Netfirms Review, Why Netfirms Has Been Becoming an Ass Hole Web Hosting?

Netfirms Review, Why Netfirms Has Been Becoming an Ass Hole Web Hosting?

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Is Netfirms a Good Web Host?

If you ask us whether Netfirms is a good web host that is worth for us to recommend or not, now we can tell you the company is total worthless. If you’re planning to open a new hosting account with Netfirms, we remind you’d better give up your choice. Why? Because Netfirms has been acquired by EIG company in the early of 2011 year, and its hosting performance and customer service are being decreased a lot since that time.

A Brief Introduction of Netfirms:

Netfirms is an affordable web hosting provider that has been offering superior web hosting service to over 1.2 million website owners over 16 years. The company was founded by Thomas Savundra and Suhan Shan (York University students) in 1998, and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Netfirms is a well-known domain name registrar that has been accredited by ICANN and CIRA, and also has been recognized as one of the fastest growing .com registrars with over 1 million domain names under its management.

Editors’ Rating about Netfirms:


Netfirms – Canadian Web Hosting

  • Reputation
    rating 2.0 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3.0 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 1.0 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 2.0 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2.0 of 5
  • Price
    rating 4.0 of 5
    $4.45/mo, 30% off $6.95/mo regularly

Netfirms Web Hosting Features:

Netfirms is a shared web hosting service provider and it only offers 3 levels of shared hosting services to customers, its cheapest shared hosting package starts from as low as $4.95 a month. Here is a list of noticeable features about its most popular Linux-based shared hosting service.

Netfirms Hosting Features

check Netfirms is a famous domain name registrar has been accredited by ICANN and CIRA
check Affordable Linux-based web hosting provider – An ideal for individuals and small businesses looking to create a personal website without spending too much time or money
check All of its shared hosting services include unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth
check $100 free Google AdWords / $50 free Facebook ADs / $25 free Yahoo! & Bing Search Credits
check Full DNS Management and Unlimited Domain Name Hosting
check Server Side Includes / Custom Error Pages

The Performance of Netfirms:

We always advise our website readers to check the user reviews first before choosing a new web host. How is the web hosting performance of Netfirms? Before writing this review article, one of our editors did have opened a test account with Netfirms to make a test purpose. Finally we found its web hosting performance was not that good as expected, its average server response time was over 3.50 seconds which was much slower than most of the other hosting companies reviewed.

To be honest, the web hosting performance of Netfirms is a joke nowadays. When you enter “Netfirms Complaints” or “Netfirms Sucks” on the search engines, you’ll easily find there are numerous complaints from their existing customers. Unlike many other review websites just want to earn cash from their affiliate programs, we’re a review website that is always focused on providing the most honest reviews for webmasters. As for our real experience, Netfirms is not an ideal choice for developers, since its performance is not that reliable and its server security is not that safe.

The Customer Service of Netfirms:

How about the customer service of Netfirms? As you see, Netfirms had been a famous Canadian web host, after it was acquired by EIG, its management team was changed and the customer support team was changed, too.

According to our editors’ independent investigation, EIG always outsources its support team to India, so we’re not surprised about its customer service would be decreased a lot after acquisition.

Currently, Netfirms is offering 24×7 customer service via online live chat, toll-free phone and Email. However, when you contact its live chat support team, you always need to wait at least 20 minutes to get an operator. And we have tried to call its support team in the mid-night several times, always hanging there and no one to pick up our phone call, so we assume its calling center is not real available for 24 hours. And for the Email support, it’s even ridiculous. For example, we always have to wait at least 48 hours to get a response from the technicians, sometimes 72 hours or even longer, and most of the response in the tickets are total useless.


After reading this review article about Netfirms web hosting service, we believe you should have understood about choosing its hosting service or not. Yes, we won’t recommend web developers or web designers to choose any web hosts related with EIG corporation, because EIG is a company that knows nothing about web hosting business, but just wants to exploit cash from their customer pockets.

In the end, if you’re still having any doubts or having any difficulty in selecting a right web host for your website or web application, please just feel free to contact us anytime as you wish and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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