HostGator EIG, EIG Acquired HostGator for $225 Million USD

HostGator EIG, EIG Acquired HostGator for $225 Million USD

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HostGator EIG

Does HostGator sell out already?

From the internal email of HostGator company, this is a truly business already happened. HostGator sold to Enduarance International Group for $225 million USD, it could be one of the most significant acquisitions of 2012 year and the whole acquisition will be completed in next 2 or 3 months.

Who’s HostGator?

HostGator has been a top web hosting company since 2002 and their original founder & CEO is Brent Oxley, who opened business from his college dorm room and he has built this company into one of the world largest and most famous hosting companies in the industry. From the newest statistics, there are more than 8.5 million websites (over 400,000 separate customers) using their hosting service at present.

Who’s EIG?

Enduarance International Group (EIG) is not a web hosting company, but they’re the owner of many top famous web hosts. EIG acquired web hosts since 2004 and now they’ve become one of the world largest hosting companies owner. You might be not familiar with EIG, but you should be familiar with iPage, FatCow, Bluehost, HostMonster, Justhost, Webhost4life, etc. Yes, all of these web hosts are acquired by EIG already and till present, there are more than 30 famous web hosts are acquired by EIG already. Every company has a price, if you could give a good offer, we believe everything is possible to happen in the industry.

HostGator was acquired by EIG, what should you do?

Attention: EIG is not a very user friendly web hosting company, since we’ve received numerous feedbacks and bad comments about this company. If you’re a current HostGator user, what should you do with this acquisition?

If you’re a current HostGator user, this is one of the most interest question you may care about. We’ve to say HostGator is a real good web host in the past years and that’s why they can grow so fast in the last decade. After acquired HostGator, we don’t know how’s everything going, since EIG has done so many bad things with previous acquisition.

Hosting Companies owned by EIG:

Here we’d like to list some of web hosts owned by EIG company, we hope you can stay away with these brands. At our site, we only review and recommend the good web hosts to our site readers and if you’re looking for a reliable web hosting company, you can check our top web hosting list for more details.

#1 Bluehost
#2 HostMonster
#3 FastDomain
#4 Netfirms
$5 dot5hosting
#6 Justhost
#7 HostClear
#8 Startlogic
#9 Globat
#10 Easycgi
#11 Serverbeach
#12 Virtualave
#13 Choopa
#14 Webhost4life
#15 iPage
#16 BizHostNet
#17 SuperGreenHosting
#18 iPowerWeb
#19 Powweb
#20 FatCow
#21 iPower
#22 HostGator

There are still having several of other web hosts are owned by EIG, if you’ve found more brands, welcome to leave your comments to share it with others.

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Who’s better than EIG Hosting?

Are you planning to move to a new web host? If you’re a victim of EIG hosting, we believe you don’t want to see the acquisition happened, but it already existed. If you’re planning to find a new web host instead of HostGator, here we’d like to recommend the 2 of best web hosts for you to check further – Arvixe web solutions and InMotion Hosting. Of course, the 2 web hosts are also possible to be acquired by some of others, but now they’ve none relationship with EIG.

Arvixe web solution launched business since 2003 and now they’ve become a leading web hosting service provider in the industry. Arvixe understands what’s the need of customers and they always update their servers regularly to keep pace with newest technologies, whatever you need for your site or application, you may find Arvixe is always able to meet with your needs. Arvixe is a responsible, affordable and reliable web host who’s worth for you to give it a try and they can help you migrate your whole sites and data freely. Arvixe’s cheapest Linux hosting plan starts from $4.00/month and you can use the hosting coupon we provide to save up to 30% discount for the first payment, it means you just need to cost $2.80/month to use their web hosting service.

Is Arvixe better than HostGator? Even HostGator is not acquired by EIG, Arvixe is also the No.1 web hosting company who’s worth for us to recommend on our site. If you ask me why we always recommend Arvixe as first web hosting choice, the answer is real simple, since those guys did have done excellent jobs in the industry, you may find there are more and more web masters would like to host their websites with those guys. Arvixe is not only a shared web hosting company, they also offer reseller hosting, business hosting, VPS and dedicated server to premium customers.

Arvixe coupon

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If you don’t want to choose Arvixe INC. as your hosting solution, here we’d like to recommend another famous web host – InMotion hosting. InMotion hosting started business since 2001 and now they’ve become one of the best Linux web host on the planet. You can easily find InMotion is always listed on many top web hosting reviews sites.

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  1. This article was prescient.

    Our troubles with HostGator, after being a dedicated server customer for years, started several months after this acquisition.

    We finally just left.

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