SiteGround Review

SiteGround Review

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SiteGround Review

Is SiteGround Web Hosting can be trusted or not?

If you’re not familiar with SiteGround web hosting, here I’d like to bring you a brief introduction first. SiteGround is a Linux-based and affordable web hosting company and they were founded in August, 2003 by a small and very enthusiastic team. Since then the company has been constantly growing both in number of employees and clients.

If you ask me whether SiteGround is a good web hosting, honestly speaking, SiteGround is not a highly recommended web hosting compared from our visitors feedbacks and ratings. There are more than 65% of their customers are satisfied with their web hosting service. Whatever, SiteGround web hosting is real attractive, if you’d like to open a small blog website or small business website, then I think their web hosting can be satisfied with your website requirements.

Is there any other web hosting who’s better than SiteGround?

Choosing a reliable web hosting is real important for our websites, as you see, there are thousands of web hosts in the industry and selecting a best web hosting provider is a very hard job to most of the web developers. When you visit a reviews website, you can find there are many top 10 web hosts listed and can they be trusted? I think most of the website hosting reviews cannot give you a proper choice, since most of them just want to earn cash from their affiliate links, but at our reviews and recommendations, we only promote the web hosting companies who’re worth for us to recommend, so you can full trust with our honest recommendations.

If you ask me whether there’s a web hosting who can be better than SiteGround, here I’d like to highly recommend the 2 of best web hosts in the industry – Arvixe web solutions and InMotion hosting! Why choose Arvixe and InMotion hosting? Now I’d like to bring you a brief introduction about the 2 famous web hosting companies.

Arvixe is the No.1 web hosting on our top 10 web hosting lists and they’re a real good web hosting who’s worth for us to recommend to you. Compared from their customers feedbacks and almost all of them are very happy with using their web hosting service. Arvixe offers Linux and Windows 2008 hosting, whatever you need for your website, you can find Arvixe can be met with your website needs. Arvixe’s cheapest web hosting price starts from $4.00 per month and you’re still able to use the coupon code we provide to save up to 30% cost, it means you just need to cost $2.80 per month to purchase their web hosting service. You can have unlimited website space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and hosted unlimited websites in their web hosting. And Arvixe offers 60 days long time money back guarantee, even more, they can accept monthly payment web hosting order, so you can feel no worry to host your websites with them. If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting company, then Arvixe will be definitely your first web hosting choice.

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InMotion is the other highly recommended web hosting in our reviews. InMotion is also an affordable web hosting company, their cheapest personal web hosting starts from $5.95 per month and you can have unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly data transfer. InMotion started business since 2001 and now they’ve become one of the largest and most famous Linux hosting company in the planet. Till present, there are more than 700,000 website owners are choosing InMotion hosting.

InMotion Hosting

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SiteGround Review and Rating:

SiteGround – Web Design and Affordable Web Hosting

  • Overall Rating
    rating 4
  • Features
    rating 45
  • Performance
    rating 4
  • Reliability
    rating 4.5
  • Support
    rating 4
  • Price
    rating 4
    $5.95/mo, 40% off $9.95/mo regularly

SiteGround Review with Shared Hosting Features:

  • Unlimited web space / Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • FREE domain name for life
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • Free applications installation
  • Free file transfer for transfer clients
  • Custom cPanel Theme for better experience
  • Easy account and domain management
  • Free templates, tutorials, SEO guides
  • eCommerce hosting, free ad credits, etc..
  • Over 7 years professional experience in the IT industry
  • A rich and constantly growing portfolio of web hosting services
  • Accommodating more than 250 000 domains and counting
  • Profound technical expertise and in-house technology investments
  • Over 1100 servers in one of the most innovative data centers
  • 15 minutes average ticket response time
  • 24/7 professional customer service
  • 24/7 top Customer Care
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • Starts from $2.45/mo
  • And more..
To learn more about Siteground hosting features, visit

SiteGround User Reviews:

Terrible Experience with Siteground.
– by Lori De Waal of

I signed up with SiteGround and after signing up I couldn’t figure out how to navigate through the site and get help with submitting a ticket. In order to live chat I had to be charged an extra $5 a month just for help. They offer a discount on sign up and offered backup. I ordered the package with the backup. I spent hours trying to navigate and they kept trying to charge me for this and that. I got so frustrated that I decided to cancel. I requested to cancel the package and get my refund. It then took me to live chat. The tech support Teddy was so rude. I wouldn’t cancel the account and give me a refund. I am forced to contact my bank and report them to the BBB.

Excellent Support & Guidance!
– by Gaurav Kakade of

Siteground provides very excellent support to its clients and also it gives guidance in case of any difficulty. I am using Siteground since 2 yrs and initially there were only one domain. But after seeing their support and hospitality, I purchased 2 more hosting accounts from Siteground and until now I haven’t faced any problem.

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