How to connect with Arvixe FTP server?

How to connect with Arvixe FTP server?

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How to connect with Arvixe ftp server?

Arvixe is one of the best web hosting who can use FTP to connect to their windows or Linux web server. If you’re new to Arvixe web solutions, then this article can be a good tutorial to guide you how to connect with their FTP server.

There are many FTP applications you can choose to use and the most widely used FTP softwares include Filezilla, CuteFTP.. Whatever the application you choose to use, their steps are similarly the same and here I’d like to guide you with using Filezilla from your local computer.

Filezilla is an open source FTP application which you can download from its official website to use it for free and the application always updated regularly, I’ve used Filezilla for many years and I’m very satisfied with this program, so if you’re not sure to choose which FTP program, here I recommend you can try with the one I’m using. The Filezilla FTP is stable and upload speed is also fantastic. Here are several steps to guide you with how to connect with their FTP server.

  • Ftp Host: Your Hosting Server IP address or Domain Name
  • Such as my Ftp Host server is: or
  • Ftp User: Your Account Member ID
  • Ftp PWD: You can login your cPanel control panel -> Ftp Accounts -> Change password, to change your password if you forgot.

Sometimes you may encounter such an error “Too many connections from Your IP address” when you connect to the FTP server. It could be the reason you’ve more than 2 ftp connections to the hosting server at the same time. You can close the other FTP connections and try to re-connect. Or you can change the Ftp mode to Active mode. The default ftp mode should be passive mode.

Still cannot connect? Then it could be the issue on the server end, you can visit Arvixe homepage to find a live operator to get assistance, Arvixe support team is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need assistance, you can easily find a support operator there waiting for you.


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