Web Hosting Affiliates Scam Attention!

Web Hosting Affiliates Scam Attention!

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Web Hosting Affiliate Scam

An Independent Review of Web Hosting Affiliates Scam:

I think there are many web masters would like to make money online and there are numerous chances to earn cash on the internet. Okay. I’m the site owner of this small web hosting review site and here I’d like to share some experiences of how to make money online and some tips you need to pay attention.

Today there are many web hosting companies provide affiliate program and most of them you can join it for free. Yes, and it’s a real good thing to bloggers or small site owners as me . But please aware not every web host is honest. Since I did have bad experience with some web hosting companies who’re scamming to their affiliate partners. They could ignore with your affiliate links sign-ups or even you’ve referred some customers to them, they’re still able to deny with those sells, everything they said are “correct” and you cannot do anything to turn over it.

Okay! Please listen to my story:

Last year, I sold 9 accounts for one web hosting during May 2009 to July 2009 (Here I don’t want to point out the company names. If you’re interested in, welcome to contact with me via my website). Till september 2009, I contacted with their sales department to issue the fund I’ve earned. At the beginning, they responded politely and told me the ticket will be forwarded to their affiliate manager to review and you’ll be received a reply as soon as possible. Then I choose to wait, after one week-long I got a reply, they were still reviewing the sales, then ask me to continue to wait. I don’t have choice and only able to choose to wait. Then about 1 month later, there was still no reply yet. I have to contact with their support again.. The live chat support only replied, they’ll forward the issue to their affiliate manager.. I know the live chat support team cannot help me, so I continued to open many other tickets. Unluckily their ticket support team seems disappeared. And till January 2010, finally I got a response and I’m surprisingly, they replied in the email “The checks can be issued out within 120 days since the sales generated. Since your sales are already passed the dates. We cannot issue the commission out any more!” Wow! That’s one of the most ridiculous response I’ve experienced. As you see, I ‘ve already contacted with their sales team in September 2009 and all of the sales are still within 120 days. Now they dared to deliver such a ridiculous reason. I give up and I know they just don’t want to issue the fund out, since I’ve searched on the Google and I found not only me, but also many other victims.

The bad experience Give me a lesson:

With this terrible experience, I realize before reselling the hosting service for one company, you must check whether the company is honest and can be trusted or not first. I expose this out and just want to warn the others can highlight their attentions. I also posted this topic on a famous web hosting forums and some of the good friends suggest me to join CJ network affiliate programs and there are many other good web hosting companies who can be trusted.

Of course, most of the web hosting companies I’ve joined can be trusted. Such as IX Web Hosting, GreenGeeks, Bluehost and HostGator.. But it does have some small web hosts who just wanted to scam their affiliates. They could announce to offer a higher commission in their affiliate program to attract the eye-ball.

Indeed, if they don’t scam me, I might bring more sign-ups to their web hosts. And now I also regret to have introduced 9 sign-ups to a dishonest web hosting. I feel sorry about that.


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