Best Video Web Hosting 2015

Best Video Web Hosting 2015

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An independent review of best Video hosting:

Hi, there! If you’ve arrived this page, I guess you’re probably not sure which company could be the best web hosting choice for video websites. If you’re looking for a best web host for video website or video web application, then you’re lucky to find the right page on the Internet. Here I’d like to recommend several of the best video web hosts for you to check further.

Before writing this review article of best video web hosting service, our editors did have spent lots of time on the Internet to search for related information from online communities and forum websites, so you can fully trust with our honest reviews and recommendations. If you like this review article of best video web hosting solutions, welcome to subscribe our review website to receive the email notification of new article released.

Which company can be awarded as the winner of best Video hosting service?

To choose a reliable web host for video website is not that easy, because a video website always takes up much more server resources and many web hosts don’t allow customers to place large video files on their shared web hosting servers. After reviewed 100+ famous web hosts worldwide, WebHostingHub is proudly to be awarded as the first web hosting choice for video web hosting solutions relies on its top-notch server performance, industrial leading technologies, rock solid hardware, outstanding senior management, responsive customer services and unbelievable cheap hosting prices, as well as superior reputation among online communities and forum groups.

If this is your first time to hear of WebHostingHub, please allow me to take you sometime to introduce this world-famous Linux-based web hosting company. Founded in 2001 by a group of talented IT pioneers, WebHostingHub has established itself as a leading provider of web hosting business in the industry for many years. WebHostingHub always only offered a single but powerful shared web hosting service to customers previously, now the company is offering many levels of web hosting services to customers of all sizes.

WebHostingHub Video Hosting Features:

WebHostingHub ia a reliable and secure web hosting solution that is dedicated to providing highest level performance web services to customers at cheapest prices. At present, WebHostingHub is providing 3 tiers of shared web hosting packages to clients, and its cheapest shared web hosting package starts from as low as $3.99/mo. Here are some of stunning features of its Spark shared web hosting plan.

Video Hosting Features

check WebHostingHub Inc. is highly recommended by our website editors for Video web hosting service.
check All of their web hosting services are 100% compatible with Video websites
check A free domain name is included for any Video hosting
check Free Cloudflare CDN / DDoS Attack Prevention
check $100 Google AdWords Bonus / $100 Yahoo! & Bing Search Marketing Credits
check Remote Access to MySQL DBs / 310+ free script auto-installer
check 24×7 qualified Video hosting support and 60 days money back guarantee
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Best Video Web Hosting – 2015:

Besides of WebHostingHub, it does have several other reliable web hosts that are worthy of our highly recommendations. These reliable web hosts include Dreamhost, Arvixe Inc. and Host4ASP.NET.

1. WebHostingHub – Best Video Web Hosting Overall Reviews
As a reputed web host in the industry, WebHostingHub has been widely trusted by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. A company wants to be good is easy, but wants to be “Great” is not that easy, WebHostingHub is just the web host that can be called as “Great” in the world. If you’ve visited its website homepage, you can find the company is offering 3 tiers of shared web hosting packages at present. Besides of web hosting services, the company also offers web designing services.

The regular price of their cheapest shared hosting service is $6.99/mo, but if you’ve used our promotional link to register a new account, the price will be reduced to $3.99 per month.

webhostinghub video
2. Dreamhost – Affordable WordPress Hosting Reviews
Dreamhost is a featured Linux web hosting company that has been providing high quality web services to millions of customers since 1999. As a recognized web hosting solution for WordPress, Dreamhost powers over 1 million blog websites globally. If you are looking for a Video web host for WordPress blogs, then Dreamhost is definitely one of your best choices. dreamhost video
3. Arvixe Inc. – 30% Off Video Hosting Coupon “WH4L” Reviews
Arvixe is another reliable web hosting choice for video websites. If you’re looking for a Windows-based web hosting solution, then Arvixe is obviously your best choice. The company has won numerous awards from many online review websites and magazines, e.g., CNET awarded them as the best ASP.NET hosting provider in 2014 and Inc. Magazine awarded them as 157th fastest growing private sector company in 2012. All of their web hosting packages are available for running video websites, and their cheapest shared web hosting service starts from as low as $4.00 per month. Arvixe video

The Performance of WebHostingHub Video Hosting:

How is the web performance of WebHostingHub? As we all know, the performance of a web host is always the most critical aspect that we’ve to concern before selecting a new hosting provider. We believe there is no one would like to place their websites on an unreliable web server.

Indeed, we did have made a test personally to check the performance of WebHostingHub. A couple of months before, one of our editors called “Billy” opened a test account with WebHostingHub to check how their web server performed. In order to check whether WebHostingHub is suited for video website, we uploaded a flash video file (about 200MB) to this test account. 1st, we were impressive with the upload speed; 2nd, the test performed well, there was no any halt during the play.

You may have found the company “WebHostingHub” is recommended by a number of review websites, because this web host does have many differences compared to other competitors. WebHostingHub has built up a stable partnership with its networking providers “AT&T”, “WorldNet”, and “IBM Global Network” to ensure every of its customers can receive the best entry of Internet connection.

The Customer Services of Best Video Hosting:

The competition of web hosting business is becoming more and more cruel, a company wants to win the heart of customers, only relies on stable web hosting service is further not enough, but also has the ability to provide effective customer services. Every year, WebHostingHub throws millions of US-Dollars to attract the most talented IT geniuses to join them worldwide.

Unlike many other hosting companies always outsource their live support to some Asian countries such as India, Hong Kong or Singapore, all of the support team of WebHostingHub are based in North America. No matter when you need an assistance, just feel free to contact those guys anytime as you like. All of their 1st level live operators and senior system engineers are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Summary: WebHostingHub is the winner of best Video hosting service overall.

After reading this review article of best video web hosting service, I believe you should have found out which company is probably suitable for your requirements. WebHostingHub can be awarded as the winner of video hosting service, because the company is unique and real awesome.

In the end, if you have any good opinions or reasonable suggestions about the video web hosting service, welcome to contact us anytime as you like and we’ll try our best to reply back as soon as possible.


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