Best VPS Hosting 2015

Best VPS Hosting 2015

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Best VPS Hosting 2015

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Best VPS Hosting in 2015 Year

Not sure who can be the best web host for VPS solution? Ok, after reviewed dozens of famous VPS web hosts and here we’d like to recommend Arvixe web solution as your best VPS hosting choice.

Arvixe VPS was awarded as the best VPS hosting for their feature-rich, consistent reliable server performance, fast site loading speed and responsive customer support at an affordable price.

Arvixe VPS is designed for those who’re looking for a reliable and trusted web hosting service provider. They offer Linux / Windows VPS hosting service and each server platform has 2 different VPS packages. Arvixe’s cheapest VPS hosting plan starts from $40.00/month which is not very cheap compared to other VPS hosts, but you’re definitely able to gain much more features than others, such as more space, bandwidth, etc. Overall, Arvixe VPS hosting is highly recommended by our site editors and they also won a higher customer satisfaction rate from our site reader feedbacks.

Choosing VPS or a shared hosting? Shared hosting is always much cheaper than a VPS account, and you may find there are so many web hosts dared to offer unlimited features in their shared hosting plans, is “unlimited” real? Definitely not, “Unlimited” feature is always too good to be true. If you expect to receive better server reliability and faster speed, then you may need to consider having a VPS account instead. And some of the applications also need to run on VPS or upper packages to run, such as Magento Commerce, though shared hosting also can install Magento, their loading speed is real unacceptable.

Best VPS Hosting – 2015:

arvixe vps $40.00 Arvixe is to serve as an entire resource for every site owner with a project on the web and they strive to be every customer’s trusted business partner by providing quality web hosting service and best support.
  • 40GB Disk Space
  • 1024MB Dedicated Memory
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
Arvixe Review
GreenGeeks VPS $39.95 GreenGeeks is a leading green web hosting company in the industry.GreenGeeks is focused on Linux web hosting since 2006 and over 6 years they’re already serving more than 200,000 sites around the world. Highest satisfaction guaranteed and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • 30GB Disk Space
  • 500GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 512MB Dedicated RAM
GreenGeeks Review
HostGator vps $49.95 HostGator is world largest VPS hosting company who has been offering quality web hosting service more than 10 years. Till present, there are more than 8.5 million site owners are choosing HostGator web hosting service and their new clients are still increasing every minutes.
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 250GB Monthly Transfer
  • 256MB Dedicated RAM
HostGator Review

Arvixe VPS Hosting Features:

Arvixe web solution has been a top and quality web hosting service provider since 2003. At Arvixe, you can feel those guys are real the one who’s worth for your complete trust. They provide quality web hosting with a rate combination of unmatched reliability and affordability. They’ve won numerous web hosting awards from leading review sites in the web hosting field. Whatever you need for your business, you can find they’re always able to meet with your site needs. Here we’d like to list some of noticeable features about their VPS hosting plan for you to check more clearly.

  • Arvixe provides the latest equipments and softwares on its VPS web servers to match with their highly performance and top-notch networks connectivity.
  • Arvixe VPS hosting is fully managed by their world-class technical customer support.
  • Arvixe provides a rock and solid web hosting performance on its VPS at an affordable price.
  • All of Arvixe VPS web servers are pre-installed with the latest version of cPanel / WHM control panel.

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Best VPS Hosting Comparison:

For example, HostGator is a world-famous web hosting company who offers 9 different VPS plans for customers to choose and their cheapest VPS hosting plan starts from $19.95/month, it seems to be much cheaper than other web hosts. Whatever, when you compare more details and you may find their features are too limited and we believe you also don’t want to select this plan. Here we’d like to pick up their most popular VPS plan to compare further.

Feature Arvixe INC. HostGator GreenGeeks
Disk Space 40 GB 30 GB 50GB
CPU 2.17 GHZ 1.13 GHZ Equal Share
RAM 1024 MB 768 MB 768MB
Bandwidth Unlimited 500 GB Unlimited
IP Addresses 2 1 1
Control Panel yes cPanel cPanel
Daily Backup (Free) yes No Yes
First Month $40.00 $39.95 $49.95
Recurring Price $40.00/mo $39.95/mo $49.95/mo
Visit Arvixe INC. Visit HostGator Visit GreenGeeks

After viewing this table comparison, I think you should understand why we recommend Arvixe web solution as your first choice, seems to be paid more, but you can receive more server capability by Arvixe VPS.

Do you need a VPS hosting for your business already?

How to check whether you need to upgrade to a VPS hosting? If you’re running a small website which doesn’t incur too much traffic, I think there’s no need to waste the money to upgrade.

We know the site loading speed is real important nowadays, the speed also can affect your site ranking on search engine, such as Google already add the site loading speed as one of their ranking point in the search results. And if you’re running a shopping cart site, the speed is also becoming more and more important, a slow site means you could lose more potential customers, no one would like to waste 5 or 6 seconds to open a site on the internet.

The VPS is the web hosting type between shared hosting and dedicated server, it’s available for those sites that are going to get a lot of visitors but not too much. The VPS is suit for flash games sites, Matching sites, Mid-sized online shops and some blogs.

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Why you should trust with our best VPS hosting review?

You may have the doubt why we always recommend Arvixe web solution as the first web hosting choice on our site, the reason is simple, since those guys are real different with others. They always care about the needs of their clients and they always update their service to the newest technologies.

We do receive compensation from our advertisements and affiliate links, but it doesn’t mean we’re misjudgment. Our workers are all having years of experience in the web hosting reviews and we know choose a right web host is real important for your business. Arvixe can grow so fast in the past years, because they provide best service to customers since they launched business in 2003. They’ve won good reputation among customers and their company brand is already accepted by the market.


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