IXWebhosting is Using New Homepage

IXWebhosting is Using New Homepage


Who’s IX Web Hosting?

IXWebhosting is one of best customer support web hosting in the industry and today I found their homepage is already changed. Thanks for arriving our web hosting reviews website and here I’d like to compare the old homepage vs. new homepage of IXWebhosting company. If you’re interested in, welcome to follow me on Twitter! Thank you!

IX Web Hosting Promo Code – 2014:

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New Homepage Vs. Old Homepage:

iXWebhosting Old iXWebhosting New

As you see, the new IX web hosting homepage looks much more beautiful than the old one. There are several nice girls on the new homepage, I doubt whether they’re the staff of IX web hosting :-). And the most important, the new IX web hosting homepage is loading faster than the old one. I always felt the Ix web hosting was loading slowly than the other web hosting companies, now I see the loading issue was already changed. The website loading speed is very important to one web hosting company.

New Affiliate Page Vs. Old Affiliate Homepage:

When you open IX web hosting affiliate homepage, you may find the header is also changed. If you’re already an affiliate with IX web hosting company, you may feel worry about whether the changes could affect with your affiliate account. Okay, I’ve contacted with their support team and there’s no need to worry about with this. As you see, the affiliate account information and stats are still there. The ixwebhosting affiliate program will be working as usual.

Affiliate Promo Code is changed or Not?

If you’re an affiliate partner who can receive promo code from IX web hosting, you may feel worry about whether the Ix web hosting promo code is already changed. As you see, I also received one promo code from their affiliate manager and I’ve tried to sign up a new web hosting account on Ix web hosting, luckily I found the original promo code is still working fine, so there’s no need to worry about with this – Their web hosting promo code is not changed yet.

Do you recommend IX web hosting service?

To choose a good web hosting that’s not an easy task, you may have been cheated from the other web hosting reviews website, but you won’t be cheated from our review website forever. We’re a professional web hosting reviews website and we’ve received many feedbacks about IX web hosting company. From the customer feedbacks about Ix web hosting, we found they’re one of the highest customer satisfaction company. Ix is famous due to their professional customer support and their reliable web hosting service. If you’re still looking for a reliable web hosting company to host your website, I do recommend you can try to host with Ix web hosting – They’re worth for us to recommend to the web masters!

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