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TOP 10 Magento Hosting

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An Independent Review of TOP 10 Magento Hosting:

Things are changed and developed with greater velocity and traditional media is going dead. Now more and more daily deals happen on the Internet, from a small bowl to a big electrical device. Would you like to become an online operator to sell your own services or products? If “yes”, you need to build an online e-commerce site. And the 1st of most important things is to look for an exceptional shopping cart application. You may have done lots of works to search for a good shopping cart software already, and here I’d like to suggest that you may try with Magento Commerce to build your store site. Magento is a real powerful and featured shopping cart script that can be used for creating any sorts of e-commerce sites. You can use Magento to build a site of clothes, electrical devices, daily living equipments and much more.

The marketing of online is real huge and full of unlimited possibilities, such as Amazon generates over 98 million US-dollars a minute in gross revenue. Would you like to take a share of the spoils? That’s easy, you can easily setup an online shopping site of your own with Magento. Somebody (your friends or colleagues) may recommend you to use WordPress e-commerce or other shopping cart applications, but I’ve to say none of them can provide the same and powerful features as Magento. I cannot say Magento is the best shopping cart application, but it’s a real good software which is worth for us to recommend to you. Currently, we’re also running a shopping cart site which is using Magento Commerce, it has amazing features and super easy to get started. However, Magento runs lots of requests through buffer memory and it has a higher demand for web hosting solution compared to other scripts.

Who’s the best Magento hosting service provider?

We’ve reviewed dozens of web hosts worldwide, and here we’d like to recommend the 10 of best Magento hosting companies to you. And HostGator is proudly to be awarded as the best Magento hosting provider relies on its loading speed, feature values, compatibility, server reliability and customer support service. The cheapest Magento hosting service of HostGator starts from as low as $4.95/mo, which is very cost-effective for personal users or small businesses.

As for the newest statistics, there are more than 250,000 web hosts world-wide. To choose a reliable web host among 250,000 hosting companies is not an easy task to most of the individuals or web developers. Just like flowers need to be watered and more beauty, trees need to be lighted and more taller, Magento also needs to work with an optimized Magento host to gain better performance.

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What’s Magento Commerce?

Magento Commerce is an open source e-commerce shopping cart website solution, which is providing exceptional adaptability and control to users. Magento shopping cart was designed with the thought that each e-commerce implementation has to be unique as all businesses are different from each other.

Because of the modular architecture of Magento, the control is given in the hands of the online merchant and no limits are placed over the business processes and the business flow. We’ve done lots of works to search for the top 10 Magento hosting companies and you can check each company’s brief introduction as below.

TOP 10 Magento Hosting – 2015

Arvixe Magentorating 5 of 5
1. Arvixe Inc. – 30% Off Magento Hosting Coupon “Magento30

Arvixe is the best and most reliable, top featured Magento hosting provider according to our site visitor’s feedbacks and rates. Arvixe provides Linux and Windows 2012 / 2008 server platforms for Magento shopping carts. Since 2003, Arvixe has been providing exceptional, superior and high quality web hosting service for over 10 years. Till present, there has more than 700,000 websites hosted on Arvixe’s 2 world-class data centers. Arvixe’s cheapest Magento web hosting plan starts from $4.00 per month and you can add 6 different websites in 1 hosting account, and you’re also able to register a free domain name. Arvixe is a perfect web hosting choice for many other scripts, such as nopCommerce, osCommerce, Zen-Cart, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DNN and much more. 24/7 world level customer support service and 60 days money back guarantee (Read Review).

A2Hosting Magentorating 5.0 of 5
2. A2Hosting – 34% Off Magento Cloud Hosting Coupon “Host4Life”

A2Hosting is one of the cheapest cloud hosting firm launched business in 2003. A2Hosting is one of the fastest growing Magento hosting companies in the industry and they’re offering exceptional and outstanding Magento technical support and customer service to clients. A2Hosting is a provider offering cloud computing hosting service under $5.00 per month, you’re hardly to find any others offer cloud hosting products at such a low rate. And you can use the coupon code “Host4Life” to save 30% cost in the first payment immediately, this coupon code is only available for their shared hosting service. A2Hosting’s most popular Magento hosting package starts from $4.95/mo, including 99.9% uptime and a 30-Day money back guarantee (Read review).

hostgator magentorating 5 of 5
3. HostGator – 25% Off Magento Hosting Coupon “Today25Off”

HostGator is one of the world largest web hosting company for Magento Commerce and we recommend HostGator as your first choice of Magento hosting. As the newest statistics, there are approximately 10 million websites are hosted by HostGator at present. HostGator cheapest Linux web hosting plan starts from $4.95 per month (monthly paid is accepted), and you can use the coupon code we provide to save 25% cost when checkout. HostGator offers many different types of web hosting plans to customers, the plans include shared hosting, reseller hosting (over 5000 resellers world-wide), VPS and dedicated server hosting services. HostGator support team is 24 hours online, you can contact those guys anytime for any concerned questions or any issues may encounter. HostGator Magento hosting is also having many unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, subdomains and emails, etc. 99.9% server uptime and 45 days money back guarantee (Read review).

Bluehost Magentorate 4.5 of 5
4. Bluehost – Featured Small Business Hosting

Bluehost is another famous Magento Commerce hosting service provider and it offers 1 single but powerful web hosting which includes unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites with unlimited email accounts, and also includes a free domain name. Bluehost started business since 1999 and the company was acquired by EIG in the early of 2012 year. 24/7 professional technical support for shopping carts and 99.9% uptime guarantee (Read review).

HostNine Magentorating 4.5 of 5
5. HostNine – 20% Off Coupon code “H9SAVE20″

HostNine focused on the Linux-based platform web hosting service and it’s also one of the most affordable Linux hosting providers in the industry! HostNine Magento hosting includes unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited websites hosted, PHP 5.x, Perl, Python, SSL Certificate. HostNine also offers many different types of web hosting plans to the different levels of customers and you can upgrade your web hosting plan to the higher package easily. 24/7 Professional Magento Hosting support, 99.9% uptime and 60 days money back guarantee (Read Review).

GreenGeeks Magentorating 4.5 of 5
6. GreenGeeks – $30 Off Coupon code “Green30Off”

GreenGeeks is the best green web hosting service provider for Magento Commerce. GreenGeeks invested over a million USD dollars to customize their Linux kernel and integrated with latest CPU separation technologies, which can ensure every customer in shared hosting service can run its own server resources not been affected by other users. GreenGeeks Magento hosting includes unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited unique websites and unlimited email accounts. eCommerce is also ready by GreenGeeks, you can install multiple free shopping carts in GreenGeeks hosting control panel by 1-click auto installation. GreenGeels is a real reliable and budget cost web hosting in the market (Read review)

InMotion Magento hostingrating 4.5 of 5
7. InMotion Hosting – Best Business Hosting for Magento

InMotion is a provider focuses on providing business web hosting solutions. InMotion network is based on its fast and reliable Linux / Unix operating systems, and their data center is monitored by 24/7 for any unusual activity and benchmarked continuously for performance. This allows to immediately respond to short-term issues as well as grow system optimally – keeping it broadband ready and economical at all times. InMotion cheapest Magento hosting starts from $5.95 per month and you can add 2 different websites in 1 hosting account, the bandwidth and disk space are both unlimited for customers to use (Read review).

IX Magento Hostingrating 4
8. IX Web Hosting – 20% Off Promotional code “SecretLink20″

IX is also a famous web host who offers Linux and Windows platform web hosting service to individuals, small businesses and large-sized enterprises. IX cheapest Magento hosting plan starts from $3.95 per month and it includes unlimited disk space with no restricted bandwidth, unlimited websites with email accounts, 1 free domain name and 3 free dedicated IP, etc. IX is one of the best customer support hosting for Magento shopping cart (Read review).

HostMonster Magentorate 4.0 of 5
9. HostMonster – Affordable Magento Hosting

Indeed, HostMonster is the same web hosting company with Bluehost and the company was also acquired by EIG in January 2012. Till present, HostMonster is already serving more than 1,200,000 websites on their servers world-wide. HostMonster offers one single web hosting plan starts from $5.95 per month and it includes unlimited disk space with unlimited bandwidth per month. You can create unlimited sub domains, email accounts and add unlimited websites in 1 hosting account. In this account, you also receive a free domain name, a free site builder and it allows you to create 100 free MySQL databases (Read reviews).

midPhase Magentorating 3.0 of 5
10. midPhase – Typical Magento Hosting of UK2.NET

midPhase is a trusted e-commerce web hosting provider who is fully compatible with Magento shopping cart. midPhase offers shared hosting, reseller hosting VPS and dedicated server solutions to different levels of customer’s demands. midPhase e-commerce hosting solutions give you everything you need to start your own e-commerce shop in a snap. Sell an unlimited number of products in an unlimited number of pages and categories through a choice of integrated payment methods. You can choose a beautiful skin from their variety of professional designed templates and the complete template customization service is also supported by midPhase professional web design team (Read review).

Here we’d like to list some of noticeable features about why we choose HostGator as best Magento hosting provider on our review. HostGator launched business since early 2002 and the company is growing supper fast in the past years. Till present, there are more than 10 million domains and websites are hosted by HostGator, and almost 30% of those websites are online stores or shopping cart sites, and there are more than 5000+ resellers of HostGator web hosting world-wide.

1. cPanel with Fantastico Auto-Installer

Arvixe is currently using cPanel as their hosting admin control panel. As you know, cPanel is a leading control panel widely–used by web hosts in the industry. You can easily install the Magento shopping cart via cPanel Fantastico and there are over 57+ scripts which you can use it for free.

2. TOP 10 Magento Hosting with Reliability:

hostgator uptime
HostGator can grow so fast in the past 10 years, if their server is not reliable, then I believe those guys cannot do that. From the newest stats of HostGator’s official report, there has over 9.5 million domain names and websites are currently hosted on their servers. HostGator web hosting is well-known by its safety, reliability and fast loading performance in the industry.

One of our editors, Helen Sana, has several blog websites hosted with HostGator since 2009 and in the past 5 years, she hadn’t encountered any downtime issues and HostGator is highly recommended in our office. HostGator beats other competitors by its incomparable server performance, reliability and security. You can check the image left to see their uptime in the past 7 days. In order to run a Magento website, you’ve to look for a reliable and fast web hosting provider, since Magento is different with other shopping cart scripts, it runs more memories in the server system and a good web host is real important, or your website will be slowly like a snail.

Magento Minimum Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum Magento installation web servers: Linux x86 and above, Apache 2.0.x and above.
  • You can use these versions of popular web browsers to load Magento: IE 6.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Apple Safari 2.x, Google Chrome all versions.
  • Adobe Flash browser plug-in should be installed
  • PHP script language requirements: PHP 5.2.x or above.
  • Required extensions: PDO_MySQL, SimpleXML, SOAP and Safe_mode needs to be off
  • Magento has a higher requirement for the RAM, the minimum memory for Magento Commerce should be at least 32M or more.
  • The MySQL version should be 4.1.20 or newer.
  • If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported, you need to purchase a valid SSL Cert from your web host.
  • In order to install Magento, you’ve to check whether you’ve the ability to override options in .htaccess files, and the authority to run scheduled jobs with PHP 5.
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Check more shopping carts web hosting:

Our editors have spent lots of time to investigate and select the best web hosts for different shopping cart applications. You can choose best web hosting for Magento, Zen-Cart, osCommerce, nopCommerce, dashCommerce, DigiStore and many other shopping carts with different categories on our review site.

  • AspDotNetStoreFront Hosting – AspDotNetStorefront is a cost-effective e-commerce shopping cart that can provide a wide range of features. And it allows you to manage your online site effectively. The shopping cart is based on .NET 3.5 framework, so we recommend you may check with newer Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 hosting service providers. At present, there are approximately 15,000 online business sites with over 6,000 developers are using AspDotNetStoreFront.
  • DigiStore Ecommerce Hosting – Degistore is an excellent open source e-commerce shopping cart which is worth for us to recommend to new users. Currently, the newest version of Digistore is 5.0 and the application was developed based on the popular osCommerce engine. However, the DigiStore is having much differences compared to osCommerce or we can say DigiStore is already strengthen in many parts, such as it has a boastful improvements in administration and user experiences. The first version of DigiStore was released in 2006 and since then, it quickly become one of the most popular shopping carts on the internet.
  • Best Magento Hosting – Magento is a high performance e-commerce site solution which has been proven by tens of thousands of professional developers. It offers extensive functionality, customizable templates / skins and an exceptional high performance ratio. Magento also combines with the newest HTML5 technologies which can adapt functionally and visually to the needs of store owners and it can be integrated with existing business processes completely.
  • nopCommerce Hosting – nopCommerce is a leading .Net shopping cart application which has been widely used by .Net designers on the internet. nopCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart,  super stable and highly usability.
  • Best Ecommerce Hosting – Arvixe provides best e-commerce hosting solutions to every users and their customers can enable the e-commerce wizard easily in hosting control panel.
  • Monthly Paid Hosting – Currently, more and more web hosting companies would like to choose yearly basis billing cycle, is that good or bad? Of course, it’s good for those web hosting firms. How about clients? To be honest, customers can receive a better price with annual billing cycle, but it also brings many troubles, such as if you were planning to terminate your hosting service or cancel your hosting account.

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