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An independent review of MaxCDN service:

Today we’d like to introduce one of the best CDN services to webmasters – MaxCDN web solutions. MaxCDN is an easy-to-use, mostly dedicated file-serving content delivery network. Their web servers are covering four continents, mostly are concentrated in the North America.

This review article of MaxCDN service relies on its CDN web performance, networking structure, real-time distribution capability, feature values, plan prices and our editors’ real experience, as well as its reputation among online communities and forum sites.

MaxCDN is a Content Delivery Network (or called as Content Distribution Network) that utilized its web servers worldwide to speed up your website. MaxCDN is suited for all sorts of websites and has developed multiple free CDN plugins or extensions for many popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, etc.

Starter Plans
Restful API
More Locations
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Shared SSL
IP Whitelisting
Real-time Reporting
Instant Provisioning
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24×7 Support
High Volume Plans
Restful API
More Locations
Additional Zones
Shared SSL
Real-time Reporting
IP Whitelisting
Instant Purging
2 Step Authentication
Detailed Activity Log
Enterprise Custom Plans
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Restful API
Custom Caching Rules
100% SLA
Cache Entire Page
Shared SSL
Wildcard SSL
1-to-1 Setup Call
Dedicated Account Manager

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Suite 330
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1-877-629-2361 (USA)
1-323-313-1206 (international)
1-323-843-9584 (fax)

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How is MaxCDN web service?

We’ve been a satisfied user of MaxCDN for over 2 years. As for our real experience, MaxCDN is a real fantastic CDN web service dedicated to providing high quality content delivery network with budget cost. We’ve witnessed their CDN capability of blazing website speed and server performance.

As a leading provider of CDN service, MaxCDN has been widely used by a number of world-famous websites like Yoast, Buy Sell Ads, StumbleUpon, Nissan, Sony, The Next Web and much more. And a famous WordPress hosting provider “WPEngine” has utilized MaxCDN on their web servers to serve their customers.

How to configure Content Delivery Network with MaxCDN?

No matter what kind of blog or CMS web applications you’re using, the CDN setup is super easy with MaxCDN. The setup is not same for different web applications, but each tutorial is step by step and in depth.

If you’re a WordPress user, then the setup is flexible – The MaxCDN official management team advise users to install W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugin to enable the CDN function. There are detailed tutorials for users to setup CDN locally. Here I’d like to provide a simple tutorial about how to configure CDN through WP Super Cache plugin to our readers, because our website is also using this plugin to enable CDN at this moment.

  • 1st, please login your WordPress admin control panel -> Plugin -> Add New -> Enter “WP Super Cache” to install this plugin.
  • 2nd, just activate this plugin and there is a tab “WP Super Cache” will be added into “Settings”.
  • 3rd, go to “Settings” -> “WP Super Cache” -> choose “Caching On (Recommended)” and click “Update Status” to enable the cache.
  • 4th, click “CDN” and you’ll see there are four text-lines below: Off-site URL, Include directories, Exclude if substring and Additional CNAMES.
  • 5th, in the “Off-site URL”, you can enter “”; in the “Include directories”, you can enter any website file directories which you want to include in static file matching; in the “Exclude if substring”, you don’t need to edit anything in this text-line; and for the “Additional CNAMES”, you can enter “”.
  • 6th, there is an option about “Skip https URLs to avoid mixed content errors”, please don’t tick if your WordPress site is not installed SSL Certificate yet.
  • 7th, once you’ve entered the information above, please click “Save Changes” to proceed.

Note: You’ve to create a zone in your MaxCDN control panel before making these changes and you’ve to create a CNAME for “” to point to that zone. If you’re not familiar about how to create a new zone or create a new CNAME, just feel free to contact MaxCDN support team to get a help.

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Why you need CDN service?

Generally speaking, the CDN service is suited for all websites that have visitors globally, especially for shopping websites. Here are some of simple reasons about why you need CDN service.

  • A CDN service will help you cut down your bandwidth and reduce your server burden.
  • Your website loading speed and server performance will be improved a lot.
  • Your website will have the capability to handle traffic spikes (No matter how many visitors coming at one time, a website with CDN is capable to distribute your bandwidth).
  • Increasing your conversion rates – A business website with CDN service will be loading much faster than competitors and reduce the friction between your website and your customers, which also means the probability of increasing your conversions.
  • A CDN website is good for search engines – As you see, the website speed has been taken into Google Algorithm.

What is CDN?

1st, if you’ve never used or heard of a CDN service previously, then please allow me to bring you a brief introduction about what a content delivery network is first.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) refers to a system of distributed servers used to serve web pages, images or other Web content based on the geographic locations of the user to speed up your website. With CDN, your website can be connected from a server that is closer to your visitors.

Who should use a CDN web solution?

As we’ve mentioned above, a CDN service will distribute your data across the globe, which is beneficial for pretty much for every website. In our opinion, any websites or blogs that have large traffic, multiple videos or lots of downloadable files should setup Content Delivery Network.

The web technologies are developing and changing rapidly nowadays, nobody would like to spend much time (over 6 sec) on opening a new web page or several hours to download a file, so the speed is always the key factor we have to consider at any time.

What are the advantages of using a CDN service?

In accordance with website performance improved, a website with CDN service also has a big impact on user experience of your website. Once your website becomes faster, which will help you reduce bounce rate and keep your visitors staying longer on your website. In that case, it will bring more Pageviews as your visitors are willing to check more web content on your site.

And another advantage of enabling CDN service is that your website will be still working properly once your server crashed. As a matter of fact, we determined to setup CDN on our site was because had encountered some issues previously. On a couple of occasions our website was loading damn slowly due to there were much traffic coming, leading to our website crashing a couple of times. In order to fix the issue completely, I talked with my colleagues to find out a best solution, finally we decided to enable CDN on our site. And since then, we’ve never encountered a crash issue for nearly two years.

There is a feature called “Better Crash Resistance” offered by MaxCDN to distribute the load balance from your server across their own set of servers worldwide. Thus, your site is probably still working fine in case of any server issues occurred.

Lastly, the search engines also like those websites which are running faster. So, if your website is loading faster than your competitors, probably meaning that you’re ranking higher on search engines.

Summary: MaxCDN is an excellent choice for CDN service.

Indeed, this is our first review article of writing CDN service provider. To be honest, MaxCDN is a truly fantastic CDN service provider for personal users, bloggers, and small to enterprise-level businesses.

In the end, welcome to write a review to get a latest promotion offered by MaxCDN here.


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