Web Hosting Secret Revealed, Can you full trust with their reviews and...

Web Hosting Secret Revealed, Can you full trust with their reviews and recommendations?

Web Hosting Secret Revealed


When I first visited this website (W.H.S.R), I found it’s a real special reviews website comparing with the others, I’ve to say the website owner – Jerry has done a real great job in the web hosting industry. I think there are lots of web masters have found the best web hosts through Jerry’s website. Today I’d like to talk more things about this famous web hosting reviews blog website. If you’re interested in this topic, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

W.H.S.R – Why Jerry’s website is much better than the other web hosting reviews website?

1. Beautiful Website Design – You can find Jerry’s website is real attractive with your eyeball and do you know who designed the website? If yo’ve checked the website source codes and you may find the website is using “Quadro” wordpress theme and the theme was designed by “Elegant Themes” company – This is one of the best wordpress themes designing company and if you also like the quadro theme, you can join their member to download. Of course, if you want to make your website as beautiful as Jerry’s, you’ve to edit some CSS codes on your theme.

2. Professional SEO Optimization – You must admit Jerry is a top SEO engineer and you can find he has done a great job to optimize his web hosting reviews website. Every topic on his website has been optimized and if you want to make your website as good as Jerry’s, you’ve to learn something about SEO optimization, too.

3. Useful and Attractive Website Contents – You can find Jerry’s website is not only a web hosting reviews website, but also including many articles related website designing and development resources. The good website content can be much easier remembered by the visitors and there are lots of returned visitors on his website, so if you want to make your website as better as Jerry’s, the Good website contents cannot be missed.

W.HS.R – Is there any bad things about Jerry’s website?

Jerry has done a real great job on his reviews website and of course, no one can be 100% perfect. If you ask me what’s the bad things about his reviews blog, now I can tell you honestly, you cannot full trust with his web hosting recommendations, why not?

You can find Jerry always recommends iPage as the No.1 web hosting on his reviews website, but I can tell you iPage is nothing good, but sucks and scam web hosting! My reviews website does have a good traffic and I did receive many clients feedbacks and complaints about iPage web hosting. If you don’t believe with what I said, you can try to research “iPage sucks” or “iPage complaints” on the Google, you’ll find what I said is 100% true.

And the other, iPage is owned by EIG (Enduarance International Group), if you had any experience with EIG hosting before, I think you’ll understand how sucks they are. EIG is super rich and they’ve acquired more than 30 famous web hosts in the industry, so if you trust with Jerry’s recommendation, you’ll regret with your choice.


I already said Jerry has done a great job in his web hosting reviews website and of course, most of his web hosting recommendations can be trusted, such as HostGator, Bluehost and GreenGeeks – They’re all real good web hosting with fantastic customer support service. Then you may ask why Jerry always recommends iPage as the No.1 web hosting on his website? The answer is simple, iPage can pay much more affiliate commission than the other web hosts. Indeed, the iPage marketing manager also contacted with me and ask me to promote their web hosting service, and they promise to provide more than $150 per sale, I didn’t accept with their offers and I understand choosing a best web hosting for is real important to web masters and I’ve to provide the honest reviews about the best web hosts on my website.

If you’ve any further concerns or doubts, please feel free to contact with me anytime and I’ll reply you back as soon as I can. Good Luck!

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