and here we’d like to list some of its noticeable features as below.

  • Linux is an open source operating system and free to use forever. The “free” is not only suit for Linux system, but also adapt to its components, such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails are all free to use.
  • Linux hosting service is always cheaper and widely used in any kinds of websites, and it’s a popular choice to those budget cost people.
  • Many popular control panels can be installed on Linux web servers only, such as cPanel/WHM.
  • Linux-based web server can be used to build a huge strong control interface, since its structure is rigid and can bear more huge amounts of traffic than Windows.

Best Linux Hosting Resources:

We’ve compared many articles related with best Linux hosting on the internet and you can check some resource links as below.

  • Linux.Org – This is the official site of Linux web platform and it’s a very good site which you can communicate with other Linux engineers or PHP programmers.
  • Linux Apache Download – You can visit this page to download Linux Apache operating system freely.
  • TOP 10 Linux Web Hosting – You can check a detailed list of the best 10 Linux web hosts on our review website.


To choose a right web host is always not that easy, but we all believe there must have one company which is probably suited for you and that’s just our commitment to help every web developer and our site readers to find a satisfied web hosting solution.

In the end, if you have any thoughts or recommendations about the best Linux web hosting services, just feel free to contact us anytime and our editors will try our best to reply you back as soon as possible.


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