FAQ of Best Web Hosting – InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, Arvixe and SiteCloud

FAQ of Best Web Hosting – InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, Arvixe and SiteCloud

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A Brief Introduction of
Best Web Hosting FAQ:

You can find there are too many web hosting companies and too many reviews website on the Internet, you may be lost in the seas, how to choose a best web hosting seems to be a very hard job. Now here I’d like to introduce several best web hosting companies and their web hosting FAQ for you to check. If you’re interested in, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

Arvixe Hosting FAQPricing: 4.00 /Mo
Setup fee: FREE Setup

Arvixe Inc. – Best Web Hosting Overall!
No.1 Web Hosting + FREE Website Migration

Arvixe Coupon (already the biggest promotion):
This Arvixe coupon gives 20% OFF hosting discount & 100% Working Promise!

Arvixe LLC is proudly to be the No.1 web hosting compared from our visitors feedback and our independent reviews on the web hosting **** No.1 Windows 2008 hosting and Arvixe can support ASP.NET 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.0 and the MVC Framework! Arvixe can support Windows & Linux apache web servers and they provide shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting and dedicated server to different levels of customers requirement. The cheapest Arvixe web hosting starts from $4.00 per month and you can get Unlimited disk space and Unlimited monthly bandwidth! 99.9% Uptime, 60 Days money back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Starts from $4.00/Mo and Monthly payment is supported!

InMotion Hosting FAQPricing: 5.95 /Mo
Setup fee: FREE Setup

InMotion – Best Small Business Hosting!
Business Web Hosting + Unlimited Websites Hosted

InMotion Coupon (already the biggest promotion):
This InMotion coupon gives $12 OFF per year hosting discount & 100% Working Promise!

InMotion hosting is proudly to be the best business web hosting compared from our visitors feedback. InMotion shared hosting starts from $5.95 per month and you can receive unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. InMotion hosting is a very good web hosting for the small to medium-sized business owner and they can provide shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server solutions to different levels of customers need.

SiteCloud FAQPricing: 4.00 /Mo
Setup fee: FREE Setup

SiteCloud – Cheapest Cloud Web Hosting!
No.1 Cloud Hosting + $4.95/Mo

SiteCloud Coupon (already the biggest promotion):
This SiteCloud coupon gives $30 OFF hosting discount & 100% Working Promise!

SiteCloud is the fastest growing web hosting company in the past year, since they can provide the newest cloud computing technology and cheapest cloud hosting service in the market! SiteCloud cloud hosting includes Unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Email accounts and Unlimited websites hosted.. Latest version of cPanel control panel and Multiple free scripts auto-installer, starts from $4.95 per month and you can use the coupon code we provide to save $30 when you open new web hosting account with them. The SiteCloud coupon is available for 1 or 2 years order only.

InMotion Hosting FAQPricing: 4.95 /Mo
Setup fee: FREE Setup

Bluehost – Best Linux Hosting!
Business Web Hosting + Unlimited Websites Hosted

Bluehost Coupon (already the biggest promotion):
This Bluehost coupon gives $24 OFF per year hosting discount & 100% Working Promise!

Bluehost launched business since 1996 and now they’re already hosting more than 1 million websites on their web hosting servers. Bluehost is the same owner with HostMonster and you may find most of their web hosting features are similar. Bluehost only offers one powerful shared web hosting plan and you can find almost all of the Linux web hosting features can be supported on Bluehost web hosting plan. 99.9% uptime and 24/7 professional customer support, starts from $6.95/Mo.

Hosting Coupon:

You can check the coupon code of the 4 famous web hosting companies on the above, there’s no coupon code for InMotion and Bluehost, but it does have many different coupon codes for Arvixe and SiteCloud, the biggest promotion for Arvixe is 30% discount and the biggest promotion for SiteCloud is $30 off, but Arvixe 30% dicount coupon code is only available for 2 years order (Arvixe 30% off coupon code “TOPHOST”).

InMotion Hosting Rating:

InMotionhosting.com InMotion – Best Small Business Web Hosting!
Website: http://www.InMotionhosting.com

Server Cost : $5.95/Mo ~ $12.95/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

Bluehost Rating:

Bluehost.com Bluehost – Best Blog Hosting!
Website: http://www.Bluehost.com

Server Cost : $5.95/Mo ~ $12.95/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

Arvixe Rating:

Arvixe.com Arvixe – Best ASP.NET Hosting!
Website: http://www.Arvixe.com

Server Cost : $4.00/Mo ~ $7.00/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

SiteCloud Rating:

SiteCloud.com SiteCloud – Best Cloud Hosting!
Website: http://www.SiteCloud.com

Server Cost : $4.95/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

Is InMotion a good web hosting?

Yes, InMotion hosting is a real good web hosting for the small to medium-sized business owner. You can find InMotion provides a special business web hosting plan to the web masters and if you’d like to build a business website and search for a best business web hosting company, then InMotion will be definitely your first choice. InMotion business hosting includes Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, you can host unlimited websites in their business web hosting plan. Compared from our visitors feedback about InMotion web hosting service, most of them are satisfied with their web hosting performance and customer support, so we have the confidence to recommend InMotion hosting to you.

Is Bluehost a good web hosting?

Bluehost is one of the most famous web hosting company in the industry since 1996 Till present, they’re already hosting more than 1 million websites. In our reviews, Bluehost is a real good web hosting company for the individual personal websites or blog websites, since Bluehost only offers one single shared web hosting plan. Although you can receive all of the Linux web hosting features in this plan, but you’re only able to upload 50,000 files max in one hosting account. If your website files are totally over 50,000, you have to delete the extra files or moving to another web hosting company. Since Bluehost has the max files limit, so we recommend you can choose Bluehost as your first blog hosting service provider. Bluehost is a real fast and reliable Linux web hosting company, if you host your blog websites with them, you could find your website could be loading much faster.

Is Arvixe a good web hosting?

Arvixe is proudly to be the No.1 web hosting in our top 10 web hosting lists. Arvixe is the fastest growing web hosting company in recent years, you can find all of you want can be found at Arvixe web hosting company. Arvixe can support the latest Windows web hosting technology and the newest Linux web hosting service, Arvixe also offers shared hosting, Ecommerce hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and Dedicated server to different levels of customers requirement. If you’re looking for a best asp.net hosting, I recommend you can check Arvixe web solutions, I bet you won’t be regret with your choice.

Is SiteCloud a good web hosting?

Who can be the fastest growing cloud hosting in the past year? Then the answer will be definitely SiteCloud. If you’ve never heard about SiteCloud web hosting company before, then it’s common, since they’re still a very new brand in the industry, but you should be familiar with the best green web hosting – GreenGeeks. Yes, SiteCloud is the same company with GreenGeeks, or you can say they’re belonged to the same owner, just like Bluehost Vs HostMonster belongs to the same owner. SiteCloud is using the newest cloud hosting technology and you could find there are much more new features in their cloud hosting plan. And SiteCloud is the cheapest cloud hosting company in the market, that’s why they can be growing so much fast in the past year.

Who’s the best Windows web hosting company?

After reading the article, I think you should have received the result, the best Windows web hosting is Arvixe web solutions, since only Arvixe can offer Windows web hosting service and the cheapest Windows web hosting of Arvixe starts from $5.00 per year and you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost, this is a real cheap price and you can receive much more features than the other Windows hosting companies.

Who’s the best cloud hosting company?

SiteCloud is the best cloud web hosting company in our reviews. SiteCloud cloud hosting starts from $4.95 per month and they’re also a green web hosting company. If there’s one company who dares to provide unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and unlimited websites hosted in the shared cloud hosting, why not give it a try?

Who’s the best WordPress hosting company?

Bluehost is proudly to be the best blog or WordPress hosting in our reviews. Bluehost is a famous blog web hosting since they only offer one single powerful web hosting plan with all of the features you need. Bluehost is the sister company with HostMonster, you could find all of their web hosting features are similar the same. I’ve tried to contact with Bluehost customer support team, their fast support response left me a deep impression, if you contacted with the live chat support with the other hosting companies, you could have to wait 1 or 2 minutes, but at Bluehost, their response is real much faster. A good customer support team is the winning key for Bluehost to be a great web hosting company.

Who’s the best small business web hosting company?

InMotion announces to be a business web hosting company in the industry and they focus on how to improve their web hosting performance to the business owners. InMotion is the No.1 web hosting company in the Webhostinggeeks top 10 web hosting list. InMotion is also a Linux web hosting company, but they can provide many levels of web hosting plans to the different customers need. If you’re searching for a best eCommerce web hosting for your business websites, then InMotion is a real good choice.

CEO Information:
  • InMotion Hosting CEO – Sunil Saxena
  • Arvixe CEO – Arvand Sabetian
  • Bluehost CEO – Matt Heaton
  • SiteCloud CEO – Trey Gardener

More information about the CEO of these web hosting companies can be found at

Where’s Arvixe Located?

Arvixe Location
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Where’s Bluehost Located?

Bluehost Location
1548 North Technology Way
Orem, UT

Where’s InMotion hosting located?

InMotion has 2 offices located at East coast and West Coast

InMotion Location

509 Viking Drive
Suite J
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
InMotion location
553 Glencoe Ave
Suite 325
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Where’s SiteCloud located?

SiteCloud Location

3435 Ocean Drive
Building 107-331
Santa Monica, CA. 90405

Arvixe Hosting Features:
Unlimited bandwidth hosting Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Websites Hosting Unlimited Websites Hosted
Free Domain Name Free Domain Registration for Life
SSL Encrypted Connection SSL Encrypted Connection
Real-Time SQL Backup Real-Time SQL Backup
POP3, IMAP, SMTP POP3, IMAP, SMTP.. Forwarding, Auto Responders
Secure Webmail Secure Webmail
Spam Filter, Virus Scanning Spam Filter, Virus Scanning
Email From Web Applications Email From Web Applications
Visual Studio 2010 Visual Studio 2010
Former Atlas hosting Formerly Atlas Hosting
LINQ hosting LINQ Hosting
Scheduled Task Manager Scheduled Task Manager
Web Application Tool Web Application Tool
ScrewTurn Wiki ScrewTurn Wiki
Access 2007 hosting Access 2007 Hosting
Attach MDF Tool Attach MDF Tool – Transfer SQL Express/SQL DB to hosted SQL Database
asp.net mvc framework ASP.NET MVC Framework Hosting Compatible
silverlight 3.0 hosting Silverlight 3.0 Hosting Compatible
Windows 2008 hosting Windows 2008 Hosting Platform
iis7 hosting – IIS7 Hosting
Windows 2003 hosting Windows 2003 Hosting Platform
SSL Encrypted Connection SSL Encrypted Connection
asp.net full trust ASP.NET Full Trust Hosting
Visual Web Developer Express Visual Web Developer Express
WebMatrix Compatible WebMatrix Compatible
Active Community Forum Active Community Forum
Microsoft SQL Servers Separate Microsoft SQL Servers
iis6 hosting – IIS6 Hosting
asp.net 4.0 hosting ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting
microsoft asp.net 3.5 hosting ASP.NET 3.5 Hosting
microsoft asp.net 2.0 hosting ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting
microsoft asp.net 1.1 hosting ASP.NET 1.1 Hosting
.net framework 3.5 sp1 hosting .NET Framework 3.5 Hosting with SP1
.net framework 3.5 sp1 hosting with asp.net dynamic data ASP.NET Dynamic Data
.net 3.5 sp1 hosting with asp.net routing engine ASP.NET Routing Engine
.net framework 3.5 hosting sp1 with ado.net data services ADO.NET Data Services
.net framework 3.5 hosting service pack 1 with ado.net entity framework ADO.NET Entity Framework
microsoft charting controls compatible .net framework 3.5 sp1 hosting Microsoft Chart Controls Compatible
.net framework 3.0 hosting .NET Framework 3.0 Hosting
.net 3.0 hosting with windows communication foundation, windows presentation foundation, windows workflow foundation, cardspace WCF, WPF, WF, Cardspace
.net framework 2.0 hosting .NET Framework 2.0 Hosting
a.net framework 1.1 hosting .NET Framework 1.1 Hosting
Real-Time ASP.NET Version Chooser Real-Time ASP.NET Version Chooser
free asp.net components FREE ASP/.NET Components
asp.net websites in own isolated app pool Each Website hosted in its Own Isolated Application Pool
asp dotnet hosting with asp.net powered control panel FREE ASP.NET-Powered Control Panel
SQL 2008 hosting SQL 2008 Hosting
sql 2005 hosting SQL 2005 Hosting
ssrs 2008 hosting Addon: SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 Hosting
sql 2005 Reporting Services hosting Addon: SQL 2005 Reporting Services Hosting
asp.net crystal reports web hosting ASP.NET Crystal Reports Hosting
dell poweredge servers Dell Poweredge Servers
web hosting instant account activation Instant Account Activation
Web Hosting money back guarantee 60 Days Money Back Guarantee!!!
Web Hosting $5.00 per month Starts from $5.00/Mo
Customer Reviews:

InMotion is fantastic web hosting company!
– By Jack

Whenever I have a problem with my website, I never worry because I know the chat support guys will always get my problems solved immediately. I’ve never been happier than I am with InMotion.

Thanks SiteCloud! You rocks!
– By Ed Kautsch

I was a bit hesitant moving to a cloud hosting company. This was something that intimidated me, but it was so easy. You guys got me setup fast and I could still used my old ftp client to upload my stuff. Since I have been on your service support tickets are answered immediately, The phone techs know their stuff, and I have never got an answer saying, we can help you. I will refer you to everyone I know that is needing hosting. I may even get a SiteCloud Tattoo.
Thanks SiteCloud!

Arvixe – I real love you!
– By Douglas

We’ve been very happy with Arvixe as an ASP reseller host. They have excellent support, and prices are good. My only complaint is with email hosting for my clients… mainly that almost all emails, specially if from a blackberry, are tagged [SPAM] and there’s no way to stop this. Lost 2 clients because of this problem! Hopefully they will come up with a solution for this!

Bluehost is the valued web hosting.
– By Michael

My experience with Bluehost started early in the summer while looking for a blog hosting provider. I was looking for some scalability and performance versus my standard shared hosting! I signed up, and the service was alright. It then started to get really crappy. They said it was Amazon. they did move away from amazon and since then my sites have been blazing fast! The support has always been wonderful!
Great host. Exactly what I needed for my business.


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