Dedicated Server – Reliable, Economical and Comfortable

Dedicated Server – Reliable, Economical and Comfortable

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Dedicated server – Reliable, Economical and Comfortable

Bill Gates once voiced the obvious truth that the entrepreneur who is invisible in the Internet, shall not count for success. The modern rules of the game, however, dictate the new requirements for technologies and hardware resources. Only the highest-speed Internet, only the maximum reliable hosting. The correct organization of the IT-component of a business project defines the great deal of economic efficiency of business as a whole!

At first sight nothing could be better that your own server and your own admin. However, there is another way, more economical and efficient: custom-built and custom configured dedicated server – not virtual, but “real” physical server. You can rent it at ServerClub even right now if you like and upload to it anything you like: databases, websites, confidential information etc. The rent of dedicated server lets you completely control all your projects. You will forget about downtime, slow web page loading speed and overall system instability. But the most important reason of them all is that all resources will work solely for your company! You are renting not just the hardware, place in a mounting rack and connectivity – you also receive the warranty for the safety of a server, the uninterrupted power supply and, which is of no small importance, the climate control (appropriate cooling etc.)

ServerClub can offer you hardware of the best world manufacturers, including compact single-CPU Dell servers with unlimited traffic and enhanced control possibilities. Besides that, you can also order the setup of any server configuration and building of a dedicated server for your specific tasks. Talking about bandwidth, you can get optical line with up to 400 Gbps (currently the minimum speed is 220 Gbps)

The only “disadvantage” of renting a server is the need of qualified service. But we have to tell that setup of dedicated server with the help of experts of the hosting company is much more preferable than installation of the software on your own. If you need explanation, the initial software installation can be made at any time during renting period. Professionally and free.

You will beat your competitors if you choose really reliable hosting: the dedicated server is exactly what you need for stable work without technical failures and “breaks for maintenance”.


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