HostGator is the best web hosting provider on the planet

HostGator is the best web hosting provider on the planet

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HostGator’s Growing Speed is Real Amazing

If you’re a site owner or web developer, you should have heard of HostGator, since the company’s banners can easily be found on most of review sites on the internet.
As for the newest statistics, HostGator is already serving over 9 million domains and websites around the world. HostGator has become one of the world largest web hosting service provider in the industry already.

Why HostGator can grow so fast and what’re the differences of the company compared to other web hosts?

HostGator is a provider who launched business since 2002 and the company’s CEO is Brent Oxley who founded his firm in college dorm. Nowadays, you’re hard to find a web host which can threaten HostGator’s leading position in the industry. Though there are approximately over 250,000 web hosts on the earth, but none of them has the ability to beat down HostGator. HostGator is always the first web hosting choice to most of online business owners.

HostGator is a such web host that has never experienced a fierce competition from other web hosts, or you can say HostGator has become an unbeatable web host on the planet.

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How’s HostGator doing to face the intense competition?

The first of most important thing you’ve to clear is that the consumers always would like to choose the best service no matter how many new competitors will bloom. It does have a huge demands for the web hosting services, since every people would like to have one website which is belonged to themselves. In the future, it may have more various web hosting service providers spawning, however, unmatched server performance and customer support service always let HostGator become the most preferred ones. Maybe HostGator is not the cheapest one, but it’s definitely the best one which can offer incomparable web hosting service and outstanding customer support.

Obviously, a company that can serve a huge amounts with over 9 million customers must have done a great and splendid work which others cannot achieve. The marketing manger of HostGator, Andy Gan said that

“We knew the day is not far from us to achieve and provide a quality service to 9 million customers. Our clients have realized that not all the web hosting services available out there are same. One point to be noted here is that most of the clients of HostGator are from customer referrals and review sites. If you just use the keyword ‘HostGator’ to search in Google, you’ll find there are lots of review articles related with HostGator. The interesting and true fact is that there is no any negative reviews anywhere. Which is a very good proof to show that our web hosting service is simply exceptional.”

Award-Winning Customer Support:

No doubts, HostGator is an award-winning web hosting company who also provides exceptional and outstanding customer support service. Those guys are real impressive and they always understand what’re the needs of customers. We can use 3 words to describe their customer support service – fast, diligent and knowledgeable. Yes, the support members of HostGator are real diligent, they’re always online whenever you contact or need them. Their support team is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stopped customer support service. Whenever you need an assistance, please don’t feel shy to contact with those guys, whatever the problem you’re facing, from a simple inquiry to a trouble-shooting issue, those guys are always patient to help you fix in the shortest time. Indeed, most of the simple issues can be resolved immediately via their live chat operators and for complicated issues which might login the server end to fix, you can easily submit a ticket to their premium technical support team to handle the issues for you, their ticket average response time is within half an hour which is always much faster compared to others.

In the end, HostGator is definitely one of best web hosts which is worth for us to highly recommend to every readers. If you don’t believe with what we say here, just give a try to test yourself on their servers and you’ll find those guys are real the special one which can let you sleep peacefully and feel no any worry about your site could be downtime in any cases.

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  1. Hi I have a question. What award was given out to Hostgator for their outstanding Customer Service? Who is the awarding body?

    I have been reading a lot about HostGator, and It all seems very good, but I don’t see any real exponential value of their capabilities compared to any other hosting sites.

    Is this review truly impartial?

  2. Hi,

    The award is according to our site visitors’ rates and our editors’ independent review about the best web hosts, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but we’re all trying to provide the best one to our readers.
    Indeed, we’re having many websites are currently hosted by HostGator and they’re real good one that’s worth for us to recommend and award.

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