Host4ASP.NET Review, Why Host4ASP.NET is an ideal choice for .NET developers?

Host4ASP.NET Review, Why Host4ASP.NET is an ideal choice for .NET developers?

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How is Host4ASP.NET?

If this is your 1st time to hear of Host4ASP.NET, then it’s easy to catch on, since they just launched business on June 2014 and many developers are still not very familiar with this new hosting company. However, Host4ASP.NET has been growing rapidly since then relies on its high server performance, lightning page speed, superior customer service and irresistible hosting price.

If you’re not sure whether Host4ASP.NET is a good choice for your website or not, then after reading this review article, we believe you’ll be able to make a correct decision.

Host4ASP.NET Rating by Editors:


Host4ASP.NET – Best ASP.NET Hosting

Website: http://www.Host4ASP.NET
  • Reputation
    rating 5.0 of 5.0
  • Features
    rating 5.0 of 5.0
  • Server Speed
    rating 5.0 of 5.0
  • Reliability
    rating 5.0 of 5.0
  • Support
    rating 4.5 of 5.0
  • Price
    rating 4.5 of 5.0
    $2.95/mo, 58% off $6.95/mo regularly

Features – All you needs are included

At present, Host4ASP.NET offers 3 shared hosting packages and its cheapest .Net shared hosting package starts from as low as $2.95 a month. Each hosting package is powered by cutting-edge Windows technologies, such as Classic ASP, .NET MVC Framework, separated application pool, full trust mode, Silverlight, ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/4.0/4.5, SQL Server and so on.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Hosting

check Windows 2012 R2 & Unlimited MSSQL 2012/2014
check 100% focused on Windows hosting technologies – Host4ASP.NET only focuses on a single mission to provide the most stable and highest performance Windows hosting solution to .Net developers.
check ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5, Silverlight 4/5
check IIS 7/8 URL Rewrite 2, Remote IIS Management
check Robust Hardware – 100% Dell servers with Dual processors, 32GB+ RAM, RAID 5 with SSD.
check Cisco Firewall & DDoS Attack Response
check 24×7 US-based in-house customer support – Live chat & Email.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Performance:

Host4ASP.NET has invested a million US-dollar on its data center which covers an area of 50,000 square feet to deliver the highest performance, also configures rock solid infrastructure and facilities, such as Dell Poweredge Servers, UPs system, Earthquake-Resistance system, etc.

As a golden partner of Microsoft Cooperation, Host4ASP.NET distinguishes itself with other competitors on server response, data center and advanced hosting technologies. Their data center is located in Lenexa, which is selected by their management team carefully.

Before writing this review article, our editors did have opened a test account with Host4ASP.NET to check their website loading speed, server response and uptime guarantee. Finally we find the same application always runs much faster on Host4ASP.NET, like DNN, WordPress, Mojoportal, nopCommerce, etc. Host4ASP.NET has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, once you find the uptime is not reached the promise in any months, you can ask their billing department for refund easily.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Data Centers, Infrastructure and Facility:

All of Host4ASP.NET web hosting packages are powered by 100% Dell servers, which are all located in US-based world-class data centers. And they’ve assigned specific engineers to manage and monitor every web server and data center all the day to guarantee the server uptime and reliability.

With over 50,000 square meter of raised floor between the two facilities, Host4ASP.NET has an offering to meet any requirement. Host4ASP.NET’s data center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, fire suppression, network connectivity, seismically braced racks and advanced early smoke detection systems.

Host4ASP.NET Review on Customer Support:

Host4ASP.NET is impossible to grow so fast during such a short time if their server performance is not reliable. Besides of server performance, the customer support also plays an important role for their success.

Currently, Host4ASP.NET offers 2 kinds of customer support – Email and Live chat, no telephone support. They have an in-house well-trained support team, which is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Host4ASP.NET’s commitment and target is to reply every online visitor within 5 seconds and respond to every email within 15 minutes.

Conclusion: Host4ASP.NET is worth for us to recommend to every .Net developers.

Host4ASP.NET Windows ASP.NET hosting plans are the most affordable and valuable for any .Net developers. The regular price of Host4ASP.NET Windows basic shared hosting package is $4.95/mo, please aware the company is offering special promotion to new customers right now. If you’ve used the promotional link we provide to sign up a new hosting account, then the price will be reduced to $2.95/mo.

In the end, if you’re still having any doubts or not sure which web host could be your best choice for your websites, please feel free to contact us anytime as you wish, we’ll try our best to help you find a satisfied .Net hosting solution.


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