HostGator Vs IX Web Hosting

HostGator Vs IX Web Hosting

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Introduction of HostGator vs IXWebHosting:

If you are considering both IX Web Hosting and Host Gator, you might want to know about some of the main differences.The first thing you will notice when you compare HostGator and IX Web Hosting is that both have prices for hosting plans from $4.95 per month. HostGator + IX Web Hosting are among the cheapest hosts around. However, this table is designed to show the differences and similarities between the IX Web Hosting vs. HostGator accounts.

HostGator is one of the largest web hosting in the world and currently serving over 2,000,000 websites. HostGator is an independent hosting company created by Brent Oxley. Today they are one of the world’s 10 largest hosting companies, but despite the growth, he still takes personal involvement in customer satisfaction and will often handle concerns personally.

IXWebHosting have been around since 1999 providing first class hosting services. They are a global company with offices located on nearly every continent, IX Web Hosting promise they have the right solution for your needs however big or small they might be. IX web hosting operates its own data centre which currently house over 750 servers. They own and maintain all of their equipment and rely on CISCO 12000 series routers and SONET reliability. They have a 100% 30 day money back guarantee, price freeze guarantee and promise 99.999% up-time. IX Web Hosting hosts over 250,000 domains.

Hosting Features:

Features HostGator IX Web Hosting
Price – 1 Year Term $4.95/month $3.95/month
Price – No Contract $7.95/month Not Available
Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited 2,500
Free Domain Name No Yes


HostGator – HostGator offers all possible options for customer support: Support tickets, 24/7 toll-free lines, online chat and also they provide a support forum. Overall, the Hostgator is a responsible and real good web hosting for the users and so it can become the fastest growing web hosting company in the world.

IX Web Hosting – Full online support is given in 3 easy ways, by phone where you can reach and talk with a “real human being” 24/7 toll-free at anytime day or night. Live chat giving you the opportunity to chat one on one, anytime day or night. A ticket service is also available allowing you to e-mail any questions or concerns you might have. A web hosting manual is available for download in both PDF and HTML format or you can search through the massive list of available answers to frequently asked questions. This feature is divided into various categories,

Hosting Uptime:

Yes, the web hosting server uptime is super important for your websites, no one would like to see his websites are always down and cannot be browsed. How’s the web hosting uptime of Hostgator & IXwebhosting? As you see, HostGator can be ranked as the fastest growing web hosting company, the web hosting uptime, yeah, of course, there’s no need to worry about with it. How’s the web hosting uptime with IXwebhosting? We’ve contacted many users with ixwebhosting and reviewed many feedback from the users, we found more than 98% of the users are satisfied with their hosting performance, this is a super higher satisfaction percentage.


HostGator is a web host who’s been focusing on the Linux-based platform since set up, IX Web hosting can support both Linux & Windows platform. Who’s better? Yes, from the users feedback, HostGator always received higher ratings than other hosting companies. IX Web Hosting is also a famous web hosting who’s focused on the clients’ requirement, they can offer multiple hosting features which the others cannot support. As you see, IX Web Hosting is also a web hosting focus on the Linux platform and since many web developers requested to open the windows server, they also support windows server now. Both of the 2 companies are reliable, offer fast client service, whatever the web hosting you’ve chosen, you can feel no worry about with your website.

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