SmarterASP.NET Review

SmarterASP.NET Review

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smarterasp review

SmarterASP.NET Review – Affordable ASP.NET Web Hosting Solution

SmarterASP.NET Introduction:

If you’ve never heard about SmarterASP.NET(www.SmarterASP.NET) before, that’s very common to understand, since they’re still a very young web hosting company in the industry. If you’ve checked their domain name on, you can find their domain name was just registered in this year, but if you’ve checked the company’s history, you can find their management team already has a very long time in the hosting business.

Do you know “Webhost4life“? If you’re an old customer with Webhost4life, we believe you should be familiar this was a very famous Windows hosting company before they were sold to EIG in 2010 year. Everything was changed when their owner shifted. We always recommended Webhost4life before they sold, if you’ve done a bit more research on the Google, you can easily find Webhost4life has a very bad review when their new owner coming and that’s why we stop recommending Webhost4life to new developers.

What’s the relation between “SmarterASP.NET” and “Webhost4life”? SmarterASP.NET is a new web hosting company, but their management and support team are all from “old Webhost4life”, so we do have the confidence SmarterASP.NET will blow a wave of cyclone in the industry sooner or later.

Do you recommend SmarterASP.NET?

Definitely “yes”, SmarterASP.NET has a very good history and they also win a very good review from their current users. We do have opened a test account with SmarterASP.NET and we found their site loading speed is real amazing, whatever you need for a .Net website, you can find SmarterASP.NET is always able to meet with your needs.

When you use “ASP.NET Hosting” or “Windows Hosting” to search on Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine, you can find there are so many different web hosts listed in the search result, which one can be your best web hosting choice? If you’ve no idea with choosing a reliable web host, here we highly recommend you can try with SmarterASP.NET. They’ve a very professional and technical customer support team and their average ticket response time is within 15 mimutes, which is always much faster than most of the other web hosting companies.

SmarterASP.NET also offers 60 days long time trial period at present, so you can feel no worry to take this trial period to open a new test account with them.

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How’s SmarterASP.NET?

SmarterASP.NET offers the best web hosting deal for most web masters. Fast, secure, reliable, professional, fantastic client support and irresistible prices. SmarterASP.NET cheapest ASP.NET hosting plan starts from $2.95/month and they accept quarterly and yearly billing cycle, you can choose the billing payment as you want. They accept credit card, Paypal, money order and check payment gateway, and they’ve 60 days long time money back guarantee, so you can feel no worry to choose them as your first ASP.NET hosting option.

Here I’d like to list some of noticeable hosting features of SmarterASP.NET:

  • Latest Windows Technology – Windows 2008 R2 / MS SQL 2008 or 2008 R2 / Latest scripting components.
  • Choice of ASP, ASP.Net v1.1/v2.0/v3.0/v3.5/v4.0, AJAX, Silverlight 5.0, MVC v1.0/2.0/3.0/4.0, PHP 5.x
  • SAN Storage Technology – All of your data will be stored in Dell Equalogic Sans, giving you the best server performance and highest reliablitiy you need.
  • Easy Application Installer in Control Panel
  • DotNetNuke, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Compatible
  • MySQL Hosting Included
  • ASP.NET Full Trust Allowed
  • IIS 7 URL Rewrite Module 2
  • SQL Management Studio Access
  • Remote IIS Management
  • ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting
  • 24/7 Microsoft Professional Support – SmarterASP.NET support team are working around the clock 24/7 including holidays to make sure each of their customer can reach them when there are any problems or questions.

SmarterASP.NET Control Panel:

If you’re an old user with Webhost4life, you may find their hosting control panel is different with others, since their hosting control panel is designed by their own experts, you can check the image below to see their control panel.

SmarterASP.NET Control Panel

Most of ASP.NET hosting companies are using dotnetPanel on their Windows server and how’s SmarterASP.NET control panel? Honestly speaking, we’re also their old users and their control panel is real easy to get started with, you don’t need to have any script knowledge and their control panel can help you save your time to manage your site files.

SmarterASP.NET Vs Arvixe Vs DiscountASP.NET – Who’s better for ASP.NET Hosting?

Here I’d like to bring you a brief comparison about the 3 famous Windows web hosts – SmarterASP.NET Vs Arvixe Inc. Vs DiscountASP.NET.

Arvixe is a leading web hosting company in the industry for many years and their growing speed is real amazing, now there are more than 500,000 site owners are choosing Arvixe as their first web hosting provider. Arvixe’s cheapest Windows hosting plan starts from $5.00/month and you can have unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and 6 different sites hosted allowed. Is Arvixe better than SmarterASP.NET? Only compared from the disk space and bandwidth, Arvixe seems to better than SmarterASP.NET, but SmarterASP.NET cheapest Windows hosting plan starts from as low as $2.95/month and you can have 1GB disk space and unlimited data transfer, and you can host 1 website in this hosting plan.

DiscountASP.NET is the other most famous ASP.NET hosting company in the industry. The company launched business since 2003 and now there are more than 200,000 websites are hosted on their Windows server platform. DiscountASP.NET offers only 1 single and powerful hosting plan to the customers and you can have 1GB disk space and 80GB monthly bandwidth, and you can host 2 different websites in 1 hosting account only. Is DiscountASP.NET better than SmarterASP.NET? I don’t think so, since DiscountASP.NET hosting price is much more expensive than most of the other ASP.NET hosts, their price starts from $10.00/month and even you use the DiscountASP.NET promotional link to signup a new account, you still need to cost $5.00/month to checkout.

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SmarterASP.NET Speed:

SmarterASP.NET Speed

From the image above, you can see SmarterASP.NET site loading speed is much faster than the other 2 famous ASP.NET web hosts (Arvixe and DiscountASP.NET).

SmarterASP.NET’s averate site loading time is within 0.42s and Arvixe’s average site loading time is within 0.92s, DiscountASP.NET’s site loading time is about 1.38s from our internal test.

SmarterASP.NET CEO – Talented Manager:

SmarterASP.NET CEO is an talented manager in the web hosting industry. If you’ve any concern or question want to find an answer from their CEO, you can easily contact him via email: CEO@SmarterASP.NET, and he’ll reply you back as soon as possible.


SmarterASP.NET is still new but they’ve already had a very good history, their CEO evolved this company from good to be “Great”, we do have the confidence SmarterASP.NET will be able to do the same great job and they’ll definitely shock the whole industry.


  1. Hi! is real awesome.
    The service is fantastic. Best I have ever spent money on.

  2. I see SmarterASP is growing so fast, if I trace them, they only running this business within 2 years. I’m quite unsure about their services as they offer for FREE hosting. The question is how can they survive? I’m bit worry about it. Until now, I never think to change my provider. I’m happy with ( I believe they are one of the best windows hosting provider.

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