Lunarpages is Named Back

Lunarpages is Named Back

About 1 year before, was named to and now their management team determine to name it back. Why Lunarpages is named back? I believe one of the most important reason s is the new domain name ( was not accepted by the market in the past year.

Is Lunarpages a good web host?

Definitely “yes”, Lunarpages has been a top and reliable web hosting company over 16 years. Lunarpages offers web hosting solutions from basic shared web hosting to premium hosting solutions. And their cheapest Linux hosting starts from $4.95/mo and you can enter the coupon code “WH4L” we provide to save $50 when checkout.

Lunarpages Vs LPWebHosting – Which one is better?

If you’ve never heard about Lunarpages or LPWebHosting before, do you think which one could be better between them? In my opinion, LPWebHosting seems to be a bit better. Why? From the SEO target, LPWebHosting is better for search engines, and LPWebHosting is easier to be known as a business related with web hosting service.

Whatever, has been used for more than 12 years and almost all of reviews sites are still using Lunarpages to describe the company. When a new potential client see Lunarpages on a reviews site and click the link to their homepage, he found he had reached a different site and he might think he had clicked a wrong hyperlink and which may lead him closing the website directly. So after 1 year’s observation and test, their management team determined to reuse the old domain to adapt with this more and more competitive web hosting market.

The future of Lunarpages:

We’ve written a Lunarpages review article several years ago and we believe Lunarpages’s future is bright and optimistic. If you’re looking for a new web hosting service provider, whatever you need for your site, you can find Lunarpages is always able to meet with your requirements. Lunarpages offers basic web hosting to individuals and small business owners, Microsoft Exchange Hosting to those who need to send huge amounts of emails, Managed and Scalable cloud hosting to those need Enterprise hosting solutions.


In the end, Lunarpages is a highly recommended web hosting company on our reviews site and they’ve received a highly customer satisfaction in the past years. Their web hosting price is cheaper and acceptable, customer support is efficient and knowledgeable, hosting server is fast and uptime is nearly 100%, so choosing Lunarpages means choosing a reliable partner for your success.


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