IX Web Hosting FAQ

IX Web Hosting FAQ

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A Brief Introduction of iXWebhosting:

iXWebhosting is a private held web hosting company founded by Fashi Said in 1999. According to iXWebhosting official claims, the company is already providing quality web hosting service for more than 700,000 websites with over 200,000 separated customers in 180+ different countries and regions.

What’re my choices with iXWebhsoting?

iXWebhosting offers a wide range of web hosting services to different levels of consumers, including shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting packages.

Does iXWebhosting offer unlimited web hosting service?

Of course, all of iXWebhosting’s shared hosting services offer unlimited disk space with no restrict monthly data transfer and it also allows you to add unlimited websites in 1 hosting account. But please aware the “Unlimited” features are always too good to be true.

Can I upgrade shared hosting account to an upper hosting service with iXWebhosting?

Yes, you can. You just need to open a ticket to their technical support and their technicians will handle the account upgrade for you. The upgrade is total free and the charge will be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to only.

Is iXWebhosting a good web host?

To be honest, iXWebhosting is a real ideal choice for most personal sites, individuals, small to medium-sized businesses. According to our site visitors’ feedbacks and rates, almost all of them have given iXWebhosting a very good review and a high rating score, so our editors do have the confidence to recommend the company to everyone.

How long do I need to wait to get new iXWebhosting account working?

The new hosting account with iXWebhosting is activated automatically after you make the payment, but it’ll take 24-to-48 hours for a new domain name to propagate completely. If you’d like to check whether your domain is already fully propagate or not, just visit “Who.is” and enter your new domain name to check the status.

Does iXWebhosting support SSL certifications?

Yes, iXWebhosting offers a free shared SSL and dedicated SSL certs. The shared SSL will like “https://domain.c5.ixwebhosting.com/” and if you’d like to have a dedicated SSL certification for your own domain, just visit “http://www.ixwebhosting.com/products/ssl-certificate” to proceed the order and their technicians will install the SSL certification for you within 24 hours, and the price of a new SSL certification is $49.95 per year.

Does iXWebhosting offer web design, maintenance and script programming services?

Yes, iXWebhosting has a professional team that’s specializing in providing web designing, or make any changes to your existing websites. About the maintenance and script programming service, iXWebhosting does offer a package to those customers with special needs, you can contact with their design coordinators to consult with the charge.

What kinds of paid methods does iXWebhosting accept?

iXWebhosting accepts major credit cards such as Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard, also accepts Paypal, bank wiring and money order. Since the credit card is fully controlled by the owners and the transactions with credit cards can be processed immediately, you can use it to sign up, upgrade, downgrade and receive refunds at anytime.

Does iXWebhosting support ASP.NET?

Yes, all of the .Net versions can be supported by iXWebhosting, including Classic ASP, .Net v1.1, v2.0, v3.5 SP1, v4.0 and v4.5.

Does iXWebhosting support FFmpeg and Ruby On Rails?

Yes, iXWebhosting has several servers that are fully compatible with FFmpeg and Ruby On Rails, you’ve to submit a ticket to their technicians to migrate your account to those supported servers.

Does iXWebosting provide any website traffic statistics tools?

Yes, iXWebhosting provides the 2 industry-standard traffic tools – Webalizer and ModLogAn. Of course, you’re also able to install other well-known tools such as AWStats, Google Analytics and many others.

Can I host adult content on iXWebhosting?

Sorry, you cannot host adult content websites with iXWebhosting. However, those sites may have content or images seem erotic are allowed to be hosted on their servers.

Does iXWebhosting provide any shopping carts applications?

Yes, iXWebhosting offers osCommerce which has been pre-installed on every server. The application is a feature rich shopping cart and has a wide range users around the world. The shopping cart doesn’t have any special requirements, it can be easily installed on any of Linux and Windows hosting servers.

Does iXWebhosting place advertisements on customer’s sites?

iXWebhosting won’t place any types of advertisements on their customer’s websites. However, iXWebhosting offers an affiliate program which is free to join, you can refer every of your friends or colleagues to use iXWebhosting service and each referrals will be paid by iXWebhosting. The affiliate commission is very generous, range from $50 to $150 per referral.

Does iXWebhosting operate its own data centers?

Yes, iXWebhosting operates several world-class level data centers which’re located at Ohio, USA.

Does iXWebhosting support Cron Jobs?

Yes, the Cron Jobs is fully supported on every of iXWebhosting’s web servers, you can manage it easily in the hosting control panel.

Does iXWebhosting offer dedicated server and VPS hosting services?

Currently, iXWebhosting doesn’t provide dedicated server solutions to consumers, but it offers an enterprise-level cloud hosting package which is very close to dedicated server.

And iXWebhosting does offer several cost-effective VPS hosting packages that can be reliable, scalable and economic to most of medium-sized businesses.

Does iXWebhosting provide any reseller hosting services?

At present, iXWebhosting doesn’t offer reseller hosting service to consumers, maybe it can be supported in the near future once there are lots of consumers request. However, iXWebhosting has never restricted their VPS users to allocate their resources into many accounts.

What kind of support can I expect from iXWebhosting once I become a member of them?

iXWebhosting is committed to provide the most reliable web hosting services with best customer support. Their customer support team is responsive, professional and efficient, you can easily contact with their support team via live chat, toll-free phone and Email. And their support is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can contact with their support team anytime as you like.

What’s the money back policy?

iXWebhosting has a guarantee of 30-Day money back, you can get your fully money back within the free trial period. If you’d like to cancel your hosting service, just need to submit a ticket to their billing department and the cancellation will be processed within 24 hours.

Company Location:

1774 Dividend Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
United States of America


The above is some of pre-sale questions which’re frequently asked by their customers and if you’d like to catch more information about iXWebhosting, just feel free to contact with their online support team to seize help, those guys are very friendly and knowledgeable, we believe you’ll be impressed with their top-notch support service.


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