HostGator Complaints 2015, Who’s better than HostGator web service?


hostgator complaints

Is HostGator a Good web hosting for You?

When you use “HostGator Complaints“, “HostGator Sucks” or “HostGator Problems” to search on the internet, you can find there are much less result compared with other web hosting companies. A good web hosting company must have highest customer satisfaction and highest customer ratings. How’s HostGator? Compared from our website visitors feedbacks and our independent reviews about the best web hosting, HostGator is definitely one of the most reliable web hosting company who’s worth for us to recommend to you.

Who’s HostGator? HostGator launched business since 2002 and now they’re already hosting more than 8 million websites world wide, you can say HostGator is already one of the top and largest web hosting company in the industry.

HostGator Coupon – 2015:

I think nobody would like to spend more money on purchasing a new hosting account, if you’ve determined to open a new hosting account with HostGator, here you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to 25% cost for the first billing payment.

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When you order new hosting account with HostGator, you can find there are a coupon code already existed, you just need to use the coupon code we provide to instead the old one and that’s fine.

HostGator Sucks:

Does HostGator sucks? I don’t think so, when you use HostGator sucks to search on the Google, you can find there are only a few results jump out, I think there’s no one company who can make 100% satisfaction to their clients. HostGator is already good enough to most of website developers, they offer reliable web hosting service, excellent customer support service and their CEO is always there hearing the sound from their clients. HostGator can grow so fast in the past years, because they’ve won the heart of most of their customers.

HostGator Complaints:

How to submit a complaint about HostGator web hosting? If you’re not satisfied with HostGator web service or have any complaints during the usage of HostGator, you can easily send an email to “” and their support center will reply back as soon as possible. HostGator is a company who’s always caring and concerning about the opinion of every client. I’ve been using HostGator web hosting service for more than 2 years, till present, I’ve never encountered a big trouble with those guys and each time when I need assistance, those guys always can give me a useful answer or method to resolve my issues.

HostGator Problems:

Is there any problems with HostGator? I already said there’s no any company can win100% satisfication from their customers. Indeed, HostGator is already doing good enough in their business and that’s why they can grow so fast in the past 11 years. HostGator offers many different hosting plans to different levels of customers and whatever you need for your website or application, you can find HostGator always can meet with your needs.

Is there any other web hosting company who’s better than HostGator?

HostGator was always focused business on providing the cheapest and most reliable Linux web hosting service and they launched windows web hosting service 1 year before. You can find HostGator cheapest Linux hosting plan starts from $4.95 per month and you’re only able to host 1 website in this hosting plan. If you don’t want to spend more money to host more websites in one hosting account, you could consider another reliable and affordable web hosting – WebHostingHub!

Who’s WebHostingHub? WebHostingHub is a sister web hosting company with InMotion hosting, you can find WebHostingHub offers only one single and powerful web hosting plan and you can host unlimtied websites in one hosting account and their price is same with HostGator cheapest Linux hosting plan. If you don’t want to spend more dollars to host more websites in 1 hosting account, then WebHostingHub is definitely your best hosting choice.

Since HostGator is still very new in Windows hosting service and if you don’t want to host your .Net websites on HostGator, you can consider to check Winhost or Arvixe web solutions. You can check Winhost Review and Arvixe Reviews for more information.


We have received many reviews from our contact us sector regarding the web hosting service of HostGator. Almost all of those reviews give HostGator a very good rate score. And with our own personal experience, HostGator is a real fantastic web hosting company who’s worth for us to recommend to you. If you’ve determined to open a new hosting account with them, you can use the HostGator Coupon we provide to save your money.


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