EIG Web Hosting Affiliate Scam

EIG Web Hosting Affiliate Scam


If you’d like to earn cash on the affiliate program, the first most important thing is to search for a reliable affiliate provider. If you’re promoting the web hosting service for an unreliable web hosting provider, it would be a disaster, since you don’t have any evidence to prove you’ve generated the sales for them.

Who’s EIG?

If you’ve never heard about EIG company, it’s common, but you should be familiar with iPower, Powweb or iPage.. Yes, all of these brands are belonged to the same owner – EIG!

Why EIG is a scam hosting company?

EIG’s full name is Enduarance International Group, there are many brands are owned by EIG company. Who’re these brands? okay, here I’d like to display the brands owned by them. If you’d like to make money via affiliate program, you’d beter stay away from these brands, since you could find you’re very hard to generate one sale for them.

Who’s the best web hosting in the industry?

Honestly and responsibly speaking, I do recommend you can check with Arvixe web solutions if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting provider. Arvixe web hosting received the highest score compared from their customers feedback and ratings, and whatever you need for your website, you can find Arvixe web hosting can be satisfied with your requirements. Arvixe is an independent web hosting company and they’re proudly to be ranked as the No.1 web hosting company on my top 10 web hosting list, you can full trust with my honest reviews and you can use the coupon code I provide to save your dollars.


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Brands owned by EIG:

1) FatCow
2) Powweb
3) iPowerWeb
4) iPower
5) dot5hosting
6) Justhost
7) HostClear
8) Startlogic
9) Globat
10) Easycgi
11) Serverbeach
12) Virtualave
13) Choopa
14) Webhost4life
15) iPage
16) BizHostNet
17) SuperGreenHosting

My experience with EIG program:

You can find EIG’s brands could provide much higher affiliate commission than the others and their web hosting prices are much cheaper. In order to keep the competition, they’re only able to cheat the affiliates. I’ve joined their affiliate programs one year before and I’m also one victim of their affiliates. So if you’d like to make money via hosting affiliates, don’t promote the web hosting service for them.

Who’s the trusted affiliate web hosting?

Choosing a good affiliate web hosting service provider is very important, if you’d like to make money via the web hosting affiliate, with my experience, HostGator is the most reliable web hosting affiliate company who you can 100% trust with. HostGator can grow so fast because they provide a generous affiliate commission to their partners. You don’t need to have an account with them and you can make up to $125 per sale if you refer a new client to them.


  1. I think I also suffer from their web hosting affliate scams. I sent many hundreds of potential customers to Justhost, Ipower, iPage, Fatcow etc….. and no affilaite commision I am aware of.

    I think I should take those links off my sites.

  2. EIG is a scam hosting company? Your website itself is a scam and you too. You are recommending Arvixe hosting since you’ve added Arvixe sign up link in your site so you could earn money. You rat!

  3. HostGator is owned by its founder, Brent Oxley. It is not yet owned by EIG. Read the current news.

  4. For Matt,

    I was working for justhost.com / supergreenhosting.com / hostclear.com , and when EIG bought them… they are also bought hostgator and bluehost because I have seen all peoples in their internal IM chat server from these companies… of all departments.

  5. Recently cheated out of my commissions by iPage. I am still trying to talk to them to give me the commissions. Guess it won’t be happening any time soon. I also joined CJ and made two sales for iPage through CJ. Waiting to see whether these ones will lock.
    Thanks for posting this. It will help many people who might have fallen for the EIG scam

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