Google Panda already hurts my website since last Friday

Google Panda already hurts my website since last Friday

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Google Panda

Last week – Google Panda relaunched and affected my website a lot:

I run this review blog for more than 4 years already. I did have spent lots of time and efforts to manage the website, you may say I just want to earn cash from the affiliate links. Whatever, you’re right, I did leave affiliate links on my web hosting review site, but I’ve never recommended any web hosts who’re unreliable or provide low quality customer support.

I had been worked for Webhost4life company for more than 2 years (2007-2009), and at that time I already planned to open a website to focus on the web hosting service of my company. At the beginning, all of the articles I wrote were focused on Webhost4life only. If you were a customer of old Webhost4life, I think you should memorize with their fantastic customer support. Of course, Webhost4life was sold in early 2010 and their web servers and support service were decreased a lot. And since then, I changed my website contents and started to focus on all of the web hosts in the market.

This blog has been running excellent for more than 4 years already and during the 4 years, I did have encountered several silly troubles, but this time I don’t know what should I do to resolve the punishment Google Panda. My website contents are all organic and wrote by myself, every article, every sentence or every word. If you’ve visited or read my review articles before, you could find my web hosting review is always having much more differences than other reviews blog. Since I had the experience of working for a web hosting company, I know which web host is better, and I understand what’s the need of web masters. In my reviews blog, I only recommend those web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend to the developers. Any web hosts which cannot be trusted, I won’t hide the truth and tell our site visitors keep a distance with them.

I don’t know what’s Google Panda until today I searched on the internet. Google Panda is one of the newest search engine calculation to evaluate one website is valuable or worth for the readers. Google first launched Panda search in early February of this year, but I didn’t pay attention with this new calculation before my website dropped into trouble. The Google Panda’s target is to against spam contents and block those websites which’re not worth for reading.

On the Friday of last week, I found my website visitors were reduced a lot and I spent lots of time to search what’s real happened. At the beginning, I thought my website could be hacked or there was anything happened on the server which could affect my website also, I did check a lot on my website and contacted with my web hosting provider to check whether there was something wrong on the server, unluckily it was not hack issue, nor server problems, but the reason was related with Google new Panda calculation.

I run several different websites, but this site ( is the most important one to me. Now I’m only able to wish Google can update their new Google Panda algorithm which could let my website can be indexed and ranked back.

What’s Google Panda?

Google Panda refers to the changes introduced in early 2011 to the search algorithm used by Google company to improve Internet search results. Google Panda has become nightmare to many of websites, if you also encounter the same issue, welcome to share your experience with others and in the end, if you like this article, please add it into your Google Plus. Thank you!

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