HostGator Vs Lunarpages, In-Depth Comparison for Online Businesses

HostGator Vs Lunarpages, In-Depth Comparison for Online Businesses

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HostGator Vs Lunarpages

An Independent Comparison Between HostGator and Lunarpages:

HostGator and Lunarpages are the two of world largest web hosting companies in the industry. Both of them are offering a series of web hosting services, including Windows/Linux-based shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to customers, which web host is better for you? Our editors have done an in-depth comparison about the 2 famous web hosts, and we wish it could help you make a decision choosing a right hosting company.

A Brief Introduction of HostGator:

HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who first launched the company in a dorm room in Florida Atlantic University. Over 10 years’ fast growing and rapid development, HostGator has become a leading provider of Linux-based web hosting service on the planet. As for the newest statistics, HostGator is already providing web hosting service to more than 9.5 million websites world-wide and over 50,000 new customers are joining them every month.

HostGator is not only a shared hosting service provider, bu also offering reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to different sizes of customers. Their customers are covering any sorts of business people, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. No matter what kinds of servers you’re looking for, HostGator is always able to provide an adequate web hosting solution to you.

HostGator always offered Linux-based web hosting service to customers only in the previous time, now they also provide Windows hosting service to .Net developers and thir cheapest Windows hosting package starts with as low as $4.95 a month featuring unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MsSQL databases, hosted multiple websites and a free domain name, etc.

A Brief Introduction of Lunarpages:

The history of Lunarpages is a bit longer than HostGator, the company was founded in 1998 by a group of IT genius and now they’ve become one of 100 largest web hosting companies in the industry.

Lunarpages is offering web hosting solutions from basic shared web hosting to advanced hosting services such as Managed hosting, private cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Web Hosting Rating Comparison – HostGator Vs Lunarpages:

Which web host is more popular and has won higher rating scores between HostGator and Lunarpages? You can check a brief comparison chart of customer rating about the two web hosts as below.

Web Hosts HostGator Inc. Lunarpages
Company Reputation rating 5 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
Performance rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Page Speed rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Web Hosting Uptime rating 5 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
Customer Support rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Hosting Price rating 5 of 5 rating 4.5 of 5
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Web Hosting Price Comparison – HostGator Vs Lunarpages:

As the price value is always the first of most important factors we’ve to check in selecting a best web host and our editors have collected a detail comparison of web hosting prices about their most popular web hosting plans.

Billing Cycle HostGator Inc. Lunarpages
60 Months $3.47/mo $4.95/mo
36 Months $3.96/mo $5.95/mo
24 Months $4.77/mo $6.95/mo
12 Months $5.56/mo $8.95/mo
6 Months $7.16/mo $9.95/mo + $30 Setup Fee
3 Months N/A $10.95/mo + $30 Setup Fee
Monthly $7.16/mo N/A
Money Back 45 Days 30 Days

According to this comparison table, we can easily find HostGator’s most popular web hosting package is much cheaper than Lunarpages’s product. If you’d like to receive the best price offered by Lunarpages, you’ve to subscribe at least 60 months which is too long to most of the developers.

Lunarpages’ minimum billing cycle is 3 months and HostGator’s minimum billing cycle is 1 month. Another, Lunarpages has a setup fee for its minimum billing contract, but HostGator doesn’t include a setup fee even you subscribe their web hosting service by monthly. Obviously, HostGator is the winner on the comparison of web hosting price.

Control Panel:

Both of the 2 web hosts are offering latest cPanel control panel to their customers on their Linux web hosting packages. As we all know, cPanel is a leading hosting control panel which is widely used by web hosting companies. Compared to other control panels such as Plesk or vDeck, cPanel seems to be more flexible and easy to get started with new beginners.


However, HostGator offers much more features than other web hosts on its cPanel, such as Attracta enabled, 2 free website builders, over 4,500 free website templates, $125 free Google/Bing Marketing credits, unlimited Email forwarding & auto-responder, etc.

A Comparison About Web Hosting Performance:

HostGator has been offering quality web hosting service to nearly 10 million website owners, if their web hosting performance is not reliable, we believe that’s real hard to attract so many clients. HostGator operates 3 world-class data centers located in Dallas and Houston that meet with the strictest criteria. HostGator continuously invested millions of US-dollars to update their infrastructure and networks to the newest advanced technologies. As a result of constant investment, the HostGator’s state-of-the-art data centers maintain your website running in a superior networks environment and your valuable information will be kept in safety.

Compared to HostGator, Lunarpages also operates its own 8 data centers across the United States – Hawthorne, Irvine, Denver, Chicago, Ashburn, Las Vegas and San Diego, you can choose anyone of them closer to your location to store your websites. All of their data centers are SSAE 16 certified, as well as PCI compliant. Their facilities and equipments are fully boasting redundant power with diesel generators for backup, diverse routes and providers for Internet connection, and multi-tiered top safety services.

Lunarpages Data Center

Both HostGator and Lunarpages are paying lots of attention to improve their web performance and server reliability, ensuring every of their clients receiving the best web hosting environment and networks to run their websites. However, HostGator has been always doing a bit better than other web hosts, since their web servers are fully compatible with most of popular web applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal, Zen-Cart, osCommerce, etc. All of those popular script applications are running smoothly and fluently on HostGator and you can install these softwares in HostGator’s cPanel control panel easily with 1-click script auto-installer.

A Comparison About Customer Support:

As the customer support service has played a more and more important role in today’s web hosting market, both HostGator and Lunarpages have spent lots of money to improve their customer support to another high level.

All of them are offering 24×7 US-based customer support service through online live chat, toll-free phone call and Email. HostGator’s average ticket response time is less than 30 minutes and their average holding time on a new phone call is less than 15 seconds. However, the average ticket response time of Lunarpages is a bit longer, it might take about 2 hours and their average holding time on a new phone call is about 30 seconds.


After reading this comparison article, we believe you should have received a clear idea about which web host should be suitable for you. In our opinion, HostGator is a bit better than Lunarpages based on cheaper hosting price, more powerful hosting features, faster server response, as well as better technical support and customer service.

In the end, if you’re still not sure to choose a better web host between HostGator and Lunarpages, please feel free to contact us anytime as you like and we promise to reply you back as soon as possible.


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