Best SocialEngine Web Hosting for Online Social Networking Websites

Best SocialEngine Web Hosting for Online Social Networking Websites

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An Independent Review of SocialEngine Hosting:

Hi, there! If you’ve arrived this page, I guess you’re probably not sure which web host is good for SocialEngine networking platform. If you have the trouble in looking for a reliable SocialEngine hosting service provider, then this is just the page you’ve found on the Internet. After reviewed 80+ famous web hosts worldwide, WebHostingHub is proudly to be ranked as the first web hosting choice for SocialEngine networking software relies on its top-notch web hosting performance, fantastic customer services and reasonable hosting prices, as well as excellent reputation among online communities and forum websites.

What is SocialEngine?

If you’re unfamiliar with SocialEngine application, let’s bring you a short introduction about this leading social networks software. SocialEngine is a famous social networks platform that is written by PHP language, and can be used for building feature-rich social networking websites. The main features of SocialEngine include complete customization abilities, multiple language packs, customizable modular plugins/widgets, administration of small-to medium scale social networks and unencrypted code. There is a number of beautiful website templates and add-on plugins that can be used to extend the basic features already included in the SocialEngine core.

SocialEngine is not a free web application, if you’re planning to purchase this software, then you can use this promotional link to visit its homepage to proceed the payment, and a 30% discount will be applied to your order automatically.

What are the stunning features of SocialEngine?

SocialEngine is a feature-rich, PHP-based white label social networking software, which is built to support almost all of the concept. This social networking platform is stable, flexible and customizable, designed to implement your own unique features and layout.

  • The user profile page is perhaps the most important part of your social network. Along with the user’s profile data, all of the user’s photos, blog entries, comments, groups, friends, statistics, and other items can be displayed here. This page is often used as a point of contact between users, so various options are available to viewers (such as “Send Message”, “Add Friend”, “Block User”, and so forth). As the admin, you decide what goes on your users’ profiles.
  • As the admin, you can choose to allow users to upload files of any type (such as mp3, zip, etc.). This can be limited by the filename extension as well as the actual MIME type. This effectively allows you to use the album feature as a file sharing feature if you wish.
  • Users can manage events on their own full-size event calendar. A mini-calendar is also shown on their profiles, allowing them to share their events with others.
  • As the admin, you can choose to allow users to sign up only if you have invited them. This is an effective way to build a small, exclusive social network.
  • If allowed, users can insert their own custom CSS styles to give their blogs a more personalized appearance.
  • Users can embed YouTube videos on your site. SocialEngine grabs the thumbnail from YouTube and stores it locally.
  • The admin panel includes a list of the last 300 login attempts to your social network. This gives you an effective way of identifying and banning abusive users.

SocialEngine Hosting Features:

SocialEngine Hosting Features

check WebHostingHub is highly recommended by our website editors for SocialEngine web hosting service.
check All of their services are 100% compatible with SocialEngine
check A free domain name is included for any Linux shared hosting
check Free Cloudflare CDN / DDoS Attack Response
check $200 Marketing Credits / Attracta SEO Ready
check SSD RAID 10 Drives / Java Tomcat Support
check Data Centers – United States (Dallas), Europe (Amsterdam) and Asia (Hong Kong)
check 24×7 Qualified SocialEngine Hosting Support and 60 days money back guarantee

Best SocialEngine Web Hosting – 2015:

WebHostingHub SocialEngine
1. WebHostingHub – Best Web Hosting for SocialEngine

WebHostingHub was founded in 2001 with a critical mission to strive towards better web hosting performance, operational excellence, state-of-the-art green technologies and superior customer services. The company is located in Virginia Beach in the United States and all of their support team are 100% USA-based. Unlike many other web hosts always offer many tiers of web hosting packages, WebHostingHub only provides a single but powerful shared web hosting plan to all customers. The original web hosting price of WebHostingHub is $6.95/mo, if you’ve used our promotional link to sign up a new hosting account with them, it’ll just cost you as low as $3.99/mo.

Arvixe SocialEngine
2. Arvixe Inc. – 30% off SocialEngine hosting coupon “WH4L”

Arvixe is the other most reliable web hosting service provider for SocialEngine. Founded by Arvand Sabetian in 2003, Arvixe has established itself as a leading provider of business web hosting services in a very short time. At present, Arvixe is offering 2 tiers of shared web hosting packages to customers – Personal Class and Business Class. The Personal Class shared web hosting package is suited for individual websites and small businesses, and the noticeable features include a free domain name, unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, hosted 6 websites, DDoS Response, Cloudflare CDN, 100+ FREE scripts and much more.

The System Requirements of SocialEngine Installation:

  • Your server must have PHP 4.3.0 (or newer) installed with Safe Mode OFF.
  • You must have one available MySQL database (version 4.1 or newer).
  • You must have GD 2.0 installed.
  • For optional subdirectory-style URLs (shorter URLs for users’ albums, profiles, blogs, and groups), your server must be able to use .htaccess files and have mod_rewrite installed.

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