How to move a domain to another Arvixe hosting account?

How to move a domain to another Arvixe hosting account?

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How to move one domain to another Arvixe hosting account?

If you’re having 2 or more web hosting accounts with Arvixe web solutions, then this article may be helpful for you to move a domain from one account to the other one. You can check the steps below for more information.

Please follow these step to transfer the domain from one account to another:

  • 1) Login to your Arvixe hosting account.
  • 2) Arvixe is using cPanel control panel and you can see there’s a tab called “Add-on Domain”, please click that function and remove the domain you want to delete.
  • 3) After deleted the domain name in the old account, then you can login to another hosting account control panel
  • 4) You can click the “Add-on Domain” in the other hosting account and you can find there’s a function “Create an add-on Domain”, please add your domain name and click “Add Domain”
  • 5) If your new account DNS is different with the old one, you’ve to modify your domain name server with your Registrar
  • 6) Wait about 45 minutes for the DNS propagated.
  • 7) Restart your computer and give the domain a Test.

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