cPCloudHosting.com Review, Best Choice for Small-to-Medium Website

cPCloudHosting.com Review, Best Choice for Small-to-Medium Website

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An Independent Review of cPCloudHosting:

We always tell people that not all of the cheap web hosts suck, because our website is also placed on a web server under $5.00 a month. To choose a reliable and affordable web host is always our target. If you’re a new beginner, it’s easier to drop into a hassle of choosing a right web host among thousands of hosting companies. How is cPCloudHosting web service? Is cPCloudHosting a reliable web hosting provider for webmaster? After reading this review article, our editors will help you find the answer.

cPCloudHosting is specialized in cPanel cloud hosting service.

There is a lot of shared hosting provider and cloud hosting provider in the market. But all of them have disadvantage that shared hosting server always oversell and cloud hosting server provides less support. In the shared hosting market, you will find most provider sell hosting package at very low rate, you can even find the price as low as $1 per month. If you are attracted with such the low price and begin to use their hosting service. You will find that your website always load slowly because the server your website hosted on is oversold.

Why do they oversell their shared hosting server?

Let’s say cost of a dedicated server is $250/mo, if hosting provider sell their hosting package at $1/mo, the server must hold 250 customers at least to cover the server’s cost, the hosting provider needs to hold more than 250 customers on one server to make some profit. In the cloud hosting market, you will find most hosting provider provide less support. Because cloud instance you purchase is container with independent OS, such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora. You need to configure system to meet your application’s need. cPCloudHosting.com comes out with advantage of shared hosting and cloud hosting.

Main feature of cPCloudHosting’s hosting package:

cPanel Cloud Hosting Features

check cPanel control panel powered by Linux OS
check PHP Version Switch – You can switch PHP4.4/PHP5.1/PHP5.2/PHP5.3/PHP5.4/PHP5.5/PHP5.6 via cPanel
check Remote Incremental Backup & Utilize NFS System – Incremental backup to remote server daily, make sure your data most secure
check SSD Solid Drive – Enterprise SSD disk,I/O speed is over 200M/s
check Nginx Super Cache Integrated – Your domain will enjoy Nginx super cache automatically, no need to configure anything at your end.
cPanel Cloud Hosting

cPCloudHosting can be awarded as the winner of best cPanel hosting provider, one of the most important reasons is the company always offers much more powerful web hosting features to customers at cheaper prices. If you’ve visited their homepage, you can find their most popular shared hosting service starts from as low as $5.00 a month featuring many unlimited features such as disk space, monthly bandwidth, MySQL databases and so on.

cPCloudHosting’s hosting package starts with:

cPanel Hosts cPanel Cloud Hosting Description
cPCloudHosting cPCloudHosting
1. cPCloudHosting – Best cPanel Cloud Hosting Overall

cPCloudHosting is an award-winning web hosting service provider that has been providing high quality cloud Linux hosting to thousands of consumers for many years. No doubts, cPanel has been becoming the most popular control panel worldwide, almost all of the main web hosts are offering cPanel on their Linux web servers. At cPCloudHosting, you can subscribe their web hosting service at an reasonable price.

WebHostingHub WebHostingHub
2. WebHostingHub – Best cPanel Hosting for Small Businesses

WebHostingHub is the other most reliable web hosting company that offers cPanel on their Linux servers. As a leading small business web hosting provider, WebHostingHub has established itself as one of the largest cPanel hosting companies on the planet. As for the newest statistics, there are more than 2 million website owners are choosing WebHostingHub as their first web hosting service providers (Read review).

A2Hosting A2Hosting
3. A2Hosting – Best Green Web Hosting for cPanel

Who is the best green web hosting for cPanel? Of course, A2Hosting will be the most ideal choice. As a real customer of A2Hosting, we understand how fantastic the company is. As you see, A2Hosting’s cheapest cPanel hosting package starts from as low as $4.97 a month and you still can use the coupon code provided to save up to 34% for the first billing, meaning you just need to cost as low as $4.00 a month to subscribe their cPanel cloud hosting service (Read review).

From our editors’ experience, $5/month with this resource is very cheap! In the cloud hosting market, with 1Core CPU, 1G RAM and cPanel license, the price would be more than $25/mo.


Infrastructure of cPCloudHosting.com’s hosting is best choice for small-medium website, if you are looking for stable and fast shared hosting server, cPCloudHosting.com is the choice.


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