Best Python Web Hosting for Premium Programmers

Best Python Web Hosting for Premium Programmers

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Python Hosting

Who is the best Python web hosting provider?

Before choosing a best web host for Python script, we have to understand what Python real is first. Python is a high-level programming language suited for advanced programmers, which is designed to be readability, philosophy and it allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.

Python is a dynamic and multi-paradigm script language that supports both object-oriented programming and structured programming. This programming language was conceived in the late 1980s and first implemented in the end of 1989. One of the noticeable feature of Python is dynamic name resolution or you can call it as “late binding”, which can combine method and variable name together when you execute programs.

Then which company can be awarded as best web hosting for Python language? After reviewed 60+ famous Python-based web hosting companies, here we’d like to recommend several of best web hosts which are fully compatible with Python to programmers, including Arvixe, A2Hosting and Bluehost. All of these companies are offering the most reliable Python web hosting services at affordable prices.

These 3 web hosts can be awarded the winners of Python hosting, because all of their web servers have equipped with the latest versions of Python and provide sufficient permission for users to run any sizes of Python websites or Python applications.

Why we choose Arvixe web solutions as the best Python web hosting?

If you’ve determined to choose Arvixe web solutions as your Python web hosting provider, then congratulation, you’ve made a wise choice all your life. As Python is not a widely used programming language, not all of the web hosts provide Python on their web servers or just offer poor Python hosting services, since most of them are lack of experience in handling trouble issues related with Python.

However, Arvixe is a company that is not only offering optimized web servers for Python, but also including an experienced team of 10+ years in handling trouble issues related with Python programming. As a developer friendly web hosting company, there is no doubt for Arvixe to become the best web hosting choice for Python programming language.

Best Python Web Hosting – 2015:

Besides Arvixe, there are 2 other web hosts which are worth for us to recommend, including A2Hosting and Bluehost. Both of the 2 web hosts are well-known by offering superior web hosting services with rock customer support.

Arvixe PythonArvixe Inc.
1. Arvixe Inc. – Best Python Web Hosting Overall

As a leading Windows and Linux-based web hosting service provider in the industry, Arvixe has established itself as an industry benchmark and one of the largest hosting companies worldwide. Our editors awarded Arvixe web solutions as the winner of best Python hosting service, since the company does have many differences and advantages you’re hard to get from others. All of their web hosting packages can support Python modules, no matter how large your Python program is, Arvixe is always able to deliver an adequate web hosting solution to you (Read review).

A2Hosting PythonA2Hosting
2. A2Hosting – Fastest SSD Hosting for Python

A2Hosting is well-known by offering 300% fastest Linux hosting services with SSD hardware to over 700,000 website owners. As a developer friendly company, A2Hosting always concerns about what the needs of customers are, and continuously invests a huge amount of US-Dollars to update their facilities and hardware to the newest equipments. All of their web hosting servers are powered by cloud computing platforms, and its cheapest cloud web hosting service for Python programs starts from as low as $3.99 a month (Read review).

Bluehost PythonBluehost
3. Bluehost – Best Small Business Hosting for Python

As one of the oldest web hosting company in the industry, Bluehost has been providing superior web hosting service to over 2.5 million domain names and websites over 18 years. The company was founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, and headquartered in Provo, Utah, United States. And in the early of 2011, Bluehost was acquired by EIG for over 1 billion USD (Read review).

What are the advantages of using Python?

Python is one of the oldest programming language and it’s still very popular among programmers. Python is ideal for the people who like to combine an object-oriented together with structured programming, which is designed to be easily read and understood by newbies thanks to a super simple stylistic form and code.

  • Python is readable – Unlike many other programming languages may have a slack environment to write the code, Python has to be strictly indented which can help programmers to write code in a cleaner way.
  • Python is a high-level programming language that is easy to write, easy to read and easy to learn.
  • Normally, the Python programs run a bit slower than JavaScript codes, but Python can save much time and web space (about 3-5 times smaller than Java app).
  • Python code is always shorter, approximately 5-10 times shorter than C++ and Java.
  • Python is a high-level programming language which is suited for large-sized data structures or programs.

Python Web Hosting Features:

Python Hosting Features

check Windows 2012 R2 Hosting / Linux CentOS
check All of their web hosting services are fully compatible with Python
check Each shared hosting account includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited databases
check A free domain name is included in every Python hosting account
check Latest cPanel with 200+ free scripts – WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla…
check 24/7 US-based qualified Python hosting technical support
check Monthly billing cycle is supported for all new Python hosting accounts

Python Vs. Ruby – Which script language is better for web developers?

Honestly speaking, both Python and Ruby are two of the most popular high-level programming languages which can be used for various application developments. The programmers always prototype the two popular languages before implementing them on compiled programs, since the 2 languages have different modularity and oriented features.

In most cases, Python is generally much more widely used than Ruby On Rails (ROR), however, the Ruby’s popularity has seen rapid growth in recent years.

  • Both of the 2 languages can be considered as high level programming languages.
  • Both of them full support Unicode, although the way to implement programs may have a bit different.
  • Ruby’s object orientation is considered to be more ‘pure’ than Python in most cases.
  • Python needs to import a module from the standard library, but Ruby has a number of functions that are available by default.


After reading this review article of best Python hosting, we believe that you should have found out which company could be your best choice for Python programs. To be honest, we always highly recommend Arvixe web solutions as the first hosting choice for Python developers, since their web hosting service is reliable and their price is very attractive. If you’ve determined to open a new Python hosting account with Arvixe web solutions, you can use the coupon code we provide to get up to 30% discount.

If you’re still having difficulty in selecting a right web host for Python programs, please just feel free to contact us anytime as you like and our editors will definitely reply you back as soon as possible.


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