EIG Brands and domain names are managed by Endurance International Group


EIG Brands

A Brief Introduction of EIG:

EIG refers to Endurance International Group, is one of the largest website hosting companies in the world. If this is your first time to hear of EIG, it’s common, since EIG is not a real brand for web hosting service, but it’s a parent company for many famous web hosting brands.

Let’s bring you a short introduction about the history of EIG first. The company was founded in 1996, and headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States. As for the latest statistics, EIG is already serving over 2.9 million separated customers with over 20 million domain names. The secret of their success is to acquire a large number of small web hosts and continues to operate those companies under their original domain names. And in the middle of 2011, EIG was sold to Accel-KKR for over 975 million USD.

Why EIG such sucks?

To be honest, EIG has a damn notorious reputation among online communities and forum websites. When you enter “EIG Sucks” or “EIG Complaints” on the search engines, you can easily find there are numerous complaints from their current or previous customers. Unlike many other review websites just want to earn cash from their affiliate links, but not caring about the quality of the web hosts they are promoted, we do have a strict level to define a best web host on our review website.

Normally speaking, when EIG acquires a new brand, that brand could be probably destroyed. Why? Because it does have many living but horrible examples in their past acquisitions, e.g., many older webmasters should be familiar with EasyCGI, iPower or Webhost4life, all of these 3 brands had been very famous, but now their brands seem to be disappeared on the planet, because after acquired by EIG, there were a huge amount of customers’ website files and data lost during the server platform transition.

The Major Events for EIG:

EIG’s acquisition step has never been stopped, the company continues to find and acquire those web hosts which are staying in stable and sustained growth worldwide. Here are some big acquisitions for EIG in recent years.

  • 1. On January 2014, ResellerClub was sold to EIG for over $100 million USD.
  • 2. On October 2012, ASmallOrange was sold to EIG for $40 million USD.
  • 3. On June 2012, HostGator was sold to EIG for $225 million USD.
  • 4. On April 2011, Netfirms was sold to EIG for over $45 million USD.
  • 5. On February 2011, Bluehost and HostMonster were sold to EIG for $100 million USD.
  • 6. On October 2010, Webhost4life was sold to EIG for over $50 million USD.
  • 7. On May 2009, Justhost was sold to EIG for over $60 million USD.
  • 8. On May 2009, FatCow was sold to EIG for over $20 million USD.
  • 9. On January 2009, the domain name “iPage.com” was purchased by EIG for a secret price.
  • 10. On March 2006, iPower and Powweb.com were sold to EIG for a secret price.

EIG Cheats Affiliates and Customers:

If you’re running a review website or a web designing company, it’s better not to join EIG affiliate programs. As a real affiliate victim of EIG corporation, we have to warn every new webmasters before joining their affiliate programs, because we do have a very bad experience with the company. For example, we had generated over $600 affiliate commission for Globat in 2009, but when we contacted their affiliate department to send the commission, they refused to send out, so we’ve no choice but stopping promoting their brands.

EIG is not only cheating its affiliates, but also scamming its customers. For example, when you purchase a new hosting account with “iPage.com”, its price maybe only $1.95 a month, but when you renew the account, the price will be increased to $6.95 a month or even higher and a renew fee will be added too. And another, EIG always says that its hosting services include anytime money back guarantee, however, when you real cancel your hosting account, you may find there is no money left.

EIG Brands (Domain Names Operated by Endurance International Group):

According to our editors’ calculation, there are over 50 brands are owned or managed by EIG at present, including HostGator, Bluehost, HostMonster, iPage, Justhost, FatCow, ASmallOrange, Globat, BizHostNet, HostNine, Netfirms, ResellerClub and much more.

HostGatorHostGator BluehostBluehost ResellerClubResellerClub iPage.comiPage.com
HostMonsterHostMonster JusthostJusthost FatCowFatCow A Small OrangeASmallOrange
StartLogicStartLogic iPoweriPower PowwebPowweb HostNineHostNine
ApolloHostingApolloHosting VPSLinkVPSLink MyDomainMyDomain BizLandBizLand
Netfirms DomainHostDomainHost ReadyHostingReadyHosting EasyCGIEsyCGI
NexxNexx Dollar2HostDollar2Host GlobatGlobat PurehostPurehost
HomesteadHomestead 2Slick2Slick EntryHostEntryHost DirectiDirecti
dot5hostingdot5hosting eHosteHost HostYourSiteHostYourSite SprySpry
Intuit WebsitesIntuit Websites DotsterDotster HostClearHostClear BlueDominoBlueDomino

What are the review websites owned by EIG?

EIG is such a company that is not only depending on acquiring other small web hosts, but also opening many review websites to promote themselves. When you enter “best web hosting”, “web hosting reviews” or “cheap web hosting” on the search engines, you can easily find there are so many review websites which are made by EIG. Here is a list of review websites owned by EIG.

HostingReviewHostingReview TOP10BestWebsiteHostingTOP10BestWebsiteHosting HostExcellenceHostExcellence TOP10BestCheapHostingTOP10BestCheapHosting
HostCritiqueHostCritique TheTop10SitesTheTop10Sites EditorsReviewEditorsReview WebHostingStudiesWebHostingStudies


After reading this review article of EIG corporation, we believe you should have an idea about how the company is. Yes, we don’t recommend our website readers to choose any brands related with EIG. If you’re planning to open a new hosting account or planning to move to a new web host, here we’d like to recommend Arvixe web solutions to you. Arvixe is a privately hold company that has been providing superior web hosting service to over 1 million website owners over 11 years.

In the end, welcome to leave a comment or share your opinion about EIG corporation with others here, also welcome to follow us on Google+ or Twitter.


  1. If you’re honest, then why are you advertising and providing coupons/affiliate links to HostGator, BlueHost, and EIG companies?

  2. If you warn people to beware EIG, why do you advertise and provide coupons for their brands – especially since you do know BlueHost and HostGator belong to EIG?
    Doesn’t that goes against your “we do have a strict level to define a best web host on our review website” statement written in this post?

    But, of course, this comment won’t show up (just like the previous one I left) so no answer will be given.

  3. HI Angela,

    Can you please provide the information how you found out that HostCritique, TheTop10Sites and WebHostingStudies websites are owned by EIG?

    And thank you for the article!

  4. HI Angela,

    Can you please provide the information how you found out that HostCritique, TheTop10Sites and WebHostingStudies websites are owned by EIG?

    And thank you for the article!

    It’s very simple! Because all of those web hosts recommended are all operated by EIG company.
    That’s absolutely true!

  5. Angela, thanks for your reply.
    Yes, it makes sense.
    By the way, I’ve noticed that EIG have put an explicit note about promoting THEIR OWN hosting only on EditorsReview.com. But they did it only some time ago :)

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