Shared Web Hosting – 2015

Shared Web Hosting – 2015

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Shared Web Hosting

What’s shared hosting?

A shared web hosting service or virtual hosting service or derive host refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet.

Each site takes on its own partition, or section/place on the server to keep it separate from other sites. This is generally the most economical option for web hosting as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance.

The hosting service must include system administration since it is shared by many users; this is a benefit for users who do not want to deal with it, but a hindrance to power users who want more control. In general shared hosting will be inappropriate for users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports.

In shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service. Most servers are based on the Linux operating system and LAMP (software bundle), which is driven by the low-cost of open source software. But some providers offer Microsoft Windows-based or FreeBSD-based solutions. For example, the Plesk and Ensim control panels are both available for two operating systems, Linux and Windows. Versions for either OS have very similar interfaces and functionality, with the exception of OS-specific differences (for example: ASP.NET, SQL Server and Access support under Windows; MySQL under Linux).

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Shared hosting is a popular, economical and resourceful solution for many clients. Because you are sharing resources, it’s possible to use the server’s hardware and resources to it’s full potential, translating into affordable web hosting for the client.
  • Another advantage to shared web hosting is that the client is responsible for little, if any, server maintenance or management. Web hosts manage the server for you, so things like routine maintenance, tuning, and upgrades are handled for you.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Limited disk space & bandwidth. Although many web hosting service providers announce to offer unlimited disk space & traffic, indeed, once you’ve over a certain limit, they’ll force you to upgrade to higher hosting servers. Since if you’re using too much server resources and it will affect to others’ websites.
  • Sharing one IP address. If one of the website on the server was blocked by his ISP or his country, your website will be affected too, since you’re using the same server IP address with others and if you’d like to bypass the block, you should purchase Dedicated IP address or change the hosting service.

Ok, here I’d like to list several best web hosts that are offering affordable shared hosting service.

Arvixe Shared hostingrating 5.0 of 5
Arvixe Inc. – 30% Off Shared Web Hosting Coupon “WH4L”

Founded on 2003 by Arvand Sabetian, Arvixe has established itself as a leading provider of shared web hosting service. Frankly speaking, you’re real hard to find a web host that can offer the same powerful features as Arvixe at such a low price. All of its shared web hosting plans include unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited MsSQL/MySQL databases, unlimited Email accounts, etc. Arvixe is such a company that can meet all kinds of customer needs. All of its customer support team members are based in North America and are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the company has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and 60 days money back on all Shared web hosting services (Read Review).

Host4ASP.NET Shared Web Hostingrating 4.5 of 5
2. Host4ASP.NET – 58% Off on all Windows Shared Hosting Packages

Host4ASP.NET is an award-winning Microsoft Windows shared web hosting provider that is focused on providing the most reliable and fastest ASP.NET hosting to web developers. Many developers may be still very unfamiliar with the new brand, since this hosting company just founded on June 2014. However, the company has received a fast and rapid growing during such a short period (Read Review).

SmarterASP.NET Shared Web Hostingrating 4.5 of 5
3. SmarterASP.NET – Award-Winning Windows Shared Web Hosting

SmarterASP.NET is a provider that focuses on providing quality Windows web hosting service at an affordable price. Founded by Erwin Yu on 1999, SmarterASP.NET has become one of the largest Windows-based web hosting companies on the planet. SmarterASP.NET offers three levels of Windows shared web hosting packages to bloggers, small-to medium-sized businesses. Their cheapest and most popular Windows shared web hosting plan starts from as low as $2.95 a month and the company is offering a special promotion to new customers right now (Read Review).

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