Bluehost is already sold out to EIG!

Bluehost is already sold out to EIG!

Is Bluehost Sold out already?

When my friend told me Bluehost is already sold out, I was shocked about the news. Bluehost had been a very good and very famous web hosting company in the industry, but now they’re already sold out.

At the beginning, I don’t believe Bluehost was sold, since they’re already a very large web hosting company in the industry, if anyone wants to purchase Bluehost, it must cost lots of dollars. Of course, I don’t know how much Bluehost was sold, but it must be not a small amount.

Who’s EIG?

Bluehost was sold out is not the worst news, the more worse is Bluehost was sold to EIG web hosting. If you’ve never heard about EIG, I think that’s normal, since there’s no such a company called as EIG, but you should be familiar with iPage, iPower, Justhost, StartLogic, HostClear.. Yes, all of these brands are owned by EIG Group.

EIG is Enduarance International Group, EIG can acquire so many famous web hosting companies, you can imagine they’re a real very rich company. But honestly speaking, EIG has never been a good web hosting company, once a hosting company was acquired by EIG, the company will be doomed to crash, such as iPower, EasyCGI, Webhost4life.. All of the web hosting companies were very famous and good before they sold out, but everything was changed after their owner was changed.

What’s the future of Bluehost?

If you’re a current customer of Bluehost, I think you’ll be worry about how’s your website in the future, no one would like to host their websites with an unreliable web hosting service provider.

Indeed, not only Bluehost, but HostMonster is also acquired by EIG Group. Bluehost and HostMonster were belonged to the same owner, now both of them are sold to Endurance International Group.

I cannot imagine what’s the future of Bluehost, but if you’ve checked the history of EIG Group, I think no one would like to have business with them.

Are you planning to move to another web hosting?

I’m a victim of EIG Group, so I don’t want to host my websites with any brands related with EIG. My previous web hosting service provider was Webhost4life, but the company was acquired by EIG in the early 2010 year, all of my websites are down and crashed, I do hate with them. Please aware I’m not the only victim of EIG, there are thousands of other web developers are all the having the same bad experience as me.

If you’re also a victim of EIG Group, I think you don’t want to continue to use their web hosting service any more. If you ask me is there any other web hosting company who’s worth for me to recommend to you, here I do want to recommed you can check with Arvixe web solutions and InMotion hosting.

Arvixe web solutions is an independent web hosting company launched business since 2003 and now they’ve become a leader web hosting company in the industry. Arvixe is the few hosting company who can offer linux and windows web hosting service. Arvixe web solutions has become one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the past years and I’ve contacted with Arvixe CEO to confirm he won’t sell his company never and forever. Arvixe also offers free website migration, if you’re planning to move to Arvixe web hosting, then Arvixe will be definitely your first web hosting choice.

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InMotion is focused on the Linux platform and they’re also an award-winning web hosting company. InMotion has won numerous awards in the industry and now they’re also serving more than 1 million websites around the world. InMotion offers 90 days long time money back guarantee and they can offer shared hosting, business hosting, vps and dedicated server to the different levels of customers requirement.

InMotion Hosting

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  1. Funny, obviously written by an Arvixe affiliate who profits by referring people to Arvixe.

    I admit I’ve left the affiliate link on some of the posts, but if you’ve done a bit more research about EIG company, you could find they’re not a good choice for web hosting, there’re too many complaints about EIG on the internet.

    Arvixe is a good web hosting since they understand what’s the need of the clients and they offer much better client support than EIG company, I had been worked for one web hosting, unluckily the company was acquired by EIG and I know how they deal with clients.


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