Skadate Hosting, Best Skadate Hosting 2015

Skadate Hosting, Best Skadate Hosting 2015

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Which company is the best choice for Skadate hosting service?

Hi, if you’ve arrived this page, I assume you’re probably not sure which company could be the most ideal choice for Skadate web hosting solution. After reviewed dozens of famous web hosts worlwide, Arvixe web service is proudly to be ranked as the first web hostingg option for Skadate web application relies on its high-level performance web servers, industrial leading technologies, superior customer services and irresistible hosting prices.

Who is Arvixe web service? If this is your first time to hear of Arvixe, please allow me to take you a short time to introduce this world-famous web hosting company. Founded by Arvand Sabetian in 2003, Arvixe has established itself as a leading provider of web hosting business around the world. And the company is also awarded as the No.1 web hosting service provider on our top 10 web hosting list.

The minimal installation requirements of Skadate:

  • PHP version 5.1.4 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.0 or higher

Indeed, all of Arvixe web services are super easy to meet with these basic installation requirements. At present, Arvixe provides PHP 5.4.x and the latest MySQL database version that are 100% compatible with Skadate web application.

What’s Skadate?

Skadate is a popular online dating software and community script that can be used for building social networking websites easily. If you’re looking for a reliablee web host for Skadate, here we highly recommend Arvixe web solutions to you, because everybody is able to install Skadate web application easily through the hosting control panel. And their technicians are all having many years of experience in handle trouble issues related with Skadate.

Best Skadate Hosting – 2015:

1. Arvixe Inc. – Award-Winning Web Hosting for Skadate

Arvixe web service is a privately held company founded by Arvand Sabetian, and headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, United States. Since 2003, Arvixe web solution has been serving thousands of websites for personal users, small businesses and enterprise-level clients. If you ask me why we always recommend Arvixe as the first web hosting choice on our review website, the reason is real simple, since they’re always the best web host who can offer most reliable web hosting service with best price, you’re real hard to find another web host who can do the same good jobs as those guys.

2. HostGator – World largest Skadate hosting!

HostGator is the other most reliable web host for Skadate. Why recommend HostGator? The company is special and their growing speed is real amazing, they started business since 2002 and now they’re already hosting more than 8.5 million websites worldwide. HostGator cheapest Skadate hosting plan starts from $4.95/month and you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save up to 25% cost for the first payment.

3. InMotion Hosting – 3rd choice of Skadate hosting

InMotion is the 3rd choice for Skadate hosting. You can easily find InMotion hosting brand on the top web hosting reviews sites, since they did have done excellent jobs in the past 11 years. InMotion launched business since 2001 and now they’re already serving more than 1 million websites. InMotion cheapest Skadate hosting package starts from $5.95/month and you can have unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic, but you’re only able to add 2 websites in 1 hosting account.

Skadate Hosting Features:

Arvixe can be the best web host for SkaDate because they’re having a great support team and their hosting server is always much more reliable and faster than other web hosts. It’s reassuring knowing their constant effort to upgrade their softwares / applications to latest version. You don’t need to spend more time to look elsewhere since they’re already your best choice and here we’d like to list some of their noticeable features for you to check further.

  • Free SkaDate setup assistance & Easily Installation
  • Unlimited web space & Traffic for your SkaDate hosting
  • 24/7 qualified and top-notch SkaDate hosting technical support
  • Easy to use cPanel Hosting Control Panel
  • Risk Free Signup – Get full refund within 60 days
  • 30% Off Skadate hosting coupon “Magento30″
  • Starts from as low as $4.00/month
  • And more..

The Resources of Best Skadate Hosting:

Skadate Hosting Reviews:

Skadate is one of the most popular social networking applications that can be used for building a wide range of websites such as games, music, groups, blogs, albums, photo or dating sites. In order to check more useful features of Skadate, we decide to install this application to test personally.

As you see, Skadate is not a free web application and that’s why there is a very few tutorials on the Internet. The regular license of Skadate is $350 and the technical support is not included. If you need a technician to get a help, it requires to cost $95 per month. The technical support is only available between Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm GMT+6). The price of Skadate is real not cheap, so you’re hard to find more information about this application at other websites.

The developers of Skadate continuously update the application regularly and customers don’t need to pay extra to upgrade once a new version released. The whole upgrade is super simple, you just need to login your website admin panel to proceed. However, I do advise you to backup your website files and MySQL database before proceeding the upgrade. There are many free Skadate templates available on the Internet, you can download and install any of those free templates on your Skadate website.

Some of the users may complain the Skadate script is running too slowly, as the old version has multiple language packs and too many useless features. The issue will be eliminated in next version, since the software programmers have realized and optimized the script code to make it more responsive.


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