How to research a best web hosting?

How to research a best web hosting?

best web hosting

How to research a best web hosting?


You may find it’s real hard to make a decision to choose a best web hosting in the industry, since there are so many web hosts and so many different reviews on the internet. Now new year is already arrived and here I’d like to provide some information to guide how to research a best and affordable web hosting.

If you ask me who can be the best web hosting, ok, first the best web host should include:

  • The customer websites must be loading fast.
  • The shared hosting price should not be more than $10 per month.
  • Professional customer support who can resolve the issues online directly.
  • Server must be reliable (at least 99.9% uptime) and including the money back guarantee.

The above are the basic conditions for one web host can be the best for your choice. For a new starter, that’s very hard to choose a best web hosting provider, since they don’t have any experience with the web host and they have to search on the Google or listen to the suggestion from their friends or colleague.

More conditions about best web hosting:

My previous job was worked for one web hosting company and I did have a different thought on choosing a good web host. A good web host should not include the hidden fee and cannot scan the clients. You could find many web hosts provide web hosting service at a very cheap price, but once you subscribe the service with them, you may find you have to spend much more money to use their web hosting server. If you don’t want to be regret with your choice, then choosing a best web host is very important. Another important thing is the cancellation fee, some web hosts could ask you to provide cancellation fee once you don’t want to use their hosting service. If you don’t pay the cancellation fee, they don’t provide the website backups to you. So before choosing a web host, you have to clarify whether they want to have the cancellation fee.

Who can be the best web hosting?

Okay, after reading so much, you may ask can I recommend several best web hosts to you. Of course, it does have many visitors ask me the same questions and with my experience, there are 2 web hosting companies who’re worth for me to recommend – Arvixe Inc and Westhost.

  • Arvixe is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the past years. Arvixe can provide Linux & Windows web hosting service and they can offer shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting and dedicated server to the different levels of customers requirement. Arvixe is a real best web host with my experience, you can find their web hosting prices are very affordable and their customer support are professional. If you’re still not sure which company can be your best web hosting option, then Arvixe will be definitely your 1st web hosting choice.
  • Westhost can be the No.1 cloud web hosting service provider in the industry. Westhost is a new brand in the industry and if you’re not familiar with the web hosting company, it’s common. Westhost is the same owner with midPhase but they’re using the newest cloud computing technology. If you’re looking for a cheapest cloud web hosting provider, then Westhost will be definitely your first choice.

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