Guest Posting at W.H.4.L.R

Guest Posting at W.H.4.L.R

W.H.4.L.R is a popular web hosting review website visited by web hosting developers, shoppers, webmasters, bloggers, and web marketers.
If you have a blog / websites with related web hosting topics, welcome to share your skills and individual review about the services of web hosting companies here.
Why should you post on

Although we’re still young, but our honest visitors are growing fast, there are more than 750 unique IP address per one day. And we have good keywords ranking, such as top 10 Linux hosting, top 10 dedicated hosting, best hosting .. and more

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By guest posting at W.H.4.L., you’ll get 3 links most back to your website homepage and a deep link to your website at the end of the article.

Guest posts are Permanently Published

As long as your article is not published or submitted else where; your guest post will stay live at my website forever. More over, I do not forget you after your article is published. Your input will be quoted (hence your article will be linked) in my other articles in the future and your hard work will be credited repeatedly on this website.

Please Note: Articles DON’T Accept

In order to have your guest post accepted, your article must meet certain level of quality and must not be any one of these:

  • Self promotional articles for your product or service.
  • Articles over-promoting individual products or services or companies.
  • Articles containing hidden info or misrepresentation of facts.
  • Copied and modified articles from any site.
  • Articles containing inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Defamatory content / suggestion.
  • Linking out to banned or adult or unrelated website.
  • Copyrighted content.
  • Articles that are too short and provide little value to my readers.

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