Best IIS7 Hosting Services for Web Developers and Software Professionals

Best IIS7 Hosting Services for Web Developers and Software Professionals

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What’s IIS7?

Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server is a stable, flexible and easy-to-manage web server for hosting website files on the web. From softwares to media streaming video, IIS is always scalable for web developers to handle the most sophisticated tasks.

IIS, which is also named as Internet Information Server, created by Microsoft for Windows Server. IIS supports all kinds of Internet web services such as Http, Https, FTP, FTPs, SMTP and NNTP.

The first edition of IIS 1.0 founded in 1995, which was initially released as a free add-on for Windows NT 3.51. And IIS 7.0 was a complete redesign and rewrite of Internet Information Services, which needs to be installed and planted on Windows 2008 server.

Who’s the best IIS7 hosting provider?

When you use “IIS7 hosting” or “IIS7 web hosting” to search on the 3 biggest search engines, you’ll find there are a huge amounts of results. Which web host can be the best choice for IIS 7.0? After reviewed dozens of famous Windows hosting companies in the industry, here we’d like to recommend Arvixe web solutions as your first IIS7 hosting choice based on our editors’ independent reviews and investigation.

If you’re unfamiliar with Arvixe web solutions, let’s bring you a short introduction about this world-famous Windows hosting company first. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in CA, USA, Arvixe has become a leading ASP.NET hosting service provider to millions of customers world-wide. No matter what you need for running a fast, stable and secure .Net website, Arvixe is always able to meet the requirements of your website.

All of Arvixe’s Windows hosting packages are compatible with IIS 7.0, and its most popular and cheapest Windows hosting plan for IIS 7.0 starts from as low as $5.00 a month, which is always much cheaper than many other ASP.NET hosting companies.

How we choose a best IIS7 hosting?

Before choosing a best web host, our editors always hear the sound of customers first. In order to provide a more accurate and truthful result of best IIS7 hosting, our editors have visited many .Net forum websites to check what customers said about their web hosts. Arvixe is awarded as best IIS7 hosting provider, one of the most important reasons is you are hard to find a negative review or comment about this hosting company, almost all of their customers have given them very good reviews and rating scores. And that’s why our editors have the confidence to recommend Arvixe as your first ASP.NET hosting choice for IIS 7.0 at here.

Best IIS7 Hosting – 2015:

Besides Arvixe, it does have many other web hosts that’re offering reliable IIS7 hosting service such as SmarterASP.NET, DiscountASP.NET and Winhost. However, our editors always recommend Arvixe web solutions as the first IIS7 hosting choice to our website readers, because their web hosting servers are much more reliable, the technical support is more professional, customer service is more efficient and their hosting price is much more affordable.

IIS7 hosting - arvixerating 5.0 of 5
1. Arvixe Inc. – 30% Off IIS7 Hosting Coupon “WH4L”!

Arvixe Inc. has been a leading Windows hosting company in the industry over 11 years. Founded in 2003 by Arvand Sabetian, Arvixe has become one of the most famous IIS7 hosting companies world-wide. As for the newest statistics, there are over 1 million domain names and websites are under its management and most of their customers are .Net developers. The company offers many levels of web hosting packages such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, managed hosting and dedicated servers to all sizes of customers, and its cheapest Windows shared hosting package for IIS7 starts from as low as $5.00 a month.

Attention: Arvixe is offering a special promotion to new customers right now and you can use the coupon code “WH4L” to save upto 30% discount in the first 2 years (claim for the promotion here).

DiscountASP.NETrating 4.5 of 5
2. DiscountASP.NET – $5.00/month Award Winning IIS 7.0 Hosting Provider!

Get the best value in IIS 7.0 Hosting from DiscountASP.NET, the global leader in advanced Windows hosting. DiscountASP.NET gives its customers the most flexibility by offering FREE Modules such as the IIS7 Rewrite and DBManaged Modules. In addition, Discount ASP.NET supports the IIS 7.0 Manager and has developed their own IIS 7.0 UI Extension Modules such as a Web.Config Backup / Restore and Global Assembly Cache View Tools as well as IIS Smooth Streaming. They offer IIS 7 Hosting at both 2 locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Sign up today and get $5.00/month (The promotion is only available to our site readers).

IIS7 Hosting Features:

IIS7 Hosting Features

check Windows 2008 Hosting / IIS 7.0 Manager
check Unlimited MsSQL 2008 Databases / Unlimited MySQL Databases
check A free Domain Name for .Net Developers for Life
check ASP.NET MVC Framework on all Windows Servers
check All of .Net versions are supported – .Net 4.5, .Net 4.0, .Net 3.5 SP1, .Net 2.0
check Latest DotNetPanel (DNP) with multiple .Net script auto installation – nopCommerce, Mojoportal, DNN..
check 24/7 US-Based Qualified Microsoft IIS7 Hosting Technical support and Customer Service.
  • IIS7 is built for the web 2.0 – IIS7 is able to provide a simplified, easy-to-use management interface, enhanced security and integrated with newest web 2.0 services, as well as greater cross-site control for developers.
  • FastCGI is supported on IIS7 Manager – FastCGI is an advanced alternative to the Common Gateway Interface, a standard way to integrate external applications to be compatible with web servers. With FastCGI, PHP is configured to take advantages of FastCGI on IIS7 and developers will benefit from the ease of development of PHP. Arvixe web service is pleased to offer FastCGI on its Windows shared hosting.
  • Websites run faster on IIS7 – Web applications on IIS 7 can be leveraged the power and extended the .Net features to make websites run faster than before.

What’s new in IIS7?

  • With IIS7, developers can control the modules as they want on the servers.
  • Users can customize a web server into a specific role in their own environment.
  • With IIS7, users can use custom modules to replace existing modules or insert new features into existing modules.

The IIS7 architecture also increases server security and eases administration. By removing the useless modules, you can reduce the burden of a web server and memory footprint, which can make your website run much better on an IIS7 web server.

IIS7 Hosting Resources:

To choose a best IIS7 hosting is not that easy, our editors have checked and compared many relevant websites. as well as have collected many users’ feedbacks and rates, finally we find Arvixe is honored to be the most reliable one which is worth highly recommending.


After reading this IIS7 hosting article, we believe you should have made a decision about which web host could be your best choice for your websites. If you’re still having doubts or encountering any difficulty in choosing a best Windows hosting company for your website or web application, just feel free to leave a comment here or contact us anytime as you want, our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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