Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting Service

What’s a web hosting service?

A web hosting service is a type of online business hosting solution that allows users to provide their own website address accessible from every corner of the planet. The web hosting companies provide web space on a hosting server they own and lease the disk space for use by their customers, also providing Internet connectivity to their clients, typically those web servers are stored in a data center which is managed and supervised by 24 hours.

Who’s the best web hosting service provider?

As you see, there are over 250,000 big or small web hosts world-wide, and it’s very difficult for a new starter to choose a right web host among the sea of web hosting industry. After reviewed hundreds of famous web hosting companies in the industry, Arvixe is awarded as the best web hosting provider based on its superior web hosting service, lightning page speed, responsive customer support and unmatched hosting price, as well as fantastic reputation among online communities and forum websites, also including our editors’ independent research and investigation about the best web hosting service world-wide.

Server Reliability and Uptime:

The server uptime is important to every webmaster, I believe there’s no one would like to place their websites on a web server always happening downtime issue. What’s web hosting uptime? The server uptime refers to a percentage of time about the web host which is accessible on the Internet. Many hosting companies guarantee to have 99.9% uptime on their web servers (about 45 minutes downtime a month), however, there may have maintenance or server restarts in any emergency events, so the 99.9% uptime is a real difficult task to perform for many small web hosts.

Some of the web hosts place the uptime and connectivity into their Term Of Use (TOS), this term may include refund once their performance goal is not achieved.

General Types of Web Hosting Service:

There are many different types of web hosting service in the market, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, colocation hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server, etc. However, shared hosting is the most popular web hosting type used by most of the individuals and small businesses.

The shared hosting type should be enough to most of small website owners already, however, if you need large disk space, higher traffic or pursue better performance for your website, you may check VPS or upper hosting types. Of course, most of the web hosts offer many levels of web hosting packages to clients such as Arvixe, the company is offering shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to all sizes of businesses, and you can easily upgrade your hosting account to a higher plan at anytime with using their web hosting service.

Web Hosting Service Classified by Script Languages:

There may have many different ways to classify web hosting service, here we’d like to classify the web hosting service by script languages. As you see, there are many script languages for developers to learn, such as PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, etc.

Best ASP.NET Hosting – Arvixe Inc.

Arvixe is awarded as best ASP.NET hosting company on our review website, based on their high performance Windows servers, lightning page speed, powerful hosting features, award-winning technical support, affordable hosting price and excellent reputation in the industry. Arvixe offers the latest and most advanced technological web hosting solutions to personal users, individuals, small to large-sized businesses. No matter what you need for running a smart and secure .Net website, Arvixe is always able to meet with your needs.

Best PHP Hosting – A2Hosting

PHP should be the most popular script language for web developers and web designers. If you’d like to run a PHP website, the first of most important thing is to look for a reliable and affordable PHP web hosting provider. A2Hosting is awarded as best PHP hosting company according to their superior web hosting features, responsive customer support and fair good reputation among online communities and groups. A2Hosting is the first web host to launch SwiftServer platform for their clients which is 300% faster than normal Linux-based web server. A2Hosting’s most popular and cheapest PHP hosting plan starts with as low as $5.95 a month and you can use the coupon code “Host4Life” to save up to 34% cost for the first account.

Best JavaScript Hosting – InMotion Hosting

InMotionhosting is awarded as best JavaScript hosting provider relies on its quality web hosting service, professional JavaScript technical support and affordable hosting price, as well as excellent reputation world-wide.

Founded in 2001 by Todd Robinson, InMotionhosting has become a leading provider of Linux-based web hosting service on the planet. InMotion has been focusing on providing quality Linux web hosting solutions to millions of consumers over 13 years, more and more customers are joining theme by every minute.

Best VBScript Hosting – SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET is awarded as best VBScript hosting company based on their rock solid infrastructure, high performance web server, advanced networking system and upfront management group, as well as accurate marketing prediction and robust market strategy.

SmarterASP.NET’s most popular and cheapest Windows shared hosting plan starts with as low as $2.45 a month, and you can get everything needed to run a smart, stable and secure .Net website.


When you use “web hosting” or “web hosting service” to search on the Internet, there are a long list of web hosts will be displayed. Who is the best web host for individuals and small businesses? To be honest, if you’re a newbie to search for a reliable web host, it’s real easy to drop into the trap of those false reviews from other review websites. But at here, you can full trust with our honest web hosting reviews and recommendations.

In the end, please don’t forget to contact us if you’re still having any doubts or difficulty in choosing a right web host and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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