EasyCGI Reviews: Why EasyCGI sucks and not recommended by our editors?

EasyCGI Reviews: Why EasyCGI sucks and not recommended by our editors?

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Is EasyCGI a reliable web host for customers?

Hi there, if you’ve reached this page, we believe you’re probably not sure whether EasyCGI is a good web host or not. Now we can tell you the answer directly – “EasyCGI is the worst web host on the planet, no 2nd”. We admit that EasyCGI had been a very trustable web hosting provider previously. However, everything was changed since it was acquired by EIG in the mid of 2007.

If you’ve heard of EIG before, you should be familiar with how evil the company is. We always recommended EasyCGI to our website visitors in the past, but not for now. If you’re planning to open a new hosting account with EasyCGI, we do suggest that you’d better give up with your foolish choice.

A Brief Introduction of EasyCGI:

The history of EasyCGI can be sourced back to 1999. As one of the oldest web hosting companies in the industry, EasyCGI had established itself as a leading provider of Windows hosting service in a very short time.

  • EasyCGI offers custom developed shared web hosting platform that allows customers to manage their hosting accounts at anytime and at any places. This platform is flexible, customizable and easy-to-learn.
  • EasyCGI offers 3 tiers of Windows shared hosting services which make the company is suited for a wide range of customers.
  • EasyCGI offers a huge amount of web storage, monthly bandwidth, and allows users to create multiple MsSQL/MySQL databases in 1 hosting account.
  • The company also offers a free domain name with free email services, which allows users to create upto 500 IMAP/POP3 email accounts.
  • However, EasyCGI also lacks some important features such as sub-domains, free website builder, and daily website backups.

The Comparison of EasyCGI Hosting Plans:

Plan 1 Basic Price: $7.96/month 350GB Web Space 3500GB Traffic/mo More
Comments: The basic hosting package is a perfect option for personal site, small-to medium-sized businesses. Some key features include Windows 2008/2012 OS, unlimited POP3/IMAP email boxes, 50 free MySQL databases, multiple FTP accounts, CGI-BIN, Perl 5, PHP 4.x / 5.x, SSI, Classic ASP, MVC, ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 & 4.5, Persius ASPUpload, ASPJpeg and ASPEmail support, Shared SSL, etc.
Plan 2 Advanced Price: $15.96/month 500GB Web Space 5000GB Traffic/mo More
Comments: The advanced plan contains all the features offered by basic hosting service, but in much larger quantities of disk space / monthly traffic, and also includes some extra features like unlimited POP3 Email accounts, MsSQL DBs (SQL 2005, 2008 and 2012), Frontpage 2010 Extensions, WebTrends Traffic Reports, etc.

What’re the noticeable features offered by EasyCGI?

The most popular Windows shared hosting package of EasyCGI starts from $7.96/mo featuring 350GB disk space, 3,500 monthly traffic, 500 free POP3/IMAP email accounts, hosted unlimited websites, and more features can be checked as below.

EasyCGI Shared Hosting

check EasyCGI is not a reliable web host that is not recommended by our editors.
check 350 GB Web Storage / 3,500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
check A free domain name is included for new customers
check 120+ free script auto-installer – WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, DNN..
check $75 Google AdWords Bonus / $75 Yahoo! & Bing Marketing Credits
check Remote Access to MSSQL DBs / Custom Developed Control Panel
check 24×7 online support and 30 days money back guarantee

Which company is better than EasyCGI?

If you’ve checked the list of our best 10 asp.net web hosts, you’ll find Arvixe is highly recommended by our editors. Compared to EasyCGI, Arvixe offers much more web hosting features to customers with much cheaper prices. If this is your first time to hear of Arvixe web service, then I’ll bring a short of introduction about this world-famous Windows hosting company to check further.

As a leading provider of Windows hosting provider in the industry, Arvixe has established itself as one of the largest ASP.NET web hosting companies worldwide. At present, Arvixe is offering 2 tiers of Windows shared hosting services to clients, and its most popular Windows shared hosting plan starts from as low as $5.00 a month, which is always much cheaper than other competitors.

The growing speed of Arvixe is also amazing. As you see, In August 2012, Inc. Magazine awarded Arvixe web solutions as 157th fastest growing privately held company in United States with a 3-Year period growth. And this is the 3rd time for Arvixe to win this prize in the past 3 years.

Why Arvixe can beat down so many competitors? In our opinion, Arvixe is such a company that always demands on itself to be the best in every aspect. Every year, the company insists on investing a huge amount of US-Dollars to upgrade its facilities and update its web servers to the newest technologies, ensuring every of its clients can get a best environment to manage their websites.

To check more about Arvixe asp.net hosting features, visit www.Arvixe.com


  1. I’m their client for 3rd year now. First year hosting was really cheap, next year about $85. this year they increased price to $110.

    Positive: their uptime is good, wide range of services, discount coupons for Google and Yahoo! ad services, support responds within few hours.

    Negative: few time a year they break something. I experienced application directories suddenly stopping working, SSI functionality broken (support suggested to rename every page on site to .shtml), FTP goes read-only, and so on. And you can’t fix the problem yourself: must contact support because their IIS Console is broken for 2 years already.

    Resume: good features, incompetent personnel, price gets increased every year.
    Next year I’m moving away from them.

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