SmarterASP.NET Vs Host4ASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET Vs Host4ASP.NET

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SmarterASP Vs Host4ASP

An independent comparison about the 2 of most
famous ASP.NET hosting companies – SmarterASP.NET Vs Host4ASP.NET:

After Arvixe was acquired by EIG company, the reliable Windows hosting providers have become less and less. Except of Arvixe, SmarterASP.NET and Host4ASP.NET are the other 2 professional privately held hosting companies that are worthy of your trust.

Although both of the 2 hosting companies are very outstanding and splendid in the industry, we believe most of the customers are impossible to host their websites with two companies at the same time, so we’d like to write a comparison article to discuss which company could be better for your separated requirements.

A brief introduction of SmarterASP.NET:

Founded in Los Angeles by Erwin Yu, SmarterASP.NET is a privately held corporation built on a basis of solid ground work and rapid growth. The history of SmarterASP.NET can be tracked back to 1999, because the precursor of the company was Webhost4life, and which was sold to EIG corporation in the end of 2010.

When Erwin sold his first company to EIG, he had made a treaty with EIG management: he was prohibited to open a new web hosting company within 2 years. After 2 years later, he brought his team back and the new company was named to SmarterASP.NET.

A short description of Host4ASP.NET:

Host4ASP.NET is a provider of Microsoft certified web hosting, which can be easily found on its official website. Host4ASP.NET always prides itself in providing Windows web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, incomparable affordability and unparalleled quality. Although Host4ASP.NET is still a very young web host, it has been acknowledged by customers worldwide relies on its top-rated performance, superior customer service and irresistible price.

Hosting Feature – SmarterASP.NET gives more features to clients.

If you’ve visited the homepage of each website, you’ll find SmarterASP.NET offers more choices to customers. For example, all of SmarterASP.NET’s shared web hosting packages include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MsSQL databases and unlimited Email services. However, Host4ASP.NET’s Windows Basic shared hosting only contains 10GB disk space and 1 free MsSQL database. Furthermore, SmarterASP.NET provides more web hosting choices to customers, like Windows reseller hosting, Windows VPS and Windows Dedicated Server, but Host4ASP.NET only offers Windows shared hosting service to consumers right now.

Web Hosts SmarterASP.NET Host4ASP.NET
Plans 3 3
Disk Space Unlimited 10GB
Hosted Websites Unlimited 6
Control Panel Self-Designed WebSitePanel
MsSQL 2014/2012/2008 Unlimited 6 free
Node.js Yes Yes
MS Web Deploy Yes Yes
WebMatrix Yes 2
Site Memory Allocation Custom 512MB
Platform Windows 2012 R2 / Windows 2008 Windows 2012 R2
Review Review

Customer Satisfaction – Both of the 2 web hosts are the winners.

Before choosing a new web host, we always suggest webmasters to check the user reviews and comments of that web host first. To be honest, both of the 2 companies have received high rating scores according to our surveys on the Internet.

Web Hosts SmarterASP.NET Host4ASP.NET
Features rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 4.5 of 5.0
Page Speed rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 5.0 of 5.0
Performance rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 5.0 of 5.0
Uptime rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 5.0 of 5.0
Price rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 4.5 of 5.0
Customer’s Rating rating 5.0 of 5.0 rating 5.0 of 5.0

Price – SmarterASP.NET is more cost-effective than Host4ASP.NET.

1st, we’ve to admit that both of the 2 web hosting companies are beneficial and cost-effective. However, SmarterASP.NET seems to be more cost-effective than Host4ASP.NET. As you see, SmarterASP.NET’s cheapest shared web hosting plan is $2.95/mo featuring unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and hosted unlimited websites. However, Host4ASP.NET’s most popular shared hosting plan includes 10GB disk space and the price is also $2.95/mo.

Billing Cycle Basic Advance Business Basic SSD Advance SSD Business SSD
12 months $3.95/mo (21% off $4.95/mo) $5.95/mo (15% off $6.95/mo) $14.95/mo (7% off $15.95/mo) $5.95/mo (15% off $6.95/mo) $8.95/mo (11% off $9.95/mo) $19.95/mo (5% off $20.95/mo)
24 months $2.95/mo (41% off $4.95/mo) $4.95/mo (29% off $6.95/mo) $11.95/mo (26% off $15.95/mo) $4.95/mo (29% off $6.95/mo) $7.95/mo (21% off $9.95/mo) $16.95/mo (20% off $20.95/mo)
36 months $2.95/mo (41% off $4.95/mo) $3.95/mo (44% off $6.95/mo) $9.95/mo (38% off $15.95/mo) $4.95/mo (29% off $6.95/mo) $6.95/mo (31% off $9.95/mo) $14.95/mo (29% off $20.95/mo)

Performance – SmarterASP.NET is faster than Host4ASP.NET.

SmarterASP.NET operates 3 world-class data centers which are located in 3 different locations of United States. These data centers can meet the strictest criteria, ensuring the delivery of the highest levels of reliability and performance. And every year, SmarterASP.NET continues to invest a number of money to update their facilities and software to the newest technologies.

SmarterASP.NET always have faith in providing consumers with unmatched reliability and performance. They’ve setup a rock solid partnership with several top quality bandwidth providers such as Global Crossing, AT&T, UUNET and Level3.

SmarterASP.NET guarantees the highest quality product: All of their data centers are equipped by 100% Dell Poweredge Servers, fully redundant power supply, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, diesel generators, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems.

Compared to SmarterASP.NET, Host4ASP.NET only operates one single data center located in Chicago. Before writing this comparison article, we did have opened 2 accounts with these two companies to test personally. Finally, we found SmarterASP.NET’s server response was obviously faster than Host4ASP.NET.

Customer Support – SmarterASP.NET is more responsive and efficient.

SmarterASP.NET values all clients and promises to offer zero-waiting time live chat support. The live chat operators are all well-trained – knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Approximately 90% of their 1st level support team members are graduated with a Computer Science degree, and their 2nd level support staff are all having at least 10 years of experience in handling trouble issues related with hardware configuration, software programming and server administration.

As for our real experience, the support team of SmarterASP.NET is more responsive. Since we had tried to contact their online live chat support several times and each time our chat was picked up very quickly (less than 5 sec), which was much faster than Host4ASP.NET (10 sec). SmarterASP.NET targets its live chat waiting time to be zero and Email reply within 15 minutes, and they’re just walking on this way as expect.

Conclusion: SmarterASP.NET is a better choice for Windows hosting service.

We’re not afraid to tell you that SmarterASP.NET is a bit better than Host4ASP.NET, since our blog website is currently hosted by SmarterASP.NE. As for our real experience, SmarterASP.NET is a real awesome web host which is worth recommending to everyone.


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