Is Cheap Web Hosting Reliable?

Is Cheap Web Hosting Reliable?

Is Cheap Web Hosting Reliable
Nowadays, there are thousands of web hosts in the industry and most of them offer the web hosting service at very cheap prices, is cheap web hosting reliable and is it available for your needs?

Indeed, cheap hosting is not that bad as you think. On our sites, we’ve reviewed hundreds of different web hosting companies and most of them offer reliable web hosting service at a very good price, such as Arvixe, HostGator and Bluehost. However, it should take some effort on your part to look for a reliable web host for your special needs, you’ve to consider the disk space, bandwidth, server uptime, customer feedbacks and rates about one hosting company before making a decision.

One of the most important aspects you’ve to check is the uptime of the web host. Almost every hosting company says their server uptime is over 99.9%, but we know that’s not real. In order to find out the real server uptime of one hosting company, we’ve to rely on the 3rd website, such as Host-Tracker or some reviews related websites. A good web host should have at least 99.5% uptime in real, if their uptime cannot reach this standard, you should check another one.

You’ve to check the disk space, too. You may find many web hosts offer unlimited disk space on the internet, but we know that’s too good to be true. You’ve to check how much disk space you need and the disk space that your web host can offer, even the web host offers unlimited disk space, you still have to contact with their support team to know the real disk space they can offer.

The other thing you’ve to check is how much bandwidth you need for your website. Though most of the websites don’t need too much bandwidth, you still have to check whether the web hosting package can meet with your website needs. Many web hosts also offer unlimited bandwidth in their cheap hosting packages, but we know that’s not real either. Before purchasing a new web hosting package, you should have a general idea about how many visitors your website have everyday and how much bandwidth you need per month. Even the web host offers unlimited bandwidth, you still need to contact their support team for a real one.

In the end, before making a decision to purchase a cheap web hosting service, remember to do your own search. Find a good web host that guarantees their web hosting service which can help you reduce the loss in the future. Once you find the web host is not that good as you think, you should backup all of your website files and searching for a new one.

Our web hosting reviews site is always having much more differences compared to other reviews sites, you can full trust with our honest reviews and recommendation. If you’ve encountered any trouble in looking for a reliable web host with best price, please feel free to contact with us anytime you like and we promise to reply you back as soon as we can.


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